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  1. The quality of the food i gave a 4 because to me the quality wasnt too bad. Dont get me wrong it could always use improvement but to me quality not as bad as what everybody says.(Ive seen lots worse)

    The selection i gave a 3. This spot needs improvement. The park will not make money off of just burgers, hot dogs, and pizza. If they continue to do what they did before the 07 season by adding a couple of new restaurants with something different like they did with Panda Express it would be great.

    Now on to the service. Where do you start there is too much to say about it. Like people have said you barely got greeted if at all, sometimes you didnt even get service, and when you did get service the employees would be really rude to you by complaining if something wasnt right for you and i heard numerous cuss words said by the employees and they acted like they didnt even care.

    I ate at most of the food places at KI and i thought the best service was the Stunt Crew Grill in Action Zone. That crew did a really nice job compared to other places, they gave you service, got you through the line quickly with your food, and were overall nice people no matter what was going on.

    The service in the food department at Kings Island has got to improve by next season because 07 was a really poor year and they should feel a shamed of themselves for how poorly they acted this year.

    Sorry to anybody here on KIC that may have worked in the food department i dont mean to harm any of you but something has to be done because this season was HORRIBLE!!!

  2. The amount of people this summer who still didn't know that SOB didn't have the loop anymore *WHILE ACTUALLY STANDING IN LINE TO RIDE!!! was mind-boggling!!

    I kind of wish I could have ridden with someone who thought the loop was still there, and what their reaction was when they flew somewhat quickly passed the area of the former loop...

    Whats even worse is that I was standing in line back in like September of this year and a lady on a train being dispatched didnt even know she was on SoB until the operator said have a great ride on Son of Beast.

    Its amazing how many people get things screwed up around the park. I can understand if you don't visit often but if your live in or around Mason area and youve been to the park and still don't know about some things that have happened at the park something is wrong

  3. Yeah i pretty much figured it wasnt i just kindve wanted to make a point of if it were even sinking it wouldnt sink as much as ERICTD1411 said

  4. I also love Vortex, but yes it is true that it is sinking a few inches each year but I don't think that they are too worried about it, so if I were you I wouldn't worry.

    If Vortex were sinking i highly doubt its a few inches every year. Im sure it wouldnt sink all but maybe an inch is what i would think. Here come The Vortex sinking posts again. <_<

  5. Yeah I definitely agree that that drop isn't 85 degrees. But it still looks like it's going to be an awesome hyper... Of course I'm hoping there are no trims on the "airtime" hills. Right, Raging Bull?


    I could be wrong, but on every hill after the turn around, I think I see trims. I hope I'm wrong, but thats what I see. Anyoune want to prove me wrong, I would love that.

    Unfortunatly we cant prove you wrong because i also see what appear to be trims. Although that is only a video of what its supposed to look like and not what it will look like exactly.

  6. Im also 20 minutes but amazed at how many times you went. Likegamesguy08 said some employees dont even work that much and people that actually live in Mason that are 5 minutes away from the park and even sometimes less dont even go to the park that much. I only managed about 35 visits

  7. I live in Goshen about 20 minutes away from KI. Off topic but go Warriors tomorrow night in playoff game number 1 against Lemon-Monroe

    So, is it fair to say you live in Land of Goshen?

    --The Interpreter, running for the door

    Its not Land of Goshen anymore its Warrior Nation now.

  8. Well done and a lot better than last year. Torture Chamber and Dead Awakening arent that bad and the new mazes were set up quite well IMO especially Club Blood considering it didnt seem like thay had the most time to get it set up. Didnt go through Death Row due to the line but it looked and sounded good so that is one for next year.

  9. 15 minutes for Firehawk in the morning is pretty good but when i was at the park on September 30th I got in line at 3:00 and got on in 5 minutes although i doubt even 2,000 guests were at the park that day. If anybody wants to make one last trip just to ride every ride possible i recommend you go on a Sunday!

  10. Im actually excited for off-season, i get to hear all these rumors and see if theyre true!

    But you may have to wait a couple of months like we did last year with the rumor of Firehawk. As for me in the offseason i am either at a practice or game for basketball, on KIC, or doing homework <_<

  11. the absolute worst show i have ever seen. a total embarrassment to KI.

    i seen dozens of people walk out right after the show started.

    we stuck it out hoping it would get better. no such luck.

    I'd have to agree with you....I found it embarrassing as well. I don't have a problem with others appreciating it, just not something I was comfortable watching with strangers. The content was similar to something that should be seen in the privacy of your home......

    Im guessing you 2 havnt seen Torture Chamber yet. Dead Awakening was a good show, not the best, but pretty good.

  12. I believe that a 3rd train would not be used continualy, just on occasions. The FOF runs 3 trains, but they really have like, 5 or something.

    Flight of Fear started with four trains but only three were retrofited with lap bars. Only two trains run during the season though

  13. No need to worry about the crowd. Sundays are usually the best days to go to the park because most rides are walk on heck you may be lucky enough to get on Firehawk in under 20 minutes if you would want to.

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