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  1. I agree last time i rode it the only part I got wet was by the elephant. And I would of gotten wetter if I had done Tomb Raider in the front row, before they removed the jumping water in that ride.
  2. Son of Beast, Drop Zone, King Cobra
  3. The worst rumor I heard about the Son of Beast is I was inline for Forehawk and some people from Trenton, Ohio were behind me talking to each other and one of them said that the ride that got stuck upside for 30 mins was Son of Beast.
  4. I dont see KI telling anyone but employees when SOB will open. I believe one day they will remove the sign and it will officialy be open then.
  5. As I have investigate this situation I bumped into this video. http://www.wlwt.com/video/10177116/index.html Talk about something major happening how did we go from April 21st to still guessing when it will happen.
  6. I was having this convo at the park today and heres what I think Tomb Raider WAS the most intimdating ride when it had all the theme stuff ogoing with it. Now that Cedar Fair has let it go to crap it just not as scary. I personally would say The Eiffel Tower scares me the most. At least on Drop Zone you have cables, seatbelts and some other safety stuff up there, but that Eiffel Tower once you get out that elevator it just you and the metal holding you up there. Also if you look through the crack getting out of the elevator you can see all the way down and that is freaky. But I normally cant s
  7. I report what I hear interpet "next week" as you like. Me I believe next week is tomorrow. But I dont think it will be open tomorrow. I was on the Eiffel Tower checking it out from up there and saw the guys in shirts and ties walking the the first helixes
  8. Kings Island from what I saw of the ride today in Congo Falls has no cables on the ride. It looked like they had removed the cables and are waiting for new ones.
  9. I went to see if the rumor of it was true and it was opening today I was there watching them test the blue train and someone asked a employee when will it open and his answer was "Next Week" Now on a saturday "next week" is a bad answer. That means 1-7 days it will be down. So it does look like July 3 or 4th but who knows.
  10. Maybe both will reopen tomorrow. That would be awesome
  11. It is 1 AM. If you could ask them at this time of the day that would be cool
  12. That would suck for you. It wouldn't be bad for me since i'm only maybe a half hour away and if it is then looks like another typical saturday at the park.
  13. Yall are going to make me go over to the park tomorrow to check it out and pray it is open
  14. O yeah first post on this site. I will be at the concerts all day unless of course they open up Son of Beast then I will have to make an early apperance to the park that day for a much needed SOB riding.
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