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  1. Dear rugrats Welcome aboard I went to KI last year for the first time in a year and I want to tell you the prices have change in 10 years all I can say is they buffet resturaunt in Rivertown go on the website to the places to eat section and find the name of buffet and go from there and brind plenty of food money just in case if have favorite. Good Luck Take care God Bless Have Fun Marcia
  2. Dear Friends I just watched a terrific special on PBS about amusements from long ago and current if you go on cetconnect.org there is video on demand telling the history of Kings Island. I hope you watch the special check local listing in Cincinnati and Dayton for more info enjoy the special. www.cetconnect.org Take care God Bless Marcia
  3. Congratulations to everyone now there we can get alongg with this propasal and I hope the don't pulla trick like this ever again during tis ressission or they will regreat it next time. Take care God bless to you all Marcia
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  5. Dear friends I went to KI yesterday And let me tell you it was good to be back at the park in a year I got on all coasters including the Diamondback it was beutiful the ride was smooth,fast, and a lttle scary , but I love as well as the other coasters the one dissapoint that hit me pretty hard was the food prices I had to pay 21.00 it hit me pretty hard , but again this was my first trip back and things have changed since then it doen't matter I had a great time I hope when I go back soon I will be more prepared with my food money. Take care god bless Marcia
  6. I can tell you speaking from experience expect long lines at the coasters like The Beast 2 hours, Son of Beast about two and half hours, Racer 1 hour. I don't know about the about how many hours at new coaster or the others since I haven't been in a year and I'm going in August be prepared for a long day of waiting but before you you go stop at a resturaunt on the way have some breakfast so you can have so energy for your Fourth of July celebration have fun and have a great time. Take care God bless Marcia
  7. They know better than that. Take care God bless Marcia
  8. The pictures are terrific keep up the good work and I hope there will be more pictures like those in the foture. Take care God bless Marcia
  9. I'm so glad you had a great time I of cource can't wait to this August with some friends from Kettering Hospital she has a family who are despried to go as for me this will be my first trip back in a year I'm very happy and can't wait to ride Diamondback and Beast again. See you in August Take care God bless Marcia
  10. The ride looks great I can't wait to ride it this summer. Take care God bless Marcia
  11. I was just on the website I can't believe it's been 30 years since the The Beast opened WOW ! I just love the coaster the first I rode it I wasn't use to at first the after a few rides I fell in love with the the coaster I know tihis is one of the best wooden coasters in the world. I hope everyone will get to go to the park this summer and ride this history making coaster I know I will. Take care God Bless Marcia
  12. Welcome aboard. You will love it there, especially the roller coasters there are 15 to choose from including The Beast and the new Diamondback coasters. Believe me you will love them! They have lots of places to eat and shop, as well things for the kids. For more info go to www.Kings Island.com Good luck your planning and have a wonderful time at the park this summer. Take care, God Bless Marcia
  13. Those pictures are great thank you so much for showing them I can't wait for the season to start as well as to ride the new coaster as well. Take care God bless Marcia
  14. T grew up with the Banana Splits ever since I was a kid those vids just bring back those memories all over again thanks for sharing them. Take care God bless Marcia
  15. Dear Soap fans I as a fell and former soap fan hate to see this wonderful event go away for good becausethis is a wonderful chance for soap fans to see the star at DisneyWorld now with the money crisis at an all time high in nearly 70 years I guess everyone at ABC/Disneyhad to make a sacrifice of their own I'm very sorry they had to do this but it a good thing that we sitll have our Soap Opera weekend at KI and the other CP parks I hope they don't take away the Soap Opera weekend at KI as well. Take care God bless Marcia
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