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  1. I believe the point on The Beast where it hits its top speed is the turn before the second lift hill, not the first drop or the final helix.
  2. I knew most of them, but I think that is mostly because the park seems to write some sort of social media post about The Beast every other week. This has been the case not just this year either. Maybe we should start our own additional list of Beast facts. 41. When it opened, The Beast trains had "buzz bars" as restraints, and not the individual lap bars and uncomfortable seat dividers it has today. 42. The Beast used to operate during the nightly fireworks at park close. This changed sometime in the 2000s and now the ride closes and re-opens after a brief re-inspection. 43. The Beast holds the world record for least amount of air time on a wooden coaster.
  3. In 2002, there were trams and parking cost $8. In 2019, there are no trams and parking costs $20. I believe it was in 2014 that the long sidewalk from the entrance was updated to be bigger and go all the way to the Kings Island sign. This was a big improvement in my opinion, as it made it much safer to walk to the entrance. I believe this covers a portion of where the tram used to run.
  4. How much do you think Fast Lane Plus will go up in price next year?
  5. I don't think any teasers will happen until July. I also think the announcement will be at the end of July, the first one for any Cedar Fair park for 2020.
  6. Millennium Force Blue.
  7. I always thought the lack of more KIC-specific events was due to cost. You don't see many coaster groups doing individual events anymore. I think that is related to cost, as well as the park pushing their own events like Coasterstock.
  8. ...and they want you to buy something not on the dining plan. Time to get a funnel cake?
  9. I wonder how long it takes them to drain the fountain and refill it? I'm sure they do as much maintenance with it filled as possible, but it seems like with the kinks still being worked out in a variety of areas, they are likely doing some late night/early morning maintenance pretty frequently.
  10. I asked about the Eiffel Tower top levels when we were up last year. I was told the answer that others have given: if there is threat of rain, or it rained recently, they use the lower level. However, it my experience it seems more arbitrary than that. To me it would make sense to use both elevators equally, as that distributes the maintenance between them equally.
  11. There is no set pattern in how they have trademarked the names of rides. Orion and Polaris both deserve our attention, since many names have been trademarked far in advance. Banshee, Rougarou, and Valravn followed this pattern. However, GateKeeper, Mystic Timbers, and Steel Vengeance were all trademarked the day after they were announced.
  12. You are right on with this assessment. Monty Jasper did an interview in 2005 where he talked about how they considered using linear motors for the launch, but that it would have required moving 2 additional rides. I've always assumed the rides would have been Witch's Wheel and Gemini. You can still read the article here: https://www.hydraulicspneumatics.com/200/TechZone/Accumulators/Article/False/9810/TechZone-Accumulators
  13. During The Beast tour at Coasterstock, we walked right past Slaughterhouse, which has a very large water hydrant-type connection sticking out of the ground near the building. It is clearly labeled as "Slaughterhouse Fire System" or something similar. Seems like this could be a similar case?
  14. Are you sure that isn't some random guy who wandered into the fountains?
  15. It would be a waste to re-theme Flight of Fear. The indoor queue and station are already themed and not in bad shape. The indoor queue still has the pre-show video too.
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