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  1. I'm sad about the removal of all the full grown trees. There won't be any shade any more at any of the tables (assuming there will be tables) on the sides of the fountain. My guess is that they are aiming to improve the sight lines. The fountain will be a centerpiece no matter where you are on International Street. The nightly fireworks and light show will be fully visible from anywhere on the street as well.
  2. Seems likely. The restaurant arrangement probably included the items being "loaned" to Kings Island.
  3. I don't want to get too excited or overreact, but from this 1/1000th scale cartoon map, it seems obvious that this new fountain is going to rival the Fountains of Bellagio in Las Vegas.
  4. Seemed like there was a lot of "dead space" in the Reds HOF Grill. I hope they remodel and can make better use of the entire building. I would expect the bar and outdoor space to remain pretty much the same.
  5. What other names do you think "Flight Deck" was competing with at Kings Island?
  6. This was a show that did an arena tour across the country. I remember going to it at the Nutter Center in Dayton. Ironically, I don't think I ever saw the show at Kings Island. I'm sure they saved a lot of money on production costs for the show by using the same format as the traveling show.
  7. I think it will be Festhaus, no doubt. Put the gamers up on the stage and have TVs all over where people can watch.
  8. I agree with not applying this to random strangers. However, I have often been in line and witnessed a group of 4 kids/teenagers who are clearly together, but then each take an individual glider on the ride. When that happens, capacity is absolutely crushed.
  9. I must have missed when those ridership numbers for 2012-2014 were originally posted. If Vortex is still pulling anywhere close to 1 million riders per year (and I can't think of a reason it wouldn't be) I think there is very low chance it would be the ride being removed. For a long time now, the metric of "cost per rider" has been one that has been rumored to be an important evaluation number. It's not the only factor obviously, and we don't know the maintenance costs, so it is only one piece of the puzzle. I would think Backlot and Flight of Fear would be closer to their "end of life" than Vortex is.
  10. So....I'm betting $100 that it will take place in the Festhaus. Yes?
  11. If I was asked what the "flagship" parks are in the Cedar Fair chain, I would say Cedar Point, Canada's Wonderland, and Carowinds. The investment that they have made into those parks since the Paramount acquisition is why I would lean in that direction. Even though I don't put Kings Island in that category, I think Kings Island does have its own unique place, which is not insignificant.
  12. This is a good addition in my mind. It sounds like the old Zodiac/Flight Commander space will finally be reworked after sitting (mostly) vacant for over 20 years! I think it will be interesting to see the area of construction in Coney Mall. Coney Mall is my pick for the location of a future Giga, so we'll have to see if any "extra" clearing is done for a future station/queue/etc. If anything is a trend with new coasters these days, it's that construction often starts as much as 2 years before the ride opens. Team Terpy.
  13. I think Kings Island has a lot. I would think they would be in the running for the most in the chain, but apparently Canada's Wonderland is a high number also.
  14. "RMCing" makes sense as a solution for not-so-popular old wooden coasters that have not aged well. Kings Island does not have a ride that fits that description in my opinion. I'm sure RMC would be happy to build Kings Island a brand new ride of their choosing (Topper, I-Box, T-Rex, whatever).
  15. Considering it was most likely not the "plan" to convert the Banshee gift shop mid-season, I'm guessing there is a probably a decent chance that it will be made to look better by next season, or even by the time Haunt rolls around. Maybe they could move some of the scary/horror games into that space. I'm not even sure how many of those they have in the other arcades. (Anyone else remember the large arcade at the end of Days of Thunder?)
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