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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Thing that stands out to me is it lists only 5 - 10 person boats. Isn't that like half the size of your typical boat capacity? And with the typical time it takes for a boat to make a full circuit, seems like the hourly capacity would be very low. Granted the elevator will speed things up but just seems like it would have more boats. Lets see, 60 mins / 2.4 min cycle time = 25 cycles an hour per boat X 5 boats = 125 cycles X 50 passengers = 6250 people an hour at full capacity, hmmm, never mind, thats alot of people!
  2. I know your not saying anything bad about the Dragons...they are freakin awesome, and the themeing, wow, just wow.
  3. Coaster does look good and will be alot of fun, but I have to say, and don't kill me, but I don't see this as what they put it up to be, meaning, the biggest announcement in 36 years? meanest coaster? even seen a Kings Island first hyper coaster on their website. Beast and Sonny are still the biggest and the meanest, to me anyways, Son is a hyper, but good thing about Diamondback, it will be a smooth sucker!! lol
  4. Behemoth (Hebrew בהמות, behemot; Arabic بهيموث bahīmūth, or بهموت bahamūt) is a creature mentioned in the Book of Job, 40:15-24. The word is most likely a plural form of בהמה (bəhēmāh), meaning beast or large animal. It may be an example of pluralis excellentiae, a Hebrew method of expressing greatness by pluralizing a noun; it thus indicates that Behemoth is the largest and most powerful animal ever to exist. Metaphorically, the name has come to be used for any extremely large or powerful entity.
  5. Yeah they are making this out to seem like it's going to be some kinda record breaker or something in that email. Biggest announcement in the parks history? Thats quite a statement to make for what is rumored to be just a B&M Hyper, unless that rumor is not entirely correct. Time will tell.
  6. Ok, so they have set an announce date, construction is picking up pace, track is already arriving, and we are in july. I'm thinking that if they are going to start track installation this soon, there must be some heavy themeing involved like mavericks. Have the coaster (at least around the station and such) built so they spend the fall, winter, and into spring on construction of themeing? Would think if it was just a plain ol coaster with a plain station, would be no need to start this early on installing the track. Thoughts?
  7. Do believe the "Mustang" name rumor can be forgotten about. Wonder if thats the same box SOB was locked up in? lol
  8. As Interp has said, the strongest rumors are pointing to the Busch family keeping their parks, which would be a very good thing!
  9. Ok That's Some Fuuny Sh!t Right There.
  10. I agree. I would trade a dozen trips to Disney for one trip to an AB Park. I can not say that I've ever had a bad experience at any of the Busch parks. I had one complaint at Busch Gardens Africa, which ended up with getting mouthy with a game attendant "manager". When you walk up to a game, you usually read the posted instructions and rules, which are usually laid out in plain english. I go for the games you win once and get the big prize, no winning a bunch of small ones and trading up. So i beat the game, not once but twice, since it said limit 2 prizes per day. Woo hoo, I have a
  11. Notice everyone is holding on tightly in that pic!!
  12. Saturday, July 7, 1984 - A woman was flung from the Rail Blazer stand-up roller coaster ride at Six Flags Over Mid-America theme park in Eureka, Missouri. The woman was whipped from the train and fell 20 feet to her death. Park officials claimed that the woman fainted, causing her to fall out. A passenger standing next to the woman during her fall said that the woman had not fainted, but was simply "flipped out" of the ride. Rail Blazer trains did not have any kind of bicycle seat like stand-up trains have now. They consisted of a shoulder harness and a padded square that pressed up against
  13. Yeah, we spent 13 hrs at the park that day and left like 10 minutes before the Mystify show started. I didn't realize they had changed the location of the show til then. I still have pictures of the old show which I think had fireworks, the projections onto the mist of water in the air, and i think lasers? Been along time ago, well Wild Artic was new when I was there last! Seen the DJ's going with all the lights and people dancing just like a dance club, was pretty cool, not what you expect to find at a park like that. And was really surprised about Universal closing at 8, didn't understand th
  14. Also back around when King Cobra came about, Six Flags St Louis converted their mine train ride to a stand up called Rail Blazer for the 84' season, which I do believe derailed and killed people, but I don't remember the specifics on that. http://www.ultimaterollercoaster.com/coast...990/80s_6.shtml
  15. Was there a couple of weeks ago, we caught part of the ski show as we were walking around the lake, impressive that they do that kind of show at nighttime. The Shamu shows are awesome. Had planned on watching Mystify as I had seen it many years ago, but when I found out you no longer watched it from the stadium and seen the locations they wanted you to view it from, we just left. I think that was a bad move because after walking around all day, it is nice to SIT and watch a show, not have to find a place to stand along a walkway. Don't understand why they changed that but oh well.
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