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  1. Even if the gates do open early, you couldn't get past the area in front of the fountain during the regular season so I doubt you can get any farther than that now.
  2. We've seen Funhouse. He thought it was creepy. I don't think I can talk him into Elvira. It wasn't a big deal. Just wanted to give him a forewarning since Spongebob is usually the first thing we ride. Elvira is pretty cool, it's basically just a virtual coaster. it's not actually in 3-d like the brochure says though.
  3. It's a music video for some song. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the band or the song
  4. Opening night it was but this past Friday wasn't. Oh, the chick was still hot, but she wore more clothing this time around. First week she had on a teddy, this week she had on a long silk nightgown. I saw it last night and apparently they have changed a lot from what most have said opening night was like. Every one of the performers were decently covered and I didn't notice a lot of foul language, maybe one word but that was it. There were still a lot of people leaving but it was pretty much parents with kids who most likely didn't bother to read or listen to the warnings. I'm guessing they probably got a lot of complaints after opening night and had to adapt the show accordingly. The sad thing is that the complaints most likely came from these same parents who don't pay attention to the warnings.
  5. Yeah, because so many people want to pay a 40 dollar admission to go sit in a sports bar and watch tv.
  6. Exactly. Timberwolf does bring in big crowds when it is used because it's a great deal when you compare it to typical concert locations. It would bring in a lot more crowds if Cedar Fair would start using it more and bring in better acts than what they have had the last few years. It would just be a waste for them to tear it down when it could make them a lot of money if utilized properly. Also, KI has tons of room left to expand so I don't see them tearing down anything just to make room for a new ride. They don't need to do that like a lot of other parks do.
  7. I was about that size myself when I went two years ago and a lot of the rides I rode were at the barely fitting point. top gun, Vortex and italian job were no problem, tomb raider just fit and Flight of Fear, racer and beast were the worst. I had one and sometimes two ride operators pushing on the lap bars to get them into the right position. Top gun and Vortex have seat belts hooked to the bottom of the OTSR now but you still shouldn't have any problems.
  8. KI's website might have a listing of the bands, if not then spirit song itself should have a website. KI would have ticket information and such if you decide to attend the concert
  9. I love that soundtrack too, of course my favorite songs are playing with the boys(think that's right) and mighty wings. top gun wouldn't be the same without that soundtrack. I've never paid any attention to the tvs but I've almost always walked right onto to top gun.
  10. I did that a couple weeks ago when I called and asked to have a map mailed to me since they still have the 2006 one on the website. The woman I talked to said she didn't know anything...of course she also sent me a brochure instead of a map so maybe she just wasn't all there or something.
  11. the first time I rode it in 99, it was completely black and really fast. every time I've ridden it since, it's been brighter and slower. Personally, I liked it better when I couldn't see anything.
  12. I've been to the park several years on the fourth and never found it to be that crowded. A lot of years, I walked onto most rides on the fourth but I guess my definition of crowded and yours are probably different. Anyway, since they are doing the big celebration on the 3rd only this year, instead of the three day thing they used to do, I'd say it would be more crowded then than it will be wednesday.
  13. I can't remember ever being stuck on a ride, but I did have to wait almost two hours at the front of tomb raiders line because the ride malfunctioned just before we got on. I got lucky there. I would rather wait in line that long than be stuck upside down on the ride or something.
  14. I think they were referring to the 80's movie with Ralph Macchio and Steve Vai. At least I hope so because that other one was a disaster and the ride would be worse than the movie.
  15. I'm not much for haunted houses and such but I would ride that.
  16. Sounds like the two Alice Cooper concerts I've seen where he decapitates Britney Spears
  17. I saw Chicago in concert at Timberwolf during my very first trip to the park, so hearing Chicago on IS is a perfect fit to me.
  18. Son of Beast and Drop Zone are still there so I don't think they count. Unfortunately for me, most of that stuff was gone long before I ever went to the park the first time and I never rode most of what was there so I can't really say I miss anything on the list, except the cars I guess.
  19. Honestly, I haven't been to the park since Cedar Fair bought it so I don't know what is playing now but I know that paramount played stuff from the movie soundtracks on the rides before..top gun for example.
  20. If you're asking about pre-CF music, it was probably stuff from the film's soundtrack.
  21. that's when I'm going too, so I agree with you there.
  22. I went to the picnic in 2003 or 04 when they just had it on the fourth and I wasn't really impressed. None of the food, not even the burgers and hotdogs, was cooked there. It was all just sitting out on tables in open containers. It was also really hot that day, so all of the food was hot, even stuff that shouldn't have been. It was also really, really crowded. Honestly, I would never do it again, especially with the higher prices they are charging now-I only paid ten dollars a person at the time. Also, it is only all you can eat while you are in the grove. Once you leave that area, you can't go back because they take your ticket when you get there.
  23. Have you ever eaten at Bubba Gumps? I'd say we're usually pretty enthusiastic I'd agree with that. I ate there on my last trip two years ago and was really impressed with both the service and the food there. The way the staff greets you when you walk in is great and they were very friendly the whole time I was there. The food was a whole lot better than I was expecting it to be as well and I'll probably be stopping in again on my trip next week.
  24. My least favorites would be Viking Fury and Tazmanian Twister. I can't stand the feeling of just hanging in mid air, which is why I haven't even rode Delirium yet. Looking at that from the ground nauseates me. A close second to those two at the moment would have to be Spongebob 3d. Don't get me wrong, it was a lot of fun the first several times I saw it, but they really need to get a new movie up there. Spongebob has been there for way too long.
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