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  1. Yes they do. Colonel who has worked at both MK and KI. One he will return to eventually, the other probably not. The higher pay in Ohio had nothing on the magical experiences in Florida.
  2. Orlando is breaking more records. http://www.orlandosentinel.com/business/tourism/os-starflyer-vue-at-360-orlando-20141118-story.html
  3. I'm a Disney College Program Alumni Association member as well.
  4. Fairfield to Kings Island is a pretty lengthy drive for a seasonal job. I wouldn't recommend it, honestly. I drive from Fairfield to Loveland every day (which is a slightly shorter distance even) and the commute has been irritating enough to prompt me to look for places to live that are closer. And that's for my full-time career. I personally could never justify that commute for a seasonal job. Of course, I'm not you, and if it's something you really want to do, Fairfield is a great place to live. It's where I've lived my whole life (besides the four years I spent in New Concord, Ohio, the hap
  5. Kings Island petting zoo during the day time Halloween event was never an up charge either.
  6. Remember the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Magic Kingdom Park had an accident recently.
  7. Look at what Cedar Fair is doing with all of their stand-ups, one has been sold and the other is becoming a floorless sit down coaster. To me that is a strong message from FUN saying they are done with stand-ups.
  8. A FP+ cast member told me that I couldn't book extras on the app.
  9. I absolutely agree knowing I don't have to train for a 5k before my vacation is amazing.
  10. I did and that brings me to my complaint I had forgotten about. Once you use the 3 original FPs you can't add one through the app you must use a kiosk.
  11. Not for long.Different name, similar aspects. Are you saying FunBands could be in Mason in 2015?
  12. I'd rather have a MagicBand. Crap, wrong company.
  13. I disagree. I was pleasantly surprised with some of the prices of the merchandise.
  14. Alright I just got back from Walt Disney World Resort yesterday. I will be honest with you when I say this, I like this new system. No wait, I love this new system. My one and only complaint is they need more kiosks throughout their parks but especially Magic Kingdom. The new system is still very similar to the old except that instead of running from ride to ride I can walk to a kiosk and get any FP.
  15. Thoughts and opinions? http://wdwnt.com/blog/2014/10/rumor-5th-walt-disney-world-theme-park-to-be-built-before-2021-located-near-flamingo-crossings/
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