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  1. sam2cpa

    Defunctland -- Australia's Wonderland

    http://www.wonderlandhistory.net/content/the_zodiac http://www.wonderlandhistory.net/content/wizards_fury Pictures of two previous Kings Island rides at Wonderland can be found above.
  2. sam2cpa

    Kings Island Original Logo?

    According to the Ohio Secretary of State's Office, business filing section, this is a copy of the trademark/service mark that was filed by Kings Island Company on 10/8/1971:
  3. sam2cpa

    Personal Space in Line

    If I eat garlic the night before people usually keep their distance from me.
  4. sam2cpa

    Original International Street

    at 34:35 in the video of Kings Island History it mentions German, Swiss, and French shops.
  5. sam2cpa

    Sky Ride Accident Anniversary 4/24/77

    Here is the story of the ride malfunction that happened prior the ride being shutdown because of high winds:
  6. sam2cpa

    Plus size riders, what can I ride?

    6'6", 225 and never had an issue except on Son of Beast, it was a little tight.
  7. http://www2.cincinnati.com/blogs/ourhistory/2012/01/23/kings-island-skyride-failure-stranded-27/ A pause to remember the Sky Ride accident that happened 37 years ago this week.
  8. sam2cpa

    Kings Island Bathrooms

    With regards to the messiest urinal ever above, don't pee into the wind....
  9. sam2cpa

    Remnants of past attractions

    Merriam-Webster: attraction : something interesting or enjoyable that people want to visit, see, or do
  10. sam2cpa

    Remnants of past attractions

    Since there is no longer a remnant of the compass attraction atop the former Enchanted Voyage ride, I am curious if there is a remnant of any other compass in the park?
  11. sam2cpa

    You Know It's the Off Season When...

    When you find yourself reading the back of your season pass....
  12. sam2cpa

    Work Near Adventure Express

    ....as the shadow of the Eiffel Tower tracks across the construction area, keeping watch. Perhaps they will bring back the fog/mist that was at the beginning of the Adventure Express.
  13. sam2cpa

    Kings Island memorabilia

    Another show brochure. Note #5 the Firestone International Air Show, and #7 the Coney Disco. From the 1978 season.
  14. sam2cpa

    Kings Island memorabilia

    From the 1985 show season:
  15. sam2cpa

    Remnants of past attractions

    Are there any remnants remaining of the Skyride's towers concrete bases that were behind the stores on International Street? Does anyone have a picture of either of them?