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  1. The Voyage at Holiday World cost 6.5 million dollars for entire ride and it has over 6000 feet of track. All Im trying to say is improve SOB with less stress possibly by making it a hybrid coaster. By splitting up the helix it does just that especially with a lift hill. Why should money be an issue anyway,because they are going to spend it on something here, Cedar Point or anywhere else for that matter. Lateral movement is the reason for failure, also older wood was mixed with newer wood by age which is an absolute no no. Cedar Fair will do anything for a record. A 218 foot wood structure should not be ignored by hate. The inner helix should run about 60 miles an hour with 2nd lift hill. Heck, the weather alone can play havoc for both wood or steel . They both can rot or rust so pick your poison. I've seen Millennium Force this summer and it is already scuffing and rusting in places and I'm not proud of that either. Paint cost money too, RIGHT? ALL RIDES are going to have their problems from time to time. (The Voyage at Holiday World is a must ride for all. THAT is one for the ages. 6 star coaster. )
  2. The Premier trains = More leg room?! What! What I meant to say was BRAND NEW heavy trains, not the original-- unless they find a way to redesign the old ones so our legs have room.
  3. Splitting up the Rose Bowl is probably the best way to improve SOB. 1. Bring back the heavy trains, w/ more leg room and comfortable lap bars. 2. Take out the east to north ends of the outside ring of Rose Bowl. Then redo the (new) track on east end of the Rose Bowl by making an upward straight piece --to slow it down-- to a height of about 150 ft. The turns should be reinforced w/ steel for strength. 3. After 150 ft. height w/ possible slight brake, it then drops into a 100 ft. (or so) loop, going back up around 40 to 50 ft. Then turn east (right). It then could drop into a "quadruple-down" to pick up speed. After that it should go faster and faster into tunnels, 90 degree angles, bunny hops, anything for fun! Then it should make its way back to the northern end of outside ring of helix via a second lift hill, JUST LIKE FATHER! 4. At the top of the lift hill, reconnect north end side of outer ring of Rose Bowl. W/ it coming off chainlift that should lesson the violence of inner helix, but it could have a tunnel for a great distance for the noise (THE ROAR!!!). 5. Brake should not be needed on the long straight-away after inner helix. 6. Bring back the old 118 ft. loop. PROBLEM SOLVED! From what I see, all they need to remove is about ten full train lengths of track in outer helix to replace it w/ the new section. Also, bring back the original 118 ft. loop to its original location. This should make SOB the highest, longest, and possibly still the fastest coaster w/ TWO loops! (That should make Cedar Fair open their eyes a little bit!) Destroying a 218 ft. structure is NOT the answer, but common sense and with a little luck is. Overall cost should be about 3 to 4 million dollars. Cedar Fair has that. Oh, and w/ 2 chainlifts, 3 trains could be possible, w/ luck.
  4. Speaking of Drop Zone, has anyone seen it being tested yet? Because from what I heard, Kings Dominion and some other parks have reopened their tower rides already.....
  5. Best. 4th. Of. July. EVER!!!!! I can't wait to ride!!!!!
  6. Yeah, it was. I guess I found Smash Factory funny just because I was little back then, and little kids are easily amused.
  7. Yeah, you're right, they DO need a new movie! I remember a good movie they had there once. It was about this guy driving a car through a lab or something, and he kept running into stuff, and at the end you see an air bag pop up with a smiley face on it. Does anyone remember or even know what I'm talking about, 'cause I forgot the name it. I thought that movie was pretty entertaining, and I wish KI would bring it back.
  8. I don't really understand the purpose of having games in amusement parks anyway. I mean, seriously, you could be using your time waiting in a long line for a really good ride instead of playing games. Another thing is that if you win something big you would have to carry it around EVERYWHERE with you throughout the park, and that can get pretty annoying.
  9. I don't like that ride either, they should call it Clausturphobia:The Ride LOL!
  10. What's your least favorite ride in KI? (Besides kiddie rides.) My least fave is probably Tomb Raider because hanging upside down for more than ten seconds makes me feel very uncomfortable.
  11. I think it would have been nice if they had a webcam facing Son of Beast in just the right way so that we can keep a constant eye on its progress to opening again. *sigh* Yup, it would have been awesome.....only now they're finally testing it, so a webcam there won't be needed now......
  12. I'd say that The Beast is my fave.
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