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  1. Went to the park this evening and it was great weather and pretty much empty. Mystic Timbers and Beast were both a 10 minute wait. Both were running 3 trains. Backlot was 15 minutes only running the red and blue trains. The white train was on the transfer with the back car fairly disassembled. Everything else appeared to be running with the exception of Drop Tower.
  2. I hope not. I think having another type of pass is confusing. I would have preferred they continued with additional "a la carte" options for enhancement which they have been using for Funpix, the meal plans, etc.
  3. Went to the park this evening and it was pretty crowded. The weather was great all day, so I was not too surprised. All the big coasters had waits of 30 minutes or more. We rode Racer (which was around a 10 minute wait) and a bunch of flat rides (Viking Fury, Zephyr, Shake Rattle and Roll). At 8pm one side of Racer was promptly closed. One thing I noticed about the Kings Island app is that it showed Racer as "Closed" when it was actually running one side only. The same was also true of Kite Eating Tree over in Planet Snoopy which was also running just one side. Race For Your Life Log Flume still had a wait of about 20 minutes just before 9pm. We left at 9:30. On the way out, Invertigo was stuck on its second lift with riders on board and a maintenance worker on the stairs above the lift. That seems like a not-so-fun situation to be in.
  4. I rode The Bat tonight. Crowds were light because of the rain earlier in the day. It was running both trains and operations seem standard/normal to me. At this point it is like the wheel incident never even happened. Another great job completed by the KI maintenance team.
  5. California's Great America has a bunch of flats that could end up somewhere...maybe 2023 would be too soon though since it is unclear how long the park will continue operating. https://www.cagreatamerica.com/rides-experiences/tiki-twirl Return of Skylab? https://www.cagreatamerica.com/rides-experiences/orbit https://www.cagreatamerica.com/rides-experiences/Delirium https://www.cagreatamerica.com/rides-experiences/centrifuge
  6. Ha! I think I remember having a rib sandwich from the stand under the Dragster bleachers in like 2003. I wasn't sure until the posts above confirmed what used to be there.
  7. I think they sell it too cheap and sell too many. If they cut the number they sold in half and doubled the price, I would be pleased.
  8. My guess is that it will be open Memorial Day to Labor Day, and maybe weekends in the fall. I'm curious to see updated pictures of the site. As of the spring, they needed to plant a lot of trees to make it look anything like the artwork that is on the website.
  9. I think the schedule looks great again this year. I hope Mike Koontz is one of the speakers again this year. He always has interesting information and stories to share.
  10. Well there you go. Shows how much I have paid attention to the B&M trains...
  11. Not the front seats, but some B&M trains come with what are sometimes referred to as "big boy" seats which have seats and restraints that can hold larger guests that might not fit in the standard restraint. These seats tend to be in the middle of the train somewhere. It seems to be very hit or miss which B&M coasters have them. I don't believe any of the B&M coasters at Kings Island or Cedar Point have them.
  12. David Fornshell, the Warren Country prosecutor was on 700 WLW earlier this week and discussed the Kings Island incident. He indicated that significant changes have been made to the security posture of the park in connection with Mason police. This matches what many here have already reported regarding seeing more security presence. He also indicated that his office is continuing to identify individuals from the incident in order to press charges. This is a tedious process and involves following individuals backwards thru video footage all the way back to the time they enter the park. I assume they can then correlate the video along with the season pass entry data.
  13. Yeah, but not outside the shed...which is where we and most trains were stopping. Go in the shed, go in the shed, g-g-go in the shed...
  14. I agree with silver2005's assessment from yesterday. We were in Planet Snoopy quite a bit, and it was not as crowded there as in other parts of the park. Boo Blasters was about a 30 minute wait mid-afternoon. We rode Mystic Timbers, Adventure Express, and Racer. In all 3 cases, operations seemed slower than normal, mostly because it seemed like more workers are needed on the platforms. All 3 were stacking routinely.
  15. My goodness those food lines. I wonder what percentage of people waiting in line for food have a meal plan.
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