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  1. I would go to Cedar Point for the sake of saving gas and trip time. It also sounds like you still have a lot more to experience at CP than you do at Kings Island.
  2. That's the truth, I really love how they built the batwing element next to the pathway. It's always a blast watching riders going through that and it's very photogenic.
  3. I gave it a 6 out of 10 vote and I've ridden it over a 100 times. When I was a teenager I really liked Vortex but as I got older and experienced other steel coasters, it lost it's luster. It's not a bad coaster by any stretch, it's just a product of it's time and in my opinon, hasn't held up well.
  4. Wow, it's odd seeing a thread I made nearly ten years ago. Oddly enough, my original post still holds true today
  5. While it's not in the US, I'd move Sky Rider from Canada's Wonderland to Kings Island. I would love to be able to ride a King Cobra, almost clone
  6. I feel the same way about the seats. I don't have a lot of "padding" on my backside so it can be quite uncomfortable
  7. This isn't my picture (Obviously) but it's probably my favorite Son of Beast picture that I've seen. I really loved the loop, it was so smooth and massive.
  8. I think Paramount did a better job with branding, advertising and all around themeing.
  9. I have to ask you all this, would having the walls on the brake run removed really make any difference in your ride experience on Racer?
  10. I would bring the backwards trains back.
  11. Memories ... oh hey, it's Jeffery Seibert
  12. I guess my onride photo with the original lap bars is a collectors item now . On a side note, just think about all the footers they have to dig up
  13. I am glad they are finally going to remove Son of Beast. I absolutely loved the ride in it's original form but I never bothered with it after the accident and redone track layout. I am hoping the park expansion they are planning will connect Action Zone with X Base.
  14. While this is on my mind, to those here who jump on users that aren't thrilled with the news, give them a break. You don't always have to defend the park's decisions.
  15. The new entrance is well needed but I can't help but feel like it's just a precursor to having the water park be a separate ticketed attraction from Kings Island.
  16. The paint job on Flight Deck looks fantastic.
  17. Certainly continue if you are enjoying doing it. You might also want to try combining different shots of the dino for the video. That way while you are doing the voice over, the viewer stays interested in the shot. When you use one single shot it can tend to drag on. Those are just my opinions and suggestions
  18. I found the font to be a little difficult to read but overall I think your concept is neat.
  19. I am not sure if they are still there but a few years ago there were still some old Tomb Raider signs on the exit path of Crypt.
  20. Did anyone stop and think that the Dino walk through may just be the first phase of a new area in the park. They could connect Coney south to X base and over the next few years add more Dino themed attractions, shops and eateries. Instead of rushing to judgment, be it negative or positive ... why not stop and think of new possibilities. I know that I personally get bored with the same ole same ole, even though I love certain rides ... they get old over time. Variety is the spice of life
  21. Unfortunately this isn't enough to make me want to get a pass in 2011. Perhaps they'll add something that interests me in 2012. It's still nice to see them adding a new flat ride though, it helps add some diversity to the parks ride line up.
  22. I wouldn't be upset if Kings Island didn't get a coaster in the 2011 season. I'd much rather wait a few years and get a another great quality ride like Diamondback.
  23. Kings Island obviously has it's own predator drone and hordes of attack dogs that prowl the grounds after hours.
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