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  1. Can anyone explain why that might be? Seams like quite a bit of room between The Racer all the way to the little miami, and from the SOB area back to the river plus all the old safari area.
  2. I used to have a pretty bad opinion of what paramount did with the park. I never liked the movie theming and thought of it as sort of cheap and a gimmick. I could never get over the fact that any of the rides really had nothing to do with whatever name they slapped on the ride. Plus all is well and good at first when a ride is new and the movie is new and they want to promote both but what about when people stop careing about the movie. Or realize its a crappy movie. For example drop zone. Horrible movie, has nothing to do with the ride at the park so whats the point? Why have this ride named after some mediocre movie that people are just going to forget about. I have to admit by itself drop zone isent a bad name for the attraction but just using that as an example for any of the other movie named rides. Why not just think of a real name for the attractions insted of ripping it off some movie? Theres no question why really though, paramount was just trying to promote its movies. Movie names seamed to take away from a rides real character. So really my main problem with what paramount ever did with the park was name rides after movies. I will always think of that as just idiotic, and cheesy. So when Cedar Fair bought up paramount parks I thought it was going to be great. Although I wasn't around (at least not old enough) pre-paramount I was hoping the look (theming) and feel of things would go back to how they where before paramount. The cutting of all the ties to stupid movies and give rides there own real name. Now though I'm kind of torn. I feel like now something is just missing. Its hard to explain. The atmosphere and energy just doesn't seam the same. Paramount seamed to be much more enthusiastic about its park, like the company really loved its park, and it seamed and appeared as a funner place. So in my case its kind of complicated. Theres pros and cons to each. Would I take paramount over Cedar Fair thease days? I don't know really its a hard question to answer. We will never know what paramount might have done if they still owned the park. You also cant forget economic changes as a factor to what any owner would do with the park vs say the 90's. Cedar Fair has defiantly done much good to the park but I fear it will always be second to Cedar Point. Where as with paramount parks, Kings Island was pretty much there flagship park. All in all I think Kings Island is doing alright. I feel like the park is still in a transitioning period where it really has to find itself and its character again. I just hope the park gets the attention it deserves from all the higher ups. Sorry if this is kind of hard to read or understand. Its 4am and I can't sleep so its not the best. EDIT: Oh and I will never forgive paramount for taking out antique cars for that gaudy thing there now. I might be a little bias though as its pretty much the oldest thing I can remember ridding at Kings Island. EDIT2: I know a lot of people love the paramount movie theming. I would agree initially the movie theming helped with the excitement about a new ride. But just think of how those movie themes will age. If paramount still owned the park and the movie theming was all still in place I feel like they would have had to start retiring some of the movie names and theming because they would start feeling dated. Or younger kids would have no idea what the movie was, never seen it etc. It wouldn't matter as much if the movie the ride was themed after was a timeless classic but I don't really have that opinion about any of the movies used for theming in the paramount days.
  3. Maybe they took down the webcam for testing. Just in case something bad happens.
  4. The main problem I see is the weather. Besides that just going by the webcam it looks pretty close to done. It doesn't take them that long to put those arms and seats on.
  5. On the fox19 cam you can see lights moving up and down the tower. EDIT: Just realized the bottom right one is a 1hr time lapse but on the big one I was just watching it moved on a few refreshes.
  6. Do you have a link directly to the webcam page? I can't seam to find it on there website...
  7. I'm surprised they are already out there working with all the rain that's coming. I live like 10mins north and its already started to rain a bit.
  8. Looks like someone is working late. Access door is open and a light on inside.
  9. Could be trying to keep some warmth under there for whatever there doing. Looks like a big propane tank there beside it possibly for a heater.
  10. Dont know if this has been said before but im just wondering. When they build steel coasters like this in the winter if come spring / summer when the steel warms and expands if they have any kind of problems? Maybe they have to go adjust bolts or something?
  11. Yeah I didn't want to put it yet because I was a little unsure exactly which support that is and how much of it should be colored. Will though if everyone likes. EDIT: I'm a little slow today. That must be the tallest support no? Guess Ill just color it like half way or something. EDIT 2: How about this,
  12. Didnt have time to whip something up until now. Hows it look?
  13. If no one does by tomorrow ill take a crack at it. Im pretty proficient with photoshop.
  14. Well looks like the mass power outages didnt slow things any. I just got power back a little bit ago after being out since sunday. Missed so much.
  15. Oh yeah your right. I knew there where three there but didn't realize until I looked closer that was another one put by one already there.
  16. Theres still a couple sections of track missing before the brake run.
  17. Looks like they have two pieces in the splash down now.
  18. You the kind of person that has to have the last word?
  19. Yeah thanks for circling that. I figured anyone should be able to get it, but I was also being lazy lol.
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