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  1. I would be cool, have the old King Cobra Videos, comercials, and maybe a car to stand in. You could do it with all the old rides.
  2. That gave me an idea since the Paramount story is crap make a King's Island Story instead.
  3. I hope that there going to keep the pics updated and not let a park camera happen lol.
  4. I personally think that PKI should make something that shows all of their past rides and has pics and specs on them. Maybe a PKI musem of some sort.
  5. I like the colors, If you look at Psyclone it's preatty Dull I say make Delirium extavogant!
  6. Yeah Your Probably Right, does any one have any other old maps. Maybe ones with Screamin Demon, The Bat, Flight Commander?
  7. Remember, before The Beast was there it was the Canoe Ride (See the 1972 map if you dont believe me) I also wonder if they are going to make Delirium look cool on the map because King Cobras pic was really small and condensed.
  8. Just go here. http://www.themeparkbrochures.com/maps/197.../pki197x_1.html
  9. Yeah, a Chaos and a GIGA for 2004! Yippee that would be cool !
  10. Cool, maybe behind Flight of Fear if they decide to build back there.
  11. Stitch

    Antique Cars

    I think they'll leave the old track there unless they can find a way to put a ride in there.
  12. I love the ride Chaos at SFKK and I would love to see PKI get one and replace Shake Rattle And Roll with it. Does anybody know who makes Chaos?
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