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  1. I was at the park yesterday afternoon and was on my second ride on Banshee when my wife and I got held on the brake run entering station due to some one sick on train in station. While waiting I looked to the left and seen a man walking around by the ride fencing looking for something. When we got in the station I alerted ride ops to this issue as I did not want to see anyone hurt or killed due to someone being where they should not be. When we exited ride we went near entrance of Banshee and said something to person there also and looked trying to figure out how they got in in first place. While leaving we seen next train out held on lift hill and security heading that way. Has anyone else seen anyone in restricted areas not authorized to be there??
  2. cyurock

    Decoding 2020

    Looks to me that the circled areas were from the former Wild Animal Habitat that never grew back in.
  3. I would also love to see a Wild Mouse ride at KI. I went to Carowinds and Kings Dominion over July 4th week and really enjoyed the ones they have. Good family attraction that all can enjoy.
  4. First time poster here thought I would share my feelings on my visits to Carowinds. We arrived to park mid afternoon on June 30 decided to just take tim and soak in the park since our first cover to this park. What caught our eye entering park was the size and speed of Fury 325 going above and below the path leading to the wnterance gate. Once inside we made our around to come across the Scream Weaver which we took a spin on. Quite fun ride same style ride that KI used to have called Sky Lab that was by The Racer enterance. From there we moved on to the Goldrusher which was a fun mine train ride. We made our way to try out the Hurler. Walked up no wait at all went to front seat as train came back in passenger exiting ride Hurled wocridw was shut down so we left and went to Carolina Cyclone. To me similar to Vortex at KI but seemed smoother. We then did a couple flat rides Rock N Roller and Do Si Do. By this time we made our way to the area walled off for new attraction next year. Not a lot to see yet but like the way it seems to tie in with Mystic Timber’s with the Miami River Lumber Co. after this we were getting exhausted due to the excessive heat and having drove all day to arrive so we made After Burn our last ride of the day. Walked right on next train front seat. Was a fun ride. Second day. We went back next day rode Ricochet the Wild Mouse ride and was really surprised how fun this ride was. Next we went to Hurricane Harbor is to try out some different water slides. Quite honestly I like KI Soak City better Justin that is just my opinion. After splashing awhile w finally made our way to the experience Fury 325. Walking up to ride it really takes your breath away with its size. Started in que line and with in 5 minutes we were on next train starting the climb up 300 plus feet. After that all I can say is OMG that ride was flat out amazing. The smoothness and speed make an experience like no other. We then made our way Intimidater and walked on it and was pleasantly surprised by the ride experience on it. We left park for a bit after this for food then returned at dark to get a couple night rides on both Fury 325 and Intimdater. All I can say is if you get the chance to ride Fury at night do so. All in all I liked Carowinds and will try to visit again one negative I have is the re entry to park system I prefer KI better due to fact all you have to do is scan pass again To re- enter Carowinds you need to have hand stamped if you present your pass again it will show already used for day and will ask for hand stamp to go back in This is really not a big deal but if you wash hands yiu have to be carful not to wash off it’s not a fluorescent type that shows under black light but regular ink that will run if get wet
  5. Large as in 5 foot 6 and in the 280 pound range
  6. We are planning a trip to KI on Fri and was wondering about restraints for the coasters and large people, ex The Beast, italian job and Son of Beast. we were there last year and had trouble with The Racers restraints and did not attempt the others but was wondering if anyone else had similar problems.
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