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  1. familyguyfun1

    OK, let the search begin!

    OMG!! IM SO STUPID!! HAHAHA!!! until i saw the video of club blood i actully thought it was a real club! haha!!!
  2. familyguyfun1

    Check Out some new Halloween Haunt Preview Photos

    Im going on Friday, just me and my dad. We wanted to see what it is going to be like and then the next week im going to bring my friends.
  3. familyguyfun1

    where did my forum go

  4. familyguyfun1

    torture chamber

    Yeah i agree...Kings Island should not encorage masochism.
  5. familyguyfun1

    What is Kings Island REALLY going to get?

    ^ yeah true.
  6. familyguyfun1

    Flight of Fear

    Yes just like they say Hypersonic XLC is the worlds first steam running launch coaster or so i belive.
  7. familyguyfun1

    Beech Bend To Open For Christmas

    yeah they should!
  8. familyguyfun1

    NEW RIDE FOR 2008-2009

    Okay neon, if you really want to care about *other parks* then please go to *their* fan site. Don't come to KI's fan site and talk about *other parks* and how they should get a roller coaster. Thanks neon for being a good sport
  9. familyguyfun1

    new roller coaster poll

    We just need something that no other park will have, that is BIG, and FAST!!
  10. familyguyfun1

    Magical Family Halloween

    I am exactly like you dude. ROCK ON!
  11. familyguyfun1

    Fear Fest '07

    sweet thanks
  12. familyguyfun1

    Fear Fest '07

    hauntguy where will u be working?
  13. familyguyfun1

    New ride for 2008?

    Hahah!! In the begining of the ride it looks like behemoth! but yah I am gonna have to go with that.
  14. familyguyfun1

    What is Kings Island REALLY going to get?

    Totally agree..
  15. familyguyfun1

    fearfest props out already!

    Well I went to the park yesterday and as i entered I saw that they did not have the phantom of the oprea figures out but they had the cars. And I also saw where they had the king cobra seats they had the old son of The Beast seats with the skelatons in it. LOL!!! As I walked back they already had the house for massasor mannor up. Thats all I saw and I just felt like tell u guyes. Thanks for your time.