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  1. SOB Doesn't need to improve it's hourly capacity. It's practicly a walk on most of the time. I don't see why any of the trains could be used. So why do we need them?

    The only time i have seen SoB walk on when i have been at the park this year is either early in the morning or on Sundays. I dont see how anybody couldnt agree that when the line is really long during the day especially on a very hot day during the summer that a third train would be very reliable. There are 3 reasons i would like to point out why it would be great to have a third train and Hendrick has said a couple of these already

    1. When the employees run the ride right and dispatch at a constant basis there is a good amount of time in between the dispatched train and the next train to come in and unload/load again. Now wouldnt a third train decrease this time?

    2. People love the ride but absolutely HATE the hot weather but know they would have to wait in line no matter what. When the line is down the second ramp it is an hour wait. Now put a third train in there, the line would move faster, the capacity is better, and you have a lot more happy guests.

    3. Everybody says that Firehawk needs a third train because it would speed up the line. Now how is Son of Beasts line any different from this? Both lines usually over 45 minutes long so why does everybody say Firehawk needs a third train but SoB doesnt. Between when a train for Firehawk is brought into the station and when it is dispatched is usually about every 5 minutes or so but the ride is only about 2 minutes 30 seconds long while on Son of Beast between when the train comes into the station and when the same train is dispatched is about 2-3 minutes and the ride is over 3 minutes long so how can somebody not say a third train would help with Son of Beast

  2. Tomb Raider will not be removed. Yes i would also like to see it happen but it will not for at least a couple of years. The only reason it closed was for maintnence. The only thing of the ride that will probably get the axe is its theme.

  3. I think a third train would help a lot on Son of Beast. As browntggrr said not many people ride it on a consistant basis and the cost would be high to retrofit it but what about the days this year especially in July and August after it opened back up and the line was over an hour long and in between the dispatched train and the train coming into the station was over two minutes long like Delirium33 said. What if there was a third train at that point it wouldve helped get the line moving a lot faster right?

    Plus who said that three trains would have to run on a consistant basis you could always put one on the storage track on a day where there are barely any guests in the park.

    I think there needs to be a third train so on the days where the park is really crowded it can keep the line moving and keep the guests happy because they wouldnt have to wait an hour but maybe reduce it to 30-45 minutes.

  4. I was just there on the 29th and the person said nothing and most likely the operator never will. Maybe he was bored and just decided to count down the drop but when i ride i am the one that lets the people 5 seats down both ways when we will drop because i will usually count down for everyone. If somebody on the site was one of those riders im sorry if i made the ride less enjoyable

    Another thing from the 29th, altough off topic, I was on Shake, Rattle, and Roll with my friend and while we were loading i noticed DZ was at the top and would drop soon but after 10 seconds it hadnt dropped! It got stuck at the top for about 5 minutes but then started coming down slowly still attached to the catch car.

  5. My question

    What do they do to the rides during Fearfest? On a radio commercial, it says some of the most terrifying rides on the planet. So I assume they do something to the rides, right?

    EDIT: Squeeze another question in here lol.

    Are the lines for rides usually long?

    I think they may do something with the rides but most generally they are just trying to get more people to come since they will have rides open all night now about lines i am not sure i know i stayed until 11 one night during Fearfest and rode Beast and the line was full but i cant remember what other rides are like line wise

  6. Well just think in the last 3 years of thier ownership, Paramount put in Boomerang Bay to restore Waterworks in '04 then put in Italian Job in '05 then restored Hanna Barbara Land to make Nick Universe in '06. IMO Cedar Fair has done an excellent job on cleaning the park and such but at least when we had Paramount as an owner they put in something new every year and we didnt have an owner that is in debt badly and we had to pay for it with higher prices everywhere around the park. Cedar Fair is in debt horribly and now we dont even know if we will get anything new anywhere around the park and a single visit can cost over $25 easily per person.

  7. Just Came from ScreamScape. They just found out that Halloween Haunt for 2008 at KI will be a separate admission and not included with your 2008 season pass. SC has a link to KI's season pass page with this info.

    I just saw that a few minutes ago but wasnt going to say anything for two reasons. 1. thats a year away and 2. i figured a lot of people would already know about it since it was talked about for what seemed two weeks nonstop

  8. Well, if that's true then that answers that....however, can you ONLY get your KI Platinum Pass processed when KI is open?

    Processing starts on the 23rd of this month but the hours of which you can process has not been officially released yet. Most likely they will try to find a way to have the processing center open on weekdays when the park is closed.

  9. It would be cool to get another record breaking coaster although we are home to a lot it seems like but IMO i have to go with what coasterfan said i would much rather see a ride like Maverick come to KI. But hey a new coaster is a new coaster and its usually better then just getting nothing even if it does not come anywhere close to breaking any type of record.

  10. I'd like to have a regular KIC Day during the prime season like this year and an offseason event with construction tour...that is if there is ever any construction :) Most preferably the offseason event since it would be cool to go around and get to see all of the rides before the park opens for the next season and get a construction tour if we would be able to since i've never been to one of those either.

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