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  1. Thanks. I have no clue what is up with KI this year...I feel like I am getting the either "new employees" or "I don't care" all the time. Even when just trying to give some constructive feedback. We went to get it refunded at Guest Relations, as we got it while heading out (it was cold too)...and just the entire attitude....it took almost 30 minutes to get the refund, and it wasn't even for the right funnel cake when they brought the money up (it was for a regular). And the response when I commented via e-mail/phone has been non-responsive. This is the first time I have requested a refund on anything this year. I have always just left feedback and moved on.
  2. For those with platinum passes, can the Fast Lane be used for any park offering the promo or just ki?
  3. Can anyone tell me of their experience with these? I remember getting one last year...funnel cake, with whipped topping, a pumpkin glaze/sauce drizzled over it, and some pumpkin pie spice sprinkled on top very lightly. Thought it was really yummy and my kids enjoyed them (we had several last year). I purchased one this year, thinking it would be the same, but it was not. I got a funnel cake, covered in powdered sugar and in the very center was dumped about 1 tsp-1tbs of pumpkin pie spice. It was not very good, as the massive amount of spice in one spot made that entire section not edible without leaving a horrible taste or burning.
  4. Since kids are required to have an account, I have tried to set them up, but I am not getting an activation e-mail.... Help...please!!!!!
  5. I was looking at passes, because I was trying to find a link to VIP perks for this season (something had posted late last year for both 2012/2013 years with GWL and cannot find the link any longer, so was looking there). Under the Gold Pass Benefits is missing merchandise and food discounts, while it is specifically listed under the Platinum Pass. Wonder if this was accidental or if next year the food/merchandise benefits will only be for those with Platinum (other than what you earn through Funperks).
  6. Need to make them more scary....The Holiday one was cool to walk through, but no fright in it. Terror Train again was cool, especially heckling the zombie train robbers...but again, not really scary....The most interesting were the last two we went to...the one close by Invertigo and the one behind where the Drop Zone is. Loved being made to feel like I was being squeezed out of something.... Hardly saw any scaractors walking Coney or anywhere. I would love to see Fright Feast from CP. Man that one got me several times. I enjoyed the ones at CP a lot more this year, and I was even going into them with kids (by their own choice)....got scared several times.
  7. khaoskat


    It has been years since I was there. I enjoyed the park, and the water park. It is smaller, but still fun!!!!
  8. Even a list saying "Date, Place/Store" This way the consumer would be able to see that their purchases did count and would prevent some of the things we have seen, where people get upset because the purchased say a Fast Pass and did not believe it got credited to their count....you could look up and say "Oh, Fast Pass purchased on 7/15..cool it did get credited".
  9. As for leveling up..I believe Levels 1-3 about 50% of your level is 4 visits (my kids never had a purchase, but are at 50% to level 2 with only about 4 or 5 visits). I think most of us early on figured that about $100 of spending plus about 4-5 visits got you to level 2 (as discussed on earlier threads). Going from level 3-4 -- I am 1 visit shy of 12, and I know that I was at 50% on way to 3 with almost no money spent and just 8 visits...I think after my last visit (no money spent) was around 6-7% increase. As for getting credit for your Fast Lane purchase, there is much debate going on about if they count or not, but you can take your receipt to the Fun Perks booth located by the front locker rental area and if Fast Lane pass purchase is eligible, they will be able to manually add it to your account. Just let them know you forgot your pass when purchasing it. That goes for any purchase you made and didn't scan your card, take your receipt to the Fun Perks Booth and they can credit it to your account.
  10. I said the biggest disappointment was the lack of instant rewards. At level 3 (on way to level 4) and have only ever received 1, yes 1, instant reward. My husband's card is level 2, on way to level 3, and has NEVER received an instant reward. Also the fact that you cannot redeem the season pass discounts on-line. When you have to fork over close to $1,000 for passes, you take advantage of the payment plans, would be nice to be able to redeem them on-line.
  11. I just selected and downloaded the reward, and the voucher simply says "Save $20 off the regular price of one 2013 Kings Island Season Pass." It says nothing about being for Gold only. Note how it says regular price. Not to be combined with discounts. If I were to infer using previous knowledge, I would assume the FUN Perks voucher is uncompatible with the discount occurring as we speak (6 easy payments of $13.33!) I think the text in RED is the key here..King's Island Season Pass. A Platinum Pass is an all Cedar Fair Pass, with your HOME PARK being King's Island. But let us know if it works..
  12. I will say we were at CP this weekend, and did notice that they were selling their Snoopy and Woodstock Cups for $9.20 buy one get one free AND FREE refills all day on day of purchase!!!!!!
  13. So, anyone want to take a venture as to how bad the entire weekend will be at Cedar Point, while we are talking weekend crowds? J/K. I am expecting it to be moderate on Friday (due to the cold), but Saturday is going to be crowded and Sunday early will be crowded and thin out as the day goes on.
  14. It is interesting, because Cedar Point allows re-entry at night during their Halloween events, whereas King's Island does not.
  15. Here is another link... http://abc22now.com/shared/news/top-stories/stories/wkef_vid_9217.shtml
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