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  1. I have tried to find the footage for Days Of Thunder (Ride) and came up with nothing. I've always wanted to see what made it so special to people that rode it. Heck, it's hard to come by pictures of the theater themeing even.
  2. I wanted to get a consensus from the KI Central community and see which film is the most popular amongst the users. I have only ridden 7th Portal, Superstition and Spongebob Squarepants 3-D. Every time I would try to ride Meteor Attack, it would be closed and I saw 007 open but passed on it at the time. My personal favorite is 7th Portal, I think it had good use of 3-D and a variety of sensations throughout.
  3. I am up to 200 likes, am I the king of the internet now?

  4. That's actually where they stored supports for Diamondback during the 2008 season, too. Must be easy to access. Either that, or it's one of the few places on park property that's relatively flat and isn't within guest reach. Or maybe both? On a similar note, I noticed on Sunday that part of the parking lot to the west of the sign has been blocked off. I wonder if that's a temporary drop-off location for track and supports. King Cobra lived there for a while, as well as Scooby's Ghoster Coaster.
  5. That's going to be one heck of a first drop from the looks of how low the supports are and how close it is to the top of the lift
  6. Mile High Falls has an awesome splash, it makes Congo Falls' looks dainty by comparison.
  7. I like how in one photo the two kids aren't even looking at the construction.
  8. Steel - King Cobra @ Kings Island Wood - Thunderhead @ Dollywood
  9. I know one thing for sure, they had better have owls on the station and supports
  10. Here's a couple from the QTV era ... Kylie Minogue - Love At First Sight Extreme - Play With Me
  11. I have a feeling the 2014 coaster will end up being a Maurer Söhne sky loop. Mostly due to the low cost and small plot it takes.
  12. I am fairly certiain it's been posted here but thanks for sharing it regardless.
  13. Shockwave at Canada's Wonderland is a top scan.
  14. They've been there since the original Kentucky Kingdom era. They used to house Starchaser.
  15. He may be referring to the animation render and not the actual supports.
  16. That would be Diamond Back.Diamondback is at Kings Island. Did you also try it hands up? You're such the handyman
  17. Diamondback at Frontier City, hands down.
  18. I don't know if this has been posted here, I saw it on another site. I would spoiler tag it if I knew how on this board.
  19. Just my two cents on the "Forceless" comments. As I have gotten older, I've found my tolerance to forcefull rides has dropped. I personally don't enjoy riding a ride if it's making me grey out or fight off possibly blacking out. I would take a fun overall ride over one that is forcefull, just for the sake of being so.
  20. Oh my, I just realized the theme of this coaster. It's going to be a Pac-Man coaster and the trains will have a Pac-Man last car and seven to eight blue ghost cars in front. That way Pac-Man chases them from start to finish. Internet genius at work
  21. I am just glad the person didn't get hurt, or cause anyone on the site to get hurt by their trespassing.
  22. I really want this to be an Owl themed coaster.
  23. An owl themed coaster? O Rly? Ya Rly!
  24. I'll just leave this here http://rcdb.com/277.htm , it may not be 200ft but it's close enough in my book.
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