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  1. Oh, pki's a dangerous park. Just kidding! lol! C ya!
  2. lol. All our woodies are close to the tunnel walls too and I dare not to stick my hands to the side then it goes clack clack clack against the walls. Our tunnels shock out blue light sparks when it runs through it. You can hear it shock and all. It's a scary feeling.
  3. No, I would be to nervouse and you are the same person on thrillnetwork and you discussed this topic over there too. Most people don't still thier hands up on thier first ride most of the time. All you wanna do is tick everyone off like you do at thrillnetwork. You said something like. You wussy or something like. You suck because you don't put em' up. Think whatever you want its your self and some people here have opinions.
  4. I hold my hands up on any coaster except HyperSonic XLC because its way too intense. There is also a recorded annoncement before the ride takes off. You sit in your car and they check your lap bars. Then the train turns and stop on the launch track. Then you hear the hill brakes release and then you hear ding, ding, ding, ding and the recorded annoncement comes on. It says. (after the ding) "Face forward...... keep you head back against the head rest...... your arms must be down!...... prepair for launch" then the air fills up in the tank below the launch track and then the lights turn red, yellow, yellow and then green then the cable pulls the train really fast that you can hear the motors making like an sqealing kind of noise and the car runs up the hill and all the air in the tank comes out of the ride with a loud windy sound for like 7 seconds then you hear the car go up the hill and you hear some cracking noise and then the wheel spins at the top and it comes back down the hill and into the turn around then it heads down the last hill and you hear a big loud crash when the train hits more than 30 trim brakes just to stop the ride.
  5. Yes you will really really hate next year because its more than likely that it will be re-themed.
  6. New forum up. pkdguide sorry. a move has been done click here to redirect to the new forum! New pkdguide forums
  7. Actually TRTR hangs you upsidedown 23 seconds as I heard. If you don't like upsidedown. They are really warning you. In the beggining it does a back flip and swing out of control then make you look at the ice at the top of the building. Then you are locked at the top and you fall face forward upsidedown and then you fall face forward upsidedown again and then does a flip at the top. Later on in the ride it hangs you looking upsidedown at a pit of boiling fake lava and then you are turn and it makes you look upwards which can feel dizzy and it flips upsidedown slowly back to the top. If you don't like upsidedown you might panic because it is an escape vehicle.
  8. Didn't pki's eagles snap? I just now found out ours can too and no one knew that. But to snap ours you have to know how to snap them. How did you guys snap your eagles?
  9. O yeah... that was my mistake because I put Son of Beast there first then I replaced the name with Delirium and forgot to change the the rating of the ride to 4 because I noticed FOF/Z 4-ever put Delirium not Son of Beast so I changed it.
  10. I've read this today and so far we are the first park to ever do this!
  11. Face-Off is 5 FoF (Flight of Fear) is 5 Delirium is 4 Drop Zone Stunt Tower is 4 but needs to be a 5 Tomb Raider: The Ride is 4. Although im a pkd fan I know alot of stuff about pki too.
  12. Hey! It's gonna open on my Birthday lol! It looks the the most impressive woodie I've ever seen!
  13. Yeah... look at yours but ours has the Kings Dominion logo on it. lol! You really wanted to see it.
  14. Uh... uh... not everyday. Look at the dates. No im not stying to be a pkd sales man. Just wanted to see if you guys wanna see it.
  15. Hey everyone... watch this video from fox news at Paramount's Kings Dominion!!!! http://www.coastercrew.com/foxreport.wmv
  16. It seems that Paramount Parks are going to drop the Paramount soon. They had a servey that says that its going to happen and be changed to CBS... Do you think they really will do this? Tell weather you want it to happen or why not. I don't want them to drop it because what would happen to all our themed rides? Sorry... I didn't know there was already a topic present on this.
  17. Hahaha! Why would you wear kneepads on SOB. If I did that people would be like what the ! And I would be embaraced.
  18. If we get that... im never riding it because of my experience on HyperSonic XLC. XLC is way to intense for me to get on it again. Well... idk I might ride the rocket coaster because I've heard more people say that XLC is more intense because if its 1.8 seconds to 80mph launch. You cannot pay me to ride it again only if I could have my own Tomb Raider: Firefall in my front yard.
  19. Go look through the trip report section and tell me what you see. What about those Cedar Point, Dorney Park and all those out of pki trip report.
  20. It takes 40seconds get up the tower! I just counted by watching it from my camcorder. Plus I counted 10seconds before it drops. It takes 4.8 second to drop.
