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  1. Meijer has them for $24.95 as well.
  2. My next trip is Sunday Aug. 5. I hope that the park is no busier than usual on Sundays.
  3. That would be a nice addition. I would love to see something like the Deluge at Kentucky Kingdom. That would be sweet to have at King's Island.
  4. I, too, am addicted to The Beast. My son and I got our first night ride in last time we went on 7/15. It was so much more fun in the dark! The ride was the smoothest we've ever had as well!
  5. I'm going back on the 5th. I hope everything is back up and running that has been talked about. I miss the old AE when everything worked, lol.
  6. Yes, the handheld scanners still show your picture. I don't think hardly any of them actually check the picture though.
  7. It also says on the marquee sign that admission is just $24.95 after 5PM.
  8. It was implemented on Sunday when we were there. My 4 yr old was playing in the 2 inch water in front of my wife when a lifeguard came up and told her he had to put on a life jacket.
  9. There is already a thread discussing this.
  10. I read it as park operating seasons.
  11. He's saying this is the 8th operating season since the initial season of 2000. Count them and you'll get it right.
  12. I like them all, but Endless Summer on Ice is my favorite. Very entertaining!
  13. Wasn't operating yesterday.
  14. I was there yesterday and closed yet again. In the 7 years this thing has been around, I've NEVER ridden because it's ALWAYS closed when I go. I think I'm cursed, lol.
  15. Glad to hear you had a good time. Are you sure it wasn't your first visit since 2000 though? Because Son of Beast didn't open until May 26, 2000 and you said you miss the loop. Anyway, nice little report.
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