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  1. I was surprised by 2 things in Thursday's announcements. The first was that amusement parks were not mentioned in the announcement. The second was that the businesses that were mentioned are allowed to be open June 10th, which is next week. Cedar Fair is no doubt fed up with waiting for an announcement. The lawsuits are likely just as much to apply pressure as they are to obtain a favorable ruling. I can understand how they feel they are being held hostage by the governor's office at this point. It certainly doesn't seem like there has been much agreement behind the scenes between the 2 parties based on what happened on Thursday. The lack of announcement is frustrating, but the reality is that Kings Island has not fallen that far behind other parks in similar situations. Holiday World is not opening until June 17th. Kentucky Kingdom is not opening until June 29th. Disney is not opening until early July. Six Flags 3 biggest parks (Great Adventure, Great America, and Magic Mountain) have no announced date yet for when they will open.
  2. So many interesting infrastructure questions! I would think that using wifi (private or not) would not be very desirable for reliability reasons. I would think the park would have a lot of fiber optic cable running all over the place in order to support a number of different things at this point (phones, points-of-sale, security cameras, etc.).
  3. I have no issues with how the PTC trains run on any of Kings Island's coasters. I just wish they would make another update to the restraint system. The current ratcheting restraints and seat dividers are not original, and are currently the biggest drawback in my opinion.
  4. Glad to see Kings Island share a clip related to Orion's station. I'm also glad they have not shared any POV videos or footage of anyone riding. It would just be so cruel right now. The info about Flight of Fear and Drop Tower sharing power is so interesting. I would not have pegged Drop Tower as a power hog considering it is a fairly slow lift to the top. I suppose the gondola is pretty heavy and it is a vertical lift.
  5. The list was a lot bigger than I was expecting. I would add OTSR. I can also understand why he wouldn't want to include the names of industry companies, but it is hard not to hear the terms "B&M, Intamin, GCI, and RMC" over and over in any enthusiast conversation.
  6. This is probably the deal breaker for me, not because I care much about how the park chooses to do things, but because I know there will be plenty of other people who will be upset. Kings Island opening will mean a mass gathering of people. Those that choose to go are less likely to be on the conservative side related to the virus due to this fact. Now take that group of people and tell them that they have to wait probably 10 times longer than normal to ride a ride, or that they are expected to comply with new rules/regulations that they probably don't agreed with. If I were working security for the park, I would be asking for a big raise.
  7. I've always thought that Diamondback opening had more anticipation and hype than Banshee, but I'm not sure if that is accurate or not. Diamondback was the first B&M at Kings Island and the first major new attraction added by Cedar Fair. Both rides were fantastic additions to the park.
  8. Whether the park opens this year or not, they just lost a full year's worth of season pass sales. That is a pretty severe financial impact for a park like Kings Island. Their season pass base is among the best in the Cedar Fair chain.
  9. I read this article yesterday. It is about sports, but I think some of the statements in it are applicable to amusement parks as well. https://www.si.com/mlb/2020/04/10/sports-arent-coming-back-soon From the article:
  10. For the record, this morning was definitely warmer than the Banshee media day. According to the almanac, the low temperature on April 17, 2014 was 23 degrees. It was definitely still in the 30s when rides began.
  11. There have been no announcements regarding the status of Coasterstock this year. As of right now, the park plans to open mid-May.
  12. They also did not extend their season passes to apply thru 2021. At least for now, they are planning on offering season pass holders additional benefits in terms of free tickets and cash to be used in the park. Source: https://www.holidayworld.com/update/
  13. Question 1: No, I don't think so. Question 2: Maybe. What if they cut staff by 50%? Half of the rides would be closed. There would be no shows. No indoor food locations would be open. There would likely be a daily attendance "cap" number which is coordinated with the state before opening. Once this number is reached, no one else would be admitted. Queues for everything would need to be adjusted to leave distance between guests waiting in line. There would be no usage of the group picnic shelters. To ride Orion would likely take many hours of waiting since they would likely only be loading trains at half capacity. Even with all that, I'm not sure it would be profitable. There is also the negative PR aspect of many of these things to consider. Who wants to pay full price for a significantly downgraded experience?
  14. I think Kings Island wins this category by a long shot. The Bat and Son of Beast alone are enough. My guess for a runner up would be Busch Gardens Williamsburg. Drachen Fire was a huge failure, and people loved Big Bad Wolf.
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