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  1. From 2011, I loved the new view of Vortex's lift hill that the WindSeeker area allowed you to see. Someone probably has a much better, unobstructed shot like this...
  2. It has never been stated publicly, and probably never will be. If it were, there would be no benefit for Kings Island. It would make them look like they ignored the manufacturer's advice and potentially operated a ride unsafely.
  3. I'm glad to read a lot of well thought out posts in this thread. I agree with those that believe the reason to be structural. It doesn't make business sense to spend millions replacing most/all of Vortex's track and supports when it could be invested in a new coaster in the future instead. That doesn't mean it isn't a sad day though. Vortex is arguably the best Arrow looper ever built. The loopers built after it that were taller were all generally terrible rides. (I sometimes wonder if Magic Mountain continues to run Viper simply because they are stubborn.) Unlike so many of the other multi-loopers, Vortex had a great first drop, as well as a helix at the end. These made it a much more "complete" coaster. I'm no expert, but I support the theory that every coaster ages differently. I thought Iron Dragon and The Bat's days were numbered after Big Bad Wolf was removed at Busch Gardens, but here we are 10 years later and they both are still going. When BBW was removed, the same "end of service life" reason was given.
  4. So you're saying they decided to 'drop' having any celebration this time.
  5. Was 1981 a really good year? Apparently?
  6. Has the shoe policy changed on Banshee again? On Sunday, there was basically a mess of shoes under where the trains park in the station. People just kick off their loose shoes and leave them there until their train returns. If one was interested in a new pair of shoes, it would be an easy place to get one, provided you can find the right size...
  7. Count me in on this. I think a lot depends on how well Copperhead Strike did this year in terms of maintenance, etc., but I think it is significant that they went with Mack for a new coaster. Copperhead Strike seems like it could fit in the Backlot Stunt Coaster footprint. I've also heard nothing but good things about the Mack spinning coaster Time Traveler at Silver Dollar City. I would take either of those over something from B&M as the next coaster.
  8. Anyone who takes the time to complain about the ride is still going to ride it anyway. I have yet to meet many "enthusiasts" who behave otherwise. For those in the population that the park actually does care about, the most important description of the ride is probably "taller and faster than Diamondback".
  9. Overall today wasn't too bad in the end. There was a lot of activity in the morning with people coming into the park, but by mid-afternoon we waited only about 30 minutes for Diamondback and 20 or less for Beast. In early afternoon, Banshee had a queue with about a 25 minute wait. They were stacking the trains a lot for some reason.
  10. Yeah I don't see any chance of it being louder than necessary. Rougarou at Cedar Point is super loud...and it only hits 60 mph. 91 mph would likely be ridiculously loud, and there are houses half a mile away.
  11. Expectations are always high for a park like Kings Island, where the majority of new attractions are completely custom. I just don't think it is realistic to expect that every time a new coaster or ride is built that it will be the "greatest every created" in its category. The comparison should probably not be against other similar B&M coasters, but instead against the Vekoma flying coaster that stood in the same place just 2 years earlier. That is what the public will see, and is anything but "underwhelming".
  12. I had not heard about the new lift system. That seems like a great idea for Racer at KI. I can't imagine that they would ever overhaul the layout of Racer, even though as you pointed out, there are some possible improvements that could be made to improve the racing aspect of the ride, or the air time. Racer is considered an important historical coaster. My hope for the future is that someday they will do something to improve the restraints in the trains so they are not so uncomfortable. If they did choose to change the trains, they could pursue having one side go backwards again. There are plenty of coasters out there that go forwards and backwards these days, so it is just a matter of getting the manufacturer to sign off on that usage legally. I know that topic is brought up and shot down frequently by park management, but Kings Island continues to have such deep love for nostalgia that I could see it happening some day.
  13. Kings Dominion, Carowinds, and Valleyfair all have the "Looping Starship" made by Intamin. Canada's Wonderland used to have one, but it was removed for their WindSeeker. Cedar Point seemingly almost removed their swinging ship (not a looper) for WindSeeker, but it was moved up front instead.
  14. I think it's funny that there is a thread about re-theming Adventure Express, when Backlot Stunt Coaster easily wins the award for worst theming (and overall ugliness).
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