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  1. You are right on with this assessment. Monty Jasper did an interview in 2005 where he talked about how they consider using linear motors for the launch, but that it would have required moving 2 additional rides. I've always assumed the rides would have been Witch's Wheel and Gemini. You can still read the article here: https://www.hydraulicspneumatics.com/200/TechZone/Accumulators/Article/False/9810/TechZone-Accumulators
  2. During The Beast tour at Coasterstock, we walked right past Slaughterhouse, which has a very large water hydrant-type connection sticking out of the ground near the building. It is clearly labeled as "Slaughterhouse Fire System" or something similar. Seems like this could be a similar case?
  3. Are you sure that isn't some random guy who wandered into the fountains?
  4. It would be a waste to re-theme Flight of Fear. The indoor queue and station are already themed and not in bad shape. The indoor queue still has the pre-show video too.
  5. Jeff Gramke, one the designers of The Beast, answered this question during the Q&A at Coasterstock last weekend. The reason was because people used it as a trash can. Despite the park's best efforts they could not keep it clean, so the decision was made to drain it. It was not stated how many years the water was there. Maybe just one (1979)?
  6. Ha! Great point. I picked out the date and the acronym but still read it wrong lol.
  7. Giga is not an official term used by B&M. It was coined by Intamin during the building of Millennium Force. Personally I think lift and drop both qualify. The drop is more important in my opinion. Consider the reaction if the lift was 305' and the drop was 280'. Let's not forget how much B&M worked with Kings Island on Banshee in terms of using the topography of the land. The numbers may not be spectacular on paper, but this will be a 100% custom creation for Kings Island.
  8. Somewhere...a marketing executive should be very unhappy.
  9. In your first picture, it says "BBD 04/07/19". That would be "best by date April 7th, 2019".
  10. Questions were submitted via Facebook and selected by Mr. Helbig. I'm sure there were probably a lot of questions about a giga, the construction, etc. but none of these were chosen by Mr. Helbig. I thought this was a pretty smart decision by the park, given that they couldn't really answer them right now anyway.
  11. The food lines are likely to be longer than the ride lines.
  12. You can buy this coaster model on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07BF3F6M2/ Spoiler: The layout is exactly the same...and it's $15 cheaper. There does not appear to be any Kings Island or Beast labeling on the model itself, so you are paying $15 extra for a different color and a cardboard box that says "Beast" on it.
  13. If the new coaster is not 300 feet tall, it would be a big deal for marketing. This is why despite the evidence so far, I feel it has to be taller. If it is not 300 feet, it would need to have some sort of other "gimmick" which would make it different from Diamondback. Otherwise it is just a "slightly taller and faster Diamondback". It is a very normal thing for a new ride to be compared to other rides at the same park, especially when pointing out what the new ride offers that is new.
  14. Lion Country Giga Safari.
  15. I'm very impressed by that drawing. Seems like the most feasible of any so far, well done @Hawaiian Coasters 325. (I hope it is not really blue and purple though )
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