  21. Yeah... it was the best time I had at the park! Everyone went perfect except the time we got there.
  22. On Saturday (7.2.05) we went to Paramount's Kings Dominion. We left our house around 2:45pm and arrived at the park around 3:30pm. Tagging along were my sister, my sisters friend, my dad, my step-mom and me. This was our 4th time going this year and once we arrived at the park I was impatient to get in. The parking lot was filled up and we had to park way in the back of the parking lot with a 10min walk to the main enterance. So we went through the metal detectors and were in. Then we walked to the left side of International Street. Then we went to a stall called name on a grain of rice and they made my step-moms name on a grain of ride and put it in a small tiny glass that made the name appear larger with decoratives on the rice inside the tiny glass. It was a nek-ko-las. Then I got impacient and asked my sister Emily, and Jordan to go up the Eiffel Tower and so we did. We went on and my sisters friend was affrid to go up because she was affrid of very high heights but we forced her to come up. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Then we got in the elevator and it started lifting up and we got to the top. The view of the park was fantastic while Jordan was holding on to the side of the walls at the top waiting for the elevator to come back up. Then we went back down and we went back down with wierd feeling slow drop back down. Then we were back on the ground. My rating: 10/10 for an elevator ride ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Then the three of us walked into Kidzville and entered the Congo to go ride Tomb Raider: Firefall. We waited in about a 30min line before getting on the ride. Then we got on the front side and the floor starts dropping. The erie music starts druming and pounding then the music changes and we started to lift up then 'click' the ride gondola locked at the top and towed us upsidedown at the bottom and went back mid way to the top and released and fliped two more times and swinged back and forth back to the top. Every time the gondola is swinged forwards the vocalist in the music goes hom... hom and when the gondola swings towrds the back it goes haaa and it repeats and repeats till we get mid way to the top and then 'click' the gondola locks and ahhh we fall face first towrds a pit of fire burning towrds the gondola and plus you can feel that fire extremely hot making you sweat to death and then release and the swings back down and back up then 'click'... we lock again and get towed down backwards and again and release and flip 4 more times into the air. Then we swings back and forth to the top and stop at the top. Then we get lowered slowly back down and the music stops and the floor comes slowly back up. The the restraints are unlocked and we push the heavey restraints up for the next passengers. We leave it and then head to Avalanche. My rating: 9.9/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Then we get to Avalanche and wait in a 10-15min line. Then we get on and then we head up the lift in each of our own individual cars. Then we get to the top and go slowly down a hill and then the train is tossed to the right as we do a double helix and catch speed at the bottom of the helix and we go back up from the helix and we get tossed to the left and tossed to the right while going back up into a weak break run. The the train makes a U-turn to the left and we get tossed to the right and then make another U-turn and tossed to the left then another U-turn tossed to the right and we did catch speed through every U-turn then the ride makes a downward helix and get tossed to the left as we catch speeds up to 40mph then we get out the helix and make our left turn and the car is tossed with extreme force to the right and hit the rails on the side while sideways on our ride and we make a quick U-turn into the break run. Then we go into the covered block breaks then go back into the station. My rating: 7.8/10 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Next we found my dad and my step mom outside of Avalanche exit cave and then they told us they are now going to eat outside the park and then My sister Emily leaves to go eat with my step mom and my dad and now it was just me and my sisters freind Jordan and so I asked her wanna ride Anaconda and she said sure. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So we walked into Anaconda's line and we into the back row of the coaster with a 2 train wait. We got on and headed down a small dip and clink! The train catches the chain with loud clickity clacks up to the top and I talked about to view to her then we nearly reach the top and scince we were in the last row in the back car the train gets to the top and the last few cars are jerked fast of the lift and we drop with a turn and then the person in front of me had his hat fly off his head at the bottom of the drop and hit my face and luckly fell on the cars floors as the pictures flashed and we get swallowed under an underwater tunnel and spited back out into a 100ft vertical loop and then a 90ft sidewinder and guess what... the hat didn't fall in the inversions then we go up and turn to the right into the safety breaks. Then the train drops slanted to he left and we go back up then the train roars down the head banging hill and didn't ever hurt and went back up and turned for 7seconds then the two corkscrews show up and we roll into the very slowly and and the hat still didn't fly out. Then we went up a bunny hill and droped and go back up an airtime hill and into the final break run. and stop. Then the person in front of me said I lost my hat and I said its right here and I handed to him when we got back in the station. Then we exited Anaconda and checked fof's line. It was filled and I said too long so we headed to Rebel Yell Backwards. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ok... I'll finish the trip report now. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The next ride we went on was Rebel Yell Backwards. The line was long except one of the rows so we got in there and then we locked our restraints and buckeled our safety belts and we were off The ride jerked backwards and turned to the right and went diagonaly towrds the forwards track and then took a turn and headed uphill. The chain grabed the train and then at the top and scince we were in the back car the train jurked really fast upwards and then headed down and then went on two small cammel back hills and then a big cammel back hill then another small cammel back hill then raced up high and made a u turn to the left and then it went back down hill diagonaly and then stightend up and did 4 more cammel back hills and went into a long tunnel and into the break run and headed back into the station. My rating: 7.4/10 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'll once again finish later because I have a stomach ache right now.
  23. Here a nice pic for you guys to look at. Comment if you please.
  24. Thunder Road is an exact clone of Racer at PKI. Not PKD's Rebel Yell... Remember... Thunder Road and Racer splits away from each other and Rebel Yell at PKD is side to side. Just to let you know...
  25. What... at least I get to go this year or next. I do wanna ride ijst. After I saw the on-ride video... it looks cool.
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