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  1. Hey Ryan how about we get either a huge Thank You card for the cast and crew started or send the park an email showing all the KICentral.com member names and it will give a huge thanks from all of us to everyone involved in ESOI and all of the other shows from this past season and we could also say we would love for an encore season next year. How does that sound to everybody?

  2. Get to the park right at opening to get a $5 Sling Shot ride. I agree that Eurobungee and the old Laser Tag building need to be taken out because there is no sense in keeping a building just standing with nothing in it unless of course its used for Fearfest although i would think its too small for that and Eurobungee isnt much of a money maker IMO because i hardly see anyone waiting to do it even when the park is packed.

    They can do whatever they want with DOT. Although i love go-carts i wont pay 6 bucks or whatever it is just to go around in a circle when I could get something better with that money.

    It is kind've a good idea to move FX Theatre to Nick Universe but it would cost too much money IMO to do that. I say either make the money worth it and renovate it or take the wrecking ball to it.

    I think SoB can stay although like everyone has said when will they stop spending money for improvements and just tear it down. Although it is a good coaster and I'm sure Kings Island and Cedar Fair both would like to keep it up and running, i think sooner or later CF will say enough is enough with SoB especially with the money situation they are in right now and IMO due to the money situation we have to pay more for food, drinks, etc. If i have seen right and some people may have noticed I believe prices went up just a bit on most things in the park like on food, drinks, and games because i though that last year Sling Shot's regular price was $20 instead of $25 this year although i could be wrong as i have been before.

  3. I dont think there is a policy on double rides because I have had double rides on Face/Off, Top Gun, Racer, Vortex, and many other rides and have never asked just simply stayed in the seat. Even when there was somebody in line i would just move to another row without anybody. I have done it the whole season and have never been asked to get off.

  4. I always loved to ride KCKC as a kid back when i was 7 or 8 and when i learned it was being taken out for TR i cried because of how fun it was. KCKC is what ended up getting me to ride Racer back then after going down the drop with my hands up. I miss the ride so much and wish it could come back. As for which one i prefer most i would much rather have KCKC.

  5. Yeah I know and I completely understand that. But good job to Josh for giving us the scavenger hunt instead.

    Yes very good job and some people may not agree but i think the scavenger hunt was probably a lot more fun then the what the SoB tour wouldve been.

  6. I do agree a tunnel is needed on SoB. Beast and Fairly Odd Coaster (or Beastie) whatever you want to call it have one on the first drop and SoB at least needs one. Another thing my mom also thinks they should do although its no big deal is move the camera for the on-ride photo from the beginning of the lift somewhere else like at the bottom of the first drop. Anyone agree?

  7. I also had a really good time yes the heat was bad but i knew it was going to be like that. I didnt talk to anybody but i was with my dad and we were in Indianapolis Colts shirts and my dad had a Colts hat. During the ice show we were in the front row and i had a shower of mini ice chunks hit me about 5-10 minutes before the end of the show but overall we both had a GREAT time and we thank everybody involved and hope for another next year.

  8. I would hate those green boxes it would make you feel like and maybe sometimes look like a little kid because they make you look like you have been bad and now you have to stay in that spot. IMO the boxes dont even work because you see the ops doing what they were used to doing with Paramount and that was roaming freely in the station even when the train is moving. I understand safety but do you really have to have your employees stand in a box 10 feet away from the train/track just to make you feel they are safe. My answer, NO. The op in the drive box or whatever you want to call it can stop a train from moving in the station if he or she does not feel one of the co-workers are unsafe. They have to trust that they have trained these ops enough to know how to operate a ride properly without a supervisor and that the main op overlooks the loading/unloading platform and will know if one of the ops on there is unsafe.

  9. What I was talking about is that it was on the New for 2007 page. I know its not new i just wondered what people thought about rcdb having it posted like that and why not just keep it off the "NEW for 2007" page and just post as SBNO and then put Operating instead of making other people think its a NEW coaster for Kings Island. I would understand it if it was a "NEW" ride or a relocated ride like Firehawk but to just have it put under that page to me doesn't make sense if it is not a new or relocated coaster and i wanted to know what people thought of it.

  10. Firehawk has been running both trains and both stations very well for a while now. SoB has had days with 1 train op as Firehawk51560 said but my advice is to go to Firehawk early because that is where the majority of the crowd goes and then hit up SoB because the line usually doesnt get too long and with both trains running it shouldnt do too bad but my advice is to hit both of them up early in the day.

  11. Speaking of tornado warnings what happens if there is a warning and a spotting close to the park where would you go, or where would you be told to go? Ive always wondered this but i hope it never happens to me

  12. I was at the park yesturday also and that storm was the worst ive seen while at KI and that has been for the past 8-9 years. If i had an estimate i would say winds were between 50 and 60 at one point and i actually saw it start to hail for about a minute or two. However the rain was not the worse ive seen i remember a couple years ago it poured for like two hours straight and there was flooding everywhere in the park and it sucked walking through there like that but i do feel sorry for all the employees that had to run for shelter in that storm yesturday and im glad i wasnt one of them.

  13. Glad you hade a nice trip. I was also there today with my cousin and we got there at 9:45 and went straight to Drop Zone at 10 and got seats 1 and 2 as we had the first ride of the day and then went to SoB and waited for about 5,10 minutes IMO the blue train is rougher than the red train and i have always sat in the very back seat on the right side and it was a bit rougher but not too much. Then waited about 15 minutes and then went to Vortex and we were starting to get hungry at that point and just our luck the train before us had someone puke in the back seat so that really sucked to see although we got to eat our lunch. Then waited 50 minutes for Firehawk then 5 minutes for Delirium and a walk in on Racer. Rode Viking Fury just for the heck of it then waited 15 minutes for Flight of Fear and then waited one cycle for Drop Zone and capped our day off with a couple free samples of fudge. All in all great day but seemed kindve crowded for a Wednesday. Ill be at the park tomorrow and also Friday so i'll try to post a little TR for both visits

  14. On a side note, I was also at the park this past Saturday. I will say that I too felt some of the ride crews lacked some discipline. The crew at The Beast was excellent, as was those at White Water Canyon. However at The Racer, Delirium, and Adventure Express there was way too much playing around happening. Also, they could all use a lesson on how to speak into a microphone for the PA system.

    Hope you continue to be a part of the discussions at KI Central.

    Beast crew has always been one of the greatest if not the greatest crews in the park and WWC has a good crew also. I have seen a couple times where AE crew was bad and just playing around and on Delirium you must have been there on a bad day or with a bad crew because i find them as another great crew in the park but with Racer i think everyone would agree that this is probably one of the worst crews in the park and i was at the park today riding racer and waiting for the ops to check my bar and the rest of them and the two checking had a race to see who could get there side checked faster and the lady on my side fell behind and started rushing and didnt even check my bar! I think that someone on that crew should step up and take responsibility for the fun and safety of the riders and teach the others how to properly check restraints and not goof around evrey 5 seconds. IMO they should have a superviser working at Racer so they dont goof off exactly like i see with Face/Off.

    Also Mikey Pop I also hope you continue to participate in the forums as you were expressing your opinion and others were expresing their own opinions to what you said i think most people are just tired of hearing the same thing being said over and over and over again.

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