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  1. I'm excited to see the peanuts theming for the kids area. I will probably walk through there first on opening day to see everything! I loved the peanuts growing up and every year I watch the Halloween,Thanksgiving,and Christmas specials so i'm really excited.
  2. im so excited for opening day!!!!!
  3. Is it just me or does the name remind you of the cereal Boo Berries? Lol,idk why but everytime i hear that name I just wanna eat some Boo Berries!
  4. i had a dream that it was haunt but it was in the summer, and cut throat cove was right next to FOF ,and had the Queue line to Flight Deck, but when i went inside what i though was Cut throat turned out to be ALL the haunts combined in one ,which was extremely long i might add,and for some reason i never left x base all the ride just appeared before my eyes. i looked around and everyone else acted as if this was normal!lol also about a year ago I dreamt that I was in the Eiffel Tower and every thing was normal so I leaned against the bars to get a better look at DB but and then they dissap
  5. Ive roughly live 8.2 miles away from ki my whole life,and I very rarely drive past KI so I still get a Lil antsy when we drive past, especially during the off season,but not so much durig the summer because im there almost everyday.so yes it is extremely exciting living by KI!
  6. You might be a ki addict if for you English class you are required to write a Shakespearian sonnet on any topic of your choice ,and you chose to write it on your perfect day at ki.
  7. I'm not terrified of heights,never have been.but i really freak out on Drop Tower i guess its because I'm up so high with my feet hanging ,and the restraints are so open i feel like I'm gonna fall out!!the last time i rode Drop Tower with my friend(instead of my daddy‚ô•lol i guess i think nothing will go wrong if hes there!lol)i was totally freaking out but i would never show that ofcorse=D. i was hyperventilating at the very top ,i just wanted down! when it was finally over and my feet were on the ground i had to pry my hands of the restraints lol it seems silly now to freak out about it but w
  8. 100% I also guessed on the movie question .
  9. I seen Drop Tower running at 6:15 last night but I don't if it ran during haunt.
  10. Nope im pretty sure Josh did both seasons of dead awakening, not Kyle. Pretty sure he was talking about the lighting guy, not the lead singer. ohh makes more sense now!!!lol
  11. Nope im pretty sure Josh did both seasons of dead awakening, not Kyle.
  12. Apparently Vortex is the longest and tallest ride in any park in the US, and The Beast is 2 minutes long ,and Ceder Point owns Kings Island and Ceder Fair! ,and this kid was just at Ceder Point on a school trip!
  13. Me and my family will also be there friday. Im SUPER excited!!!
  14. My favorite as in scared me too death would have to be Urgent Scare and CarnEvil! ~ Mostly because I'm terrified of hospitals and clowns!
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