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  1. Wow, all of a sudden there are alot of Goshen people coming on here. I know who you are also, you were in one of my classes.

    And we all know that Goshen is peaceful. Lol

  2. Happy Birthday Kat!

  3. Hating the cold weather the offseason is bringing us already! Come on April 30th!!

  4. In Stand Training tomorrow at Jukebox! Only 7 more long, dreadful days of waiting until the offseason ends!!!

  5. thanks for letting us use the sigs, great job on them also

  6. Thanks for the 100th ride comment. It was just as exciting as the first and my heart was beating faster than ever before after that ride. It was awesome!

  7. Well you are at 40 so 60 away from 100. If you can go to the park 2 or 3 more days (weekdays) you can get a good amount of rides in and you would be at 100 in no time

  8. Which performer in Down Home Country is your friend? Sorry to hear about your cell phone. At least you got a new one though

  9. Wow, April 10th last post on here, are you kidding me? That's definitely got to change!

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