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  1. Not a glitch or anything in that vein but I must say that I dislike browsing the threads when it shows the pages available to choose from. IE, pages one through four and then the last page. For me, it makes browsing the different threads more difficult and overall more clunky. I am using the default theme.

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  2. I really enjoyed King Cobra and unfortunately only got to ride it in it's last season of 2001. I found it comfortable and enjoyed the airtime, positive Gs and the pointlessness of the trick track. I was very sad when I arrived at the park for opening day of 2002 to see it dismantled and in pieces.

  3. My choice will be for King Cobra mainly because I didn't get to ride it as many times as I would of liked to since I didn't get in to riding coasters again until 2001. Then when 2002 came, they removed King Cobra.

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