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  1. why dont they just give us mean streak and disaster transport KI could use more of CP's mistakes A big steel floorless like magnum, alpengiest would be nice
  2. i do like the idea of a face/off name change to bio hazard or a whole new coaster callad bio hazard
  3. i have to go with food prices the only thing that dosent seem extremely outrageous is the coneys but thats it
  4. i had 5 in a row on SOB when it was 40 degrees out last day of fearfest and got 5ina row then they made me leave! and get back in line
  5. 450 if u count the extremely slow lift hills lol
  6. If ur in the park i guess ur near the eifel twer
  7. i agree thats why i brought up the possibility off the screechin eagle a while back that has plenty of airtime
  8. voyage is wood track and steel supports!
  9. thank you i totally agree with you why is everyone complaining so much so its rough wowwww cry and be thankful we have a good record breaer that is a fun ride if u take a few asprin afterwards or before we dont have mean streak on our hands here!
  10. they can just the top curve off and it would look good
  11. will it be by wednesday because thats when im going if it gets openplease post it
  12. Firehawk Freak


    As far as i know some of it is scraped and some of it is still in storage.
  13. Oh, honestly. what does that mean? Assuming they're using it as how I use it, basically like "oh please, don't be ridiculous." The only thing i have to say really is Strobe Lights would be a terrible choice. Think of all the lawsuits from people being thrown into seizures. Even ones who don't have epilepsy can have a seizure from strobes. Fine no strobes i can live w/o them.
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