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  1. I don't get what all the guessing is about. That yellow support is deffently for the second hill. Just look at the pictures. They just must have decided to go with more yellow.
  2. Can park overnight in my driveway like 10-15 minuets away for 25 bux
  3. At first there where multiple cameras then they where just showing the one. Looked like they switched back to showing all.
  4. Who says its being torn down? I would love to be able to go visit it while there's still something there but its just to far with such high gas prices.
  5. Seams like the argument is just that CF sucks for tearing it down. I think it was loosing money was it not? With that the case whoever owned it would have closed it be it SF or CF. What do you think SF would have done if they closed it? Just let everything rot away? Is that what you would have rather had, everything just sit there and rot away into nothing? I wouldn't really even care if CF didn't have intentions of getting the park back on track. The way I see it SF killed it and CF bought the rides. Now had it happened to KI im sure I too would be looking for someone to blame...
  6. How many posts people think this thread will get to before Dimondback opens? haha
  7. I thought FOC / beastie was always purple?? I have a picture of me on it some 12+ years ago and I believe it was purple. I for one weather they keep the nickelodeon stuff or not would like to see it called beastie again. Thats what I remember it as being my first roller coaster ride ever and what I will always see it as. Its also old enough where kids that went on it way long ago are having kids or getting to that point and I think it would be nice if it would have the same name between generations.
  8. Where there sitting used to be part of the camp ground. The smaller (older?) bit.
  9. Are those green houses Kings Island's? Do they use them?
  10. Aww man beach bend brings back some memory's. I have been a couple times. We stayed in an RV at there camp ground. Each time we went we would go to the park at least 2 days in a row. From what I remember most of the rides where portable. I think even the one roller coaster they had was somewhat portable, was on the pavement. The second time we went was much better and they had made a lot of progress, new rides, looked better. They where getting ready to start building new water park stuff. It seamed to me at the times I had gone that it was more like fair. Since they had more portable rides then ones incorporated into the park. This was a while ago so I imagine its much better now. I wouldn't put it on any kind of level with most amusement parks but it was fun and a very "comfortable" park.
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