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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Oh, pki's a dangerous park. Just kidding! lol! C ya!
  2. lol. All our woodies are close to the tunnel walls too and I dare not to stick my hands to the side then it goes clack clack clack against the walls. Our tunnels shock out blue light sparks when it runs through it. You can hear it shock and all. It's a scary feeling.
  3. No, I would be to nervouse and you are the same person on thrillnetwork and you discussed this topic over there too. Most people don't still thier hands up on thier first ride most of the time. All you wanna do is tick everyone off like you do at thrillnetwork. You said something like. You wussy or something like. You suck because you don't put em' up. Think whatever you want its your self and some people here have opinions.
  4. I hold my hands up on any coaster except HyperSonic XLC because its way too intense. There is also a recorded annoncement before the ride takes off. You sit in your car and they check your lap bars. Then the train turns and stop on the launch track. Then you hear the hill brakes release and then you hear ding, ding, ding, ding and the recorded annoncement comes on. It says. (after the ding) "Face forward...... keep you head back against the head rest...... your arms must be down!...... prepair for launch" then the air fills up in the tank below the launch track and then the lights turn red, ye
  5. Yes you will really really hate next year because its more than likely that it will be re-themed.
  6. New forum up. pkdguide sorry. a move has been done click here to redirect to the new forum! New pkdguide forums
  7. Actually TRTR hangs you upsidedown 23 seconds as I heard. If you don't like upsidedown. They are really warning you. In the beggining it does a back flip and swing out of control then make you look at the ice at the top of the building. Then you are locked at the top and you fall face forward upsidedown and then you fall face forward upsidedown again and then does a flip at the top. Later on in the ride it hangs you looking upsidedown at a pit of boiling fake lava and then you are turn and it makes you look upwards which can feel dizzy and it flips upsidedown slowly back to the top. If you don
  8. Didn't pki's eagles snap? I just now found out ours can too and no one knew that. But to snap ours you have to know how to snap them. How did you guys snap your eagles?
  9. O yeah... that was my mistake because I put Son of Beast there first then I replaced the name with Delirium and forgot to change the the rating of the ride to 4 because I noticed FOF/Z 4-ever put Delirium not Son of Beast so I changed it.
  10. I've read this today and so far we are the first park to ever do this!
  11. Face-Off is 5 FoF (Flight of Fear) is 5 Delirium is 4 Drop Zone Stunt Tower is 4 but needs to be a 5 Tomb Raider: The Ride is 4. Although im a pkd fan I know alot of stuff about pki too.
  12. Hey! It's gonna open on my Birthday lol! It looks the the most impressive woodie I've ever seen!
  13. Yeah... look at yours but ours has the Kings Dominion logo on it. lol! You really wanted to see it.
  14. Uh... uh... not everyday. Look at the dates. No im not stying to be a pkd sales man. Just wanted to see if you guys wanna see it.
  15. Hey everyone... watch this video from fox news at Paramount's Kings Dominion!!!! http://www.coastercrew.com/foxreport.wmv
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