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  1. I spent 20 minutes on the phone today BEGGING my aunt to come make the trip with us to Carowinds next week. My 8 year old niece is coming into town and my parents and I are taking her. Backing up 3 years ago, my aunt had back surgery and we haven't been going because of this, but interesting enough, she wanted to go this year, but we went to Wicked instead. She's still extremely worried about going on roller coasters and she's been my ride buddy since I was a kid. Is it too soon for her to go and enjoy a visit and ride the rides? She's 54 years old and a thrill seeker like me and my niece is a dare devil herself. I am just hoping it won't be a mistake for her to go and have something happen.
  2. My 8 (almost 9) year old niece is inching closer and closer to being 54 inches, I'm 5' tall and she comes up to the base of my neck on me. 54 inches is the magical height for the big coasters and we are talking about taking her while she's in NC to Carowinds and I will be the LUCKY person that takes her on everything. She has gone on some of the big coasters at Kings Island, but hitting the 54 inch mark = more rides for her to go on. The restraints are designed for a person's height, am I right? She barely weighs 60 lb and I am more scared to take her on coasters this year than I did when she hit 48 inch mark. I know, for a fact, Nighthawk will be one she will beg to go on if she's tall enough, and that is not my favorite ride and its the one I am most worried about take her on. Guess I am looking for some reassurance here. I was only 4 feet tall at her age and a big dare devil like her.
  3. Where have I been? CP got rid of Demon Drop?! Holy cow! I only ever rode that ride once in my life.
  4. Wow I never knew Kings Island named "The Beastie" Scooby Doo at one point. I have always known it as Beastie. Scooby Doo Coaster was at Carowinds to me.
  5. I have 2....and they are 2 different reasons! 1) Vortex...it was my first real big coaster, first upside down coaster. I will never forget them asking for 2 riders and them giving us the front seat. I thought I was riding with some one who had been on it before, we got to the top of the ride and my friend goes "Cortney, I've never been on this before!" and we screamed the whole way down that first hill!! I haven't looked back on coasters since. 2) Nighthawk at Carowinds. The first time I rode it, and I will probably never get back on it. But I thought for sure it would be like Firehawk at Kings Island, got on there and looked around and found you had ZILCH to hang onto and that freaked me out a little bit. To top that off, we were in the front row and also the ride operator going "It doesn't matter where you are riding, you see the water the same way!" The ride up the hill I kept asking my aunt "Are we at the top yet?" She was like I'm not telling you, I begged her to hold my hand, and she wouldn't. The second we flipped over, it was like a rush of emotions. I was scared, I was happy, I was crying, I was screaming....you name it! LOL It was well worth the 1.5 hour wait, but I doubt I will get on it again. It was too much for me.
  6. Cortney


    My aunt is in the same predictament as you, but is just avoiding the rougher rides.
  7. I have mine from the 2 summers I spent in NC and we got season pass at KI so I could use it at Carowinds too.
  8. is 2/3 weekends we had snow!!!!!!!

  9. Happy 25th White Water Canyon! I never fail to get SOAKED on this ride at Kings Island or at Carowinds. Always get off soaked.
  10. For as long as I can remember I went to Kings Island YEARLY and I remember when I was 8, we were over by Vortex and Beast (I think it was the year Vortex opened, 1989????) and I remember standing between the bear claws that started Beast's line that came out from the station and Vortex's line wrapping around the fence. I can't remember anytime since before I could ride those coasters, that the lines were like that. The only LONG lines I have run into now are for Firehawk/Nighthawk. I mean I go during the week, cause the crowds aren't as bad. But even as a kid we went during the week. Have the crowds cut down or just the old rides aren't as exciting now?
  11. Who knows with Ohio....the weather is crazy! hahaha It snowed here in North Carolina last year in March, and a few years ago we had sleet/ice on my birthday at the end of March! LOL So if its possible in the south, ANYTHING is up north.
  12. I was about to say, in Ohio it could be 25 outside and snowing or 80 and sunny in April! LOL I was told it snowed in Columbus during the Memorial tournament one year. So anything is possible until August if you ask me.
  13. Awe. Makes me miss the snow and wintry stuff up north.
  14. In south-eastern North Carolina....we have ZERO, ZILCH, NADDA!!!! There's snow in the forecast tomorrow night.
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