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  1. What I don't understand why invest all that money and break no world records. Millennium Force is almost 20 years and it is still is going to have a longer track , higher top speed, and a true 300 foot drop. It should have been at least taller and faster then Fury 325.
  2. It says the height of first drop is 300 feet but the drop can't be the same as the height of the ride. Millennium Force has a 300 foot drop but the ride is really 310 feet. So if Orion is really 300 feet tall the drop is really only 290 feet.
  3. Ok thanks for the quick response.
  4. On season pass bring a friend days does the pass holder really have to be present to enter the park?
  5. How much would you pay to ride Son of Beast one last time? I would pay $100!
  6. You can still use the second day. They don't have to be used consecutively. Regardless of whether or not you signed it, the first day has been used and the computer keeps track of that. If they don't have you sign it, you don't have to. They should make you sign it, because that's how they verify that it's the same person using it both days. But if they don't make you sign it, what can you do? Thank you for the quick reply.
  7. I bought a two day admission ticket in July and used it once but they never told me to sign it. Does the two day admission ticket scan twice? I am planning on going back this week should I sign it or not.
  8. Millennium Force is way better than Diamondback. Millennium Force is way taller, way faster and has more air time than Diamondback. I went on Diamondback a few weeks ago and I was a little disappointed. I thought it would be a lot better. Kings Island has so much land to work with you would think that they would make a ride that it at least 300ft.
  9. How much are Cedar Point tickets at meijer stores?
  10. Ok thanks I will do that next time.
  11. Do they let you go up the Eiffel Tower and watch the fireworks?
  12. If they would not use the tim brakes The Beast would fall apart and you would probably be knocked out. And you know this how exactly? Ok next time you go to Kings Island ride The Beast sit in the last seat in the train in the back and see how you feel. I would rather have the ride slower so it is more enjoyable.
  13. If they would not use the tim brakes The Beast would fall apart and you would probably be knocked out.
  14. No ride is worth a 6 hour wait. That is just crazy. The most I have waited is 2 hours for the Millennium Force and 3 hours for the Dragster.
  15. Does the Platinum Pass from Kings Island work at the Cedar Point gates this year? Because last year I had to go to the guest relations office and sign my name and they gave me a stamp to enter the park.
  16. Do you think it will be less crowded on Monday compared to Thursday?
  17. ok then they should just level it to the ground and built something better. It is just a waste of land.
  18. Why would it matter if it is inside or outside as long as it stays in the same spot. It should not make a difference because it is by Diamondback.
  19. I don't know if anyone else said this but Diamondback is almost like Millennium Force but not as tall or as fast.
  20. They should just make the Crypt outdoors like at Kings Dominion. Here is a video.
  21. thread already started http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=14404
  22. Kings Island announces Diamondback! 230ft tall 80mph 5,282ft long, 10 vertical drops! Tallest and fastest in the park! Details on KIC as they develop! http://www.kiDiamondback.com/
  23. Can you watch the press conference live online tomorrow?
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