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  1. I was there tonight..they needed parking for tennis tournament and was running shuttles for it.
  2. You should be fine in just about every ride. It depends where you carry your weight ( thighs, hips, chest, stomach) I can do all of them except Diamondback and I'm kinda similar to your size.
  3. I remember immediately making an appointment with my chiropractor when I got off the ride!
  4. ^^AWESOME!!! Can't wait to get one on my next trip!!^^
  5. Wow these are great!! Thanks for sharing!
  6. I have not seen the chocolate frozen bananas since Cedar Fair took over. I got them a lot during the Paramount era. They were the best thing ever!!
  7. You'll be fine. I weigh a little bit more than you and have one size smaller bra size around and also I'm 5'7" . I can ride everything but Diamondback and I need help sometimes with my lap bar on Flight of Fear because of my thighs. Don't worry you'll have a great time!!
  8. Not only does my age of 36 stop me from a lot of re-rides ( no more than twice in a row), I can't stay in the park from open to close like I used to. Now I have to leave the park and take a 2 hour or so power nap and then return to the park.
  9. New trains would be great but changing anything else is just an abomination in my eyes (I'm sure I've said this in a another post on this same topic but it's worth repeating).
  10. Probably Potato Works in Rivertown is my favorite, but I REALLY WISH they would get LaRosa's Pizza back to the glory days...when it was actually good!
  11. If I were you I would definitely try it out! How will you know if you like it if you don't try it out. I personally don't care for the coaster because I feel like I have to support my own weight in the seat, which gives me a lot of discomfort. But Hey.....to each his own.
  12. Changing The Beast in my eyes is an ABOMINATION!
  13. Looks like DB is up and running again according to the webcam.
  14. They definitely need to revamp this store. It's just so sad and sorry looking. Hardly anything in the store.
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