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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Carowinds is a really beautiful Park. Their landscaping looks amazing. I really hope I can make it down there this year. Great PTR. Can't wait for Over Georgia!
  2. Actually Intimidator is 232' tall, Diamondback/Behemoth/Nitro are all 230' tall so Intimidator is actually a little taller. Than there is both Goliaths, Raging Bull, Hollywood, and Apollo which are 200' or less. And Silver Star which is 240' I think.
  3. Son of Beast, if it was to get removed. It isn't though (well I highly doubt it is.) Its one of my favorite woodies, and one of my favorite coasters at Kings Island. I will miss Demon Drop, its my favorite flat ride at CP, and my second favorite drop ride (#1 is Drop Zone.) Hopefully I can go to Dorney next year and ride DD again.
  4. Just my opinion, The Harry Potter thing at Universal's IoA is my least anticipated 'ride' for 2010. And why do they count both Intimidators as one?
  5. That would be a very interesting haunt! Imagine bodies hanging on meat hooks and organs on scales! I hope a new haunt comes because Halloween Haunt is definitely my favorite time of the year for ki!
  6. I voted for racer because I just love how nostalgic it is!
  7. I miss the old names and the music from the movie Top Gun playing in Top Guns Que.
  8. 1.Scorpion(BGA) 2.Dragon wagon(OT) 3.Windstorm(OT) 4.Dudley Do-Right Falls(USIA) 5.American Eagle Red(sfgam) 6.American Eagle Blue(sfgam 7.Batman The Ride(sfgam) 8.Dark Knight(sfgam) 9.Demon(sfgam) 10.Iron Wolf(sfgam) 11.Ragin' Cajun(sfgam) 12.Raging Bull(sfgam) 13.Spacely's Sprocket Rocket(sfgam) 14.Superman Ultimate Flight(sfgam) 15.Vertical Velocity(sfgam) 16.Viper(sfgam) 17.Whizzer(sfgam) 18.Kombo(IZ) 19.Greezed Lightning(SFKK) 20.Road Runner Express(SFKK) 21.Roller Skater(SFKK) 22.T2(SFKK) 23.Thunder Run(SFKK) 24.Twisted Twins:Lola(SFKK) 25.Twisted Twins:Stella(SFK
  9. My first looping coaster was scorpion at busch gardens africa
  10. KI was awesome yesterday, hopefully my mom will take us again on closing day.

  11. I think its an ok name but i think they should of made it a little bit more relevant to River Town's mining town theme.
  12. I've only went twice so far... That will change after Fall Freakout though.
  13. Second part Eiffel Tower at night Delirium Creepy Oh no! Cobra roll for Invertigo Invertigo's spikes Inside FOF Brittany! Phantom theater stuff Crypt Beast Building next day Sob FD and Sob random this is where we went after we left for home I snapped some pics of The Beach from the parking lot of Popeyes If you cant tell there is a slide there From highway KI from highway here some pics i forgot to put up earlier
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