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  1. Question for our seasoned historians.....when was the last time the Eiffel Tower was painted? I was pretty surprised that it wasn't repainted this off season with the focus on I-Street and with Baynum Painting being listed as doing some off season work I was almost convinced that it would be done this year.
  2. Remember this post? I would say that original music is likely on it's way.
  3. Didn't get a picture because I was driving, but the tower was turned on tonight. Looks like they are going to do a nightly countdown on it till opening night as tonight it had a giant number 15 on the front.
  4. If the past stays true the second weekend of Haunt always feels like more of the details are in place......there are many reasons for this, a big one has to do with the timing of the corporate sell-out weekends in September. I would venture to say we will probably notice some additions throughout the park next weekend.
  5. Yes, but when "freak accidents" happen, places that value safety evaluate the situation and will do what needs to be done in order to help prevent it from happening again. You can be sure that KI's loose article policies and other safety policies such as the no jewelry or bathing suits with rivets on water slides is there for a good reason....they are trying to minimize the risk, and you should be grateful because if they didn't care there would be way more "freak accidents" happening at KI.
  6. One thing of note is that the extended season last year put a lot of the Entertainment staff into a much longer season than in past years, this cut down the amount of off-season time that was available.....quite possibly could have something to do with the later start and no extra shows announced at this time. Many of the seasonal staff will not be able to start back to work as early in the season as they have in the past due to the required amount of unemployment time off between the season to keep them at a seasonal status.
  7. That crane is not in Coney Mall, it is actually on the truck that you can see in front of the Auntie Anne's stand. Likely there to assist with installing the wireframe sculpture on the fountain podiums.
  8. Or, maybe they just learned their lesson and are going to include one as a pleasant surprise experience instead of over-hyping it and letting everyone down when it debuts. I think that would have saved KI's shed. Most people would have felt like it was such an awesome way to end the ride if it wouldn't have been mentioned and hyped all winter, and instead it just was there to surprise everyone when the coaster opened. But, I'm doubting that Twisted Timbers is going to have a shed element at all, maybe some other surprise theming????
  9. There are actually different soundtracks for the fireworks this year that are being rotated on a (I think) nightly basis.
  10. I would venture to say we see something more like this, but a bigger scale. I don't think they would put up another giant digital marquee when there is one just yards away on the street.
  11. Does the action fx theatre at Carowinds still have the motion simulator infrastructure in existence, or did theirs get pulled out like ours? I think that might make all the difference between us possibly getting an attraction like this in the future. If their equipment is still in there, then it might just be a matter of replacing the cars versus completely reinstalling the entire system.
  12. I remember the traffic going home. I always managed to stay awake long enough to make it to the RR/75 interchange before falling asleep on the way home.... also the "gum trees" on the way to WWC Uggh.....the "Gum Trees"! So glad that that kind of stuff went away. I never understood the idea of placing gum on tree trunks, or even attraction walls (see racer tunnels, etc).
  13. It is interesting to note that reports from online state that even Disney has been cutting out fire effects on some of their attractions lately. Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom as well as the Burning Settler's Cabin on the Liberty Belle are two recent examples.
  14. On the other hand, that didn't stop Canada's Wonderland from building Leviathan which fundamentally is very similar to their already existing Behemoth. What I'm wondering is if we will see parks in the near future retrofit their current inverts with the new style train.
  15. With the amount of rain coming down last year, were you really surprised that Nightmare Alley had no actors, Backwoods Bayou was closed and that Hot Blooded and Blood Drums cancelled their shows?
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