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  1. Has anyone thought about how the Fast Lane concept for the haunts would go over? If it were at a reasonable price and considering the wait time in some of the lines I would consider it. It seems like even on Fridays that my group never makes it to all the haunts. Just a thought I had...any thoughts?
  2. ^That is a horrible idea. Why would it be better to build a coaster... oh why did I say that? I'm sorry but I doubt you have much experience running an amusement park and it's obvious that you don't quite understand the economics involved. Gibson, trying to be at least polite. Its called an amusement park for a reason..any type of thrill ride would be better suited for the amount of land they are using. I may not have an experience running an "amusement park" but I know what I like to spend my money on and it won`t be that. I guess we will wait and see who wins in the end but I go for the adventure not to see animated dinosaurs that have no intrest to me at all.
  3. Poor Decision...I`m not sure what the cost of this attraction is but i think it could have been spent on a new coaster if not next year in the next few. This is a horrible idea that I won`t spend a dime on it. This would be better suited for a museum.
  4. I was there a few weeks ago and noticed a stagger while taking a ride. Seems to me if the brakes are a yearly event that CF would order extra parts and have them on site instead of ordering and having two weeks of inactivity for a popular ride. The day I rode it I was actually glad to get off because it sounded and acted very different than usual.
  5. It's actually not Park Services but a maintenance crew (the name of the actual department escapes me, maybe Landscaping) that does the power washing in the mornings and at night.
  6. When I was there on Wednesday a woman came from the ladies room and joined her group right next to where we were sitting. She a a 2 foot long tail of TP hanging out of her pants. We watched her for a good 20 mins laughing silently while her family never noticed or said a thing. We watched her walk off towards Spongebob still unaware of what she was showing. I also noticed lots of bikini wearing girls in the Coney Mall and International Street area. And last and my favorite was watching Don`t Stop the Music at the 9 pm show there was a kid about 13 who was dancing with the performers and having a great time. At one point a female performer saw him and started laughing and completely got out of her routine. Near the end of the show he took his hat and placed it on the ground and accepted donations for "His" performance. Quite funny!
  7. I called and asked if the free parking included on the gold pass would get me in to park for HH. Tha girl I spoke to couldn`t give me an answer. That $10 savings might get me to go more times next October but I seriously doubt the lines will be any smaller. I love that time of year and like to visit often. But If I have to pay extra to stand in line for 2 or 3 Haunts in one night I will probably not attend as often.
  8. I see it every year with the little kids being brought in all scared by their parents. I think the little ones should be left home. As for the scareactors, I think they do a great job for the conditions that they work in. I am old enough to not be scared that easily but still find the haunts fun and enjoy the thrill of seeing who can surprise me when I don`t expect it. Plus its really fun to see the younger ones scream and jump so much. Here`s looking forward to another fun HH season....I can`t wait!!
  9. Kman6

    Flying Objects

    Basketball was still there this morning...I also thought I heard someone say they lost their wallet during ERT. Not sure though. Three rides in 20 mins AWESOME!! love the gold pass
  10. I rode it for the first time this year yesterday. I found the ride to be short and programmed different. It isn`t as rough a ride as I remember it. Its still not a bad ride but could use some work in the overall theme appearance. I realize CF took on tons of debt to acquire the Paramount parks and maybe in the future it will get the touch up it needs. It takes money to do major renovations and as cash strapped as CF is it may take a few years, give them a chance. My only complaint was how short the ride has become.
  11. If it was the 22nd for the accurate trip date that was Friday. I was there (as mentioned in another post) and left around noon. I counted over 40 buses and more entering. With that said you have all kinds of unsupervised kids running wild and probably not the typical guest. Friday was my second time this season. My first was on a Sunday and it was a great visit, low crowds and not too hot. Friday I could see it wasn`t going to be a good day so we left ( easy to do with passes ). I have seen some line jumping in my two visits, never in many years of visits had a spitting incident and I think the park is well kept and landscaping incredible this season. I have talked to employees and haven`t had any trouble with any of them. I think with Cedar Fair Corporate being made aware of the problem that something can and will be done about this problem. My next visit will be in mid June, school will be out mostly and the problem of all the unsupervised kids will gone. Looking forward to my next ride!!
  12. I was there yesterday morning with my wife. On the ERT for DB I noticed a rather large woman dressed like she was a homeless tourist walking past us as we waited. When they finally started letting people enter at 9:30 I noticed her quite a ways in front of us!! I had 3 rides on DB in 20 mins we then rode FOF walked around a bit, watched all the school kids flood in while sitting by the fountains and left. I hate seeing all the kids in the park. Most are rude and lack supervision. Had the same problem on Thursday at the Reds game. A group of kids sitting in the rows in front of us couldn`t sit still, constantly standing in the aisle blocking the view, and the adult with them was just as bad. Missed the first two outs while they looked for seats. I usually avoid the days before school ends but was in town and wanted the ERT. But I agree with everyone it seems that more and more is being tolerated with by park management these days. Something needs to change.
  13. They were using a gold-green colored stamp yesterday. My wife almost washed hers off with hand sanitizer but noticed before it was too late. I miss the stamps from last season that you passed under the light..they lasted longer so you didn`t have to be so careful with your hands while gone.
  14. I missed my senior prom (many reasons not mentioned) which was many years ago. To this day I don`t regret my decision, go have fun where you want to be and ride away!!!
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