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  1. Are Standup Coasters Dead?

    I agree with this statement. I rode King Cobra and Chang and would take King Cobra over Chang any day. Chang had a cool layout but the pain I endured from the restraint system made me not want to bother riding it. King Cobra on the other hand I would ride multiple times in a row and love every lap.
  2. Eiffel Tower's Lower Observation Deck

    Neat, thank you for sharing the gallery. That was what I was hoping to see.
  3. Does anyone have or know of a site that features pictures from the lower observation deck on the Eiffel Tower? I don't think I've ever seen what it looks like up there or the view from that point on the tower. To clarify, I am talking about the deck at the base of the tower, just above where the four legs of the tower meet, not the deck at the top you take the elevators to.
  4. Flight of Fear questions

    This is what you can expect with Flight of Fear, with the exception of Kings Island bringing the train to a complete stop on the mid course brake run. Poltergeist doesn't have a MCBR.
  5. New For 2017: Mystic Timbers!

    I am glad they are building a coaster with the intent of it being thrilling, good with capacity and reliable.
  6. The Beast needs to be updated

    Keep in mind that it is perfectly fine to be critical of something you enjoy.
  7. 500 likes, I am unstoppable!

  8. Stitch Trip 7-31-14

    Today was my friends birthday, so we took him to Kings Island. This was my first time being at the park in a few years, so Banshee was new to me. We started off with The Bat and I liked the clean look of the under station but overall the queue and ride need some more theme love. Next we went to Banshee and waited around thirty minuets to ride. Our row was number seven and overall I was underwhelmed by the ride. It's very smooth and fast but all you get to see is the car right in front of you. I'm sure I'd enjoy it far more if I got to ride in the first row. The zero g roll and roll after the second loop were the highlights for me. After some lunch at Arbys we came back and rode Drop Tower and Diamondback, then left. Overall I was impressed with the work the park did on Banshee and the surrounding area. Diamondback on the other hand needs some nice new paint and seats, it's starting to look a little haggard. I am the one on the right in the TMNT shirt.
  9. Vortex was my first looping coaster.
  10. Beast 35th Anniversary POV

    No they have added extensive brake runs Wrong! The Beast has had brakes in the same locations along the 7,359-foot long course since it made its debut April 14, 1979. If the trim brakes that some want to complain about were not in place the ride isn't celebrating its 35th anniversary season. I see first time Beast riders every day. They're absolutely blown away by this ride! It's easy to be blown away if you haven't experienced better wooden coasters. Once you ride something like Thunderhead or The Voyage, The Beast becomes a rough, drawn out bore.
  11. Did anyone take any pictures of the removed lower section of The Bat's station?
  12. Which Kings Island Coaster is Your Favorite?

    Which current coaster is more like it. Oh, and it's currently Diamondback, all time King Cobra.
  13. Banshee Construction Progress

    I am really liking the detail and extra work they are putting in for Banshee.
  14. Banshee Construction Progress

  15. Banshee Construction Progress

    There aint no turning back