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  1. Winterfest Thanksgiving weekend 2018
  2. Hi! I just joined the team today and I think my sister's in the works of joining too.
  3. Firehawk, FoF, and Beast are my favorites at KI. The last two were just this year because I have discovered the front seat of FoF and Beast is one of the smoother woodies I've ridden so far (and also the ability to see details what's going on for the first time with my glasses secured). I've ridden Firehawk as X-Flight - so it was already a favorite (but it was better down here for some reason).
  4. The only rides I truly didn't enjoy this year were Vortex and Delirium. Vortex beat me up by banging my neck against the restraint and Delirium made me a bit nauseous (not bad, just uncomfortable). I also didn't like TR:TR - it stunk without its effect.
  5. I went to Kings Island this last Friday and went on TR:TR and was disappointed also. The video at the beginning (which I'm surprise they still have) was longer than the ride. I rode on it like a year or so after it had opened and I remembered all that stuff with the water and mist and the statue talking (except I think that time there was something wrong with the video). We did like four stops and that was it; I was so sad that my cousins from Colorado didn't get to see it in its full glory. I also wished that I had gotten to ride IJST when it opened, I didn't get to have all the sounds when I rode it - even the water spray wasn't working there after the tunnel.
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