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  1. I went today, hopping to ride the new SoB, and we walk up and theres a nice big sign saying repair work is being done on it and is unlikely to open today....very dissapointed (Half hour wait on Firehawk thought )
  2. yeah, till now, the only good crew was of course...The Beast on Saturdays last season. It was like a huge party in the station it rocked. however, the Firehawk crew is pretty cool too, but The Beast's still owned..... ....and welche, that song your talking about is called Kernkraft 400 by Zombie Nation, if you want it send me a pm and ill send it to you
  3. ok, this may be the coolest coaster ever, its like Rita and X had a baby. Too bad its in spain, it looks soooooooooooo fun!!!! http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=397851
  4. well, its still offered on B&M site, so there definently not building them any more, just on one has ordered it.... also on there, it gave me a idea...what about a Diving Machine????? Like Oblivion in Alton Towers O_O
  5. i dont think that we will get Dominator, its the most popular ride at the park, and they dont want to tick anyone else off. However, i do have a felling we will be getting a new floorless within the next couple years
  6. sry, its not roomy at all, its made to be as light as possible to put as lease amount of stress on the stucture at all. Thinking the old trains are like a hummer, this is like a compact car. and the nice big lapbar is also gone...its just a single pipe
  7. well, face off is just a inverted boomerang made by Vekoma, so theres really nothing still stopping them from making a actual SLC in the park....lets hope no, but if the next one is a Vekoma...thats what its going. Im still really hoping for a return of the standup, and of course, its going to be a B&M, casue there the only ones that make standups up now since Togo went under
  8. im hoping that there wont be another Vekoma, cause if so, its problaby going to be a SLC, which are painful. If B&M would come, it would most likely be a standup or Floorless, and B&M are always high quality
  9. i have to agree with that about that somewaht, casue the last steel we got (Italian Yob), from most the people ive talked to, wasnt that good, so they needed something inovative and attracting, and a lot of people have been wanting a flyer, and since Geauga Lake isnt doing so good, it would have been much more profitable to move it to KI, instade of buying a new one from B&M or Vekoma
  10. i was there today, both trains were running and they are using both stations for dual loading, dont know if that was confirmed of not
  11. there was a Holiday Inn like within a mile off it, it was pretty nice (that was 3 years ago though)
  12. wow its been a while ummmm, well yeah, the loop was definently the best part, and the new trains are going to be BRUTAL (i rode the Hurricane when it was still up and myrtal beach, and it was painful and it only went 50mph)
  13. Beast crew, expesially the ones on sat nights
  14. Can't go , i'll be in south carolina that week, ...........................
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