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  1. There is a fence up along The Beast tracks now in the woods
  2. Hey all, First let me say I been a platinum pass holder for almost 10 years now. I really love Banshee and the fact that on almost any given night you can almost walk on the ride. I don't get it, do seven inversions scare the public that bad? I think it's one of the best rides if not the best ride in the park. I also really do love how Kings Island lets the line for the front row extend much farther then the station was design for(bad design if you ask me, they should of know most would go for the front on a inverted coaster). I have never seen any other park do that and I hope that continues for that is real guest hospitality. With that said, last night I saw the ride operators do something different that I didn't care for. One hour before the park close, they started doing this thing they referred to "power hour" where if there was only 4 people standing in the front row line the operator controlling the crowd wouldn't let anyone else go to the front. The operator even told one guest it was because they were trying to get 50 cycles in the last hour. Really? I sure wish the operators on "Shake Rattle and Roll" felt that way! I can see that if it was closer to closing time but this was a hour before close and it only took about 10 minutes to go threw the whole line anyway. I thought the whole thing was a bit ridiculous and I wasn't pleased. In all the years of doing coasters I never complained to the park, if I ever went to customer service it was always to complement someone. Last night I went to complain!
  3. Anyone know what's happening with Shake Rattle and Roll? I know its not a big attraction but it is on my buddies list to ride from time to time. It's been down for a while now. I would think they wouldn't do the work there doing on it now if it wasn't major.
  4. Need more B&M Giga's. I rode Leviathan this year, my only complaint was it was a little short, about 1000 feet shorter then MF. B&M's have very comfortable seats with lots of leg room. B&M's are also reliable. Intamin's always seem to have teething issues. I don't recall them needing to replace a complete section of track on a B&M because it was engineered wrong. I'm gald to see Cedar Fair kick Intamin to the curb and are having all these B&M's built.
  5. I never eat at the amusment parks, cost is way too high.
  6. I remember back in the day my beloved Eli Bridge Scrambler had no seat belts. Now they all have them, even at the State Fair on the junk carnival versions. My guess is we live in a world today where people are morons. I can't tell you how many times on a ride I have heard the ride operator say "put your cell phones, camera's, ect away for the ride", only to see a bunch of folks pull out those things while riding. I have even seen someone try to carry on a phone call while on the lift hill on Millennium Force. I think the seat belt is just another way the amusement park has for controling these animals. These animals also have a habit of suing. Remember we live in a world where if you look at your owners manual for your TV it will show you how to plug it in. One thing that amazes me is how in a world where we think we are so smart we ended up so stupid.
  7. Yes Sledgehammer was running, infact everything was running. My friend and I even notice the day we were there that everything was running, unlike the No Action Zone of KI!
  8. Hey all, I don't post many trip reports, partly because my trips to the amusment parks tend to be about the same everytime. I think the last trip report I did was the last time I went to CW in 2008 for Behemoth. This time we made the trip for Leviathan. For those who do not know Leviathan is B&M's first 300 foot 92 mph coaster. As soon as I found out about the ride(around this time last year), my buddy and me started planning our trip. I got Fast Lane passes for the full day we were there for I had been to CW before and I know the kind of crowds that park has... Fast Lane Passes are worth every penny at that park. We got to the park around 11:00am and could easy hear the mightly roar of B&M coasters. Of coarse Leviathan was first on the list. When I first saw the ride promo's I thought "wow a Millennium Force done B&M style...Cool about time"! Like Diamondback the seats are nice a big and comfortable with only the lap bar and no seat belts. Unlike Diamondback the seats are four across, which is cool for it's a people eater in the front seat, which is where we went first. All together we rode Leviathan 5 times, 4 times in the front seat and once in the very back. This ride is very cool. The lift hill is a chain, a very fast chain, then down the 80 degree drop. The ride is very smooth. if this is the direction B&M is going, Intamin look out! My only complant about it is it's a little short, at 5,486 feet this coaster could of used another 1000 feet of track! We rode about everything there. Vortex, the same ride as our Flight Deck was really cool over the CW mountain and lake. The whole ride seemed to make more sense then our Flight Deck does, like it was built for CW's mountain. We did WindSeeker, still seems to me like KI's last longer then any other park, and at CW there was no music. We did do Behemoth a couple of times, still a great ride and I am still on the fence as to if Behemoth or Diamondback is better. One thing I did notice is Behemoth seemed a little rough, maybe we had a flat spot on a wheel or something, I hope that doesn't happen to my beloved Diamondback.
  9. Hey everyone, A friend and I are going up to Canada's Wonderland next week. We went a few years ago to ride Behemoth this time we are going for Leviathan. I already have my Fast Line passes. We plan on spending some time in the park. Anyone with suggestions or idea's we might want to try?
  10. Well that's a ton different than Kings Island. Was thinking since I'm going on a weekday it wouldn't be so bad. I myself like KI better then CP only becuase of the crowds. CP is busy almost everyday there open, you are just going to have to deal with the crowds. When ever I plan out a CP trip I usually have my day planned out to get the maxium amount of "fun" time. With two days there you should be able to ride everything and a few things twice, just plan on waiting in line. It's goes faster if you bring someone along with you that is a good talker, someone to take your mind off the long wait, it will go quicker!
  11. As far as More money=more valuable person goes, sadly it's the way the world works. Money Talks. Look at all the morons running for/or are in office. The first homeless man to run for President will get my vote, but you will never hear about him because it takes millions to run. Someone lied to you if they told you life is fair!
  12. I don't know anything about amusment rides but I work on a production line and we have the same kinda E-stops. Most machinerie I deal with these days is so computerized that a simple reset isn't always a option. I would bet Surf Dog is like that too.
  13. Any Idea how Canada's Wonderland does there Fast Lane? I'm going there later this summer. Wonderland has been constantly tweaking it throughout the season to get the best balance of Fast Lane users and regular guests. I haven't used Fast Lane yet, but based on what I've seen during my multiple visits, Fast Lane users are held back before entering any coaster station. When it comes time to let more guests into the station, the attendant will usually split it up about 1/3 Fast Lane users and 2/3 regular line. Sometimes more, sometimes less all depending on the number of guests in each queue. The Fast Lane queue for Leviathan on some of the busier days so far has reportedly been 15-20 minutes (compared to a 90-120 minute wait in the regular queue). Just an update: I used Fast Lane this past weekend at Wonderland and pretty much everything I wrote earlier can be confirmed. It's not so much a "line skipping" system as much as it is a "line reduction" system, as you'll still have to wait a few cycles on average before getting on the ride. Leviathan's Fast Lane queue was extending down the stairs, making the wait just over 10 minutes. Ditto with Behemoth. Overall, if you're planning a trip to CW this summer Fast Lane is essential if you want to get a lot of riding in. Based on the crowds I've seen the past few visits, the park is going to be completely packed this summer. Thanks, ya that's kinda what I thought about CW, last time I was there it was packed, which from what I heard is normal. I bought my fast passes for the days I'm there a few days ago!
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