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  1. Trust me, you didn't miss much when it comes to T2. Rattlebox is putting it mildly.
  2. Is it possible that SOB is being removed starting with parts that cannot be seen from the road?
  3. SOB stood from the time the accident happened on 06 and reopened in 07 and people still came to the park. I don't see anyone not coming to a park based on a ride that has already had a bad rap SBNO.
  4. Again, it takes money to dismantle a ride. It cost nothing to keep it SBNO. In this economy, I could see it SBNO for years.
  5. What he said. Any funds that could be used to build something new will go toward demolition of SOB.
  6. Why would CF race to tear down something that will cost them nothing to keep standing? It will cost CF TONS of money to tear it down and carry away the scraps. In this economy, it doesn't make sense to spend money on something to not get anything out of it. Same thing with a flight deck repaint.
  7. Yeah I was just looking at the frankenstein creation on RCDB in St. Louis. Wow. There is another coaster that I ran across that has the same treatment in China I believe.
  8. Hasn't this been done before though? I though atleast one B&M standup has been convertered.
  9. BTW, the Ninja you are refering to, is it the one at SFOG or the mismatch at SFSL
  10. Terp, I will have to take your word on Ninja and The coaster at NY:NY. I have never wanted to part with my money in Vegas to ride a Togo coaster. But i have sit in the front, middle, and back of T2 and have been beat about half to death. To me SOB makes T2 feel tame to me. Couldn't Chang be changed to a floorless coaster?
  11. Well my thoughts are that there may be structural problems that is not allowing that ride to open. It doesn't make sense to close off a section of the park and hope that people don't notice it. Since they lost the STOP the last thing they need is shutting down more rides for another season. There has to be more to it then cost savings. I have a feeling that this park may not be around much longer. They are land locked and only have one good ride. And chang could be made better by changing the train config to a sitdown floorless config. T2 should be ripped out. That has to be the roughest steel ride I have ever been on.
  12. Any news on KK opening back up the section of the park that was closed this season or new ride rumors?
  13. http://www.wlextv.com/Global/story.asp?S=9017998 looks like SFKK is sueing Intamin for the failure. And the story continues.
  14. I hope they plan on moving this cam up some so that we can see more of the hill because not much more is going to be going on in this area.
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