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  1. upstop

    Expanding Action Zone

    Not only is terrain an issue, Also consider that a path behind the scenes and so far from the main path could allow for patron mischief. Even Dino’s Alive had its issues. Once while walking the path near the back, my friend and I saw flashing blue lights on a police car on the access road behind the site and on a police car coming down from the Firehawk access. Shortly thereafter we saw the police walk someone to the FH police car in handcuffs. The opportunity to trespass is too great on paths so far from the main path. I could see a possible path between Delirium and Banshee to a bridge past AE to a tight path behind Racer to X-Base. Until there is a reason to use the back stage areas such as a hotel complex, campground, expanded theme area or a separate venue (new Ampithester) I’d dont see walking paths occurring back there.
  2. upstop

    Kings Island 2019 Discussion

    Isn’t Festhouse on the map as a part of International Street? I wonder if the castle stone pavers will go that direction AND since they are updating IS facades, could it get a facade update and would a glockenspiel repair be far behind?
  3. upstop

    Dinos Alive and Xbase

    I’d love to see a campground again.
  4. upstop

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    A Centurion is also a military rocket launcher. Check out this news video and imagine the Centurion theming. I could see this as a fantastic theme for X-Base. Launched giga, anyone?
  5. upstop

    International street makeover

    Just noticed on the first two pictures that the building facades appear much more intricate than now. I suppose as a kid, I might not have noticed back then. I hope they bring back the facades. They look more natural to me. Kind of a mini-Epcot.
  6. upstop

    Renovation Predictions

    There is plenty of room if they remove Slingshot for a Wild Mouse type ride. And there was a Ferris Wheel where the Guessing Game is located.
  7. upstop

    Oktoberfest through the years

    Maybe theme it to a German beer barrel factory. Lol
  8. upstop

    Renovation Predictions

    It seems like it was removed around 2005.
  9. upstop

    Oktoberfest through the years

    I don’t know why, but when I read “the original 5 sections” I thought of Outpost Five.... but I digress.... anywho, maybe CF would consider a Gerstlauer for Oktoberfest? https://www.gerstlauer-rides.de/products/roller-coasters/
  10. upstop

    Renovation Predictions

    There is/was a wooden Rivertown sign somewhere. Let me see if I can locate that one too. If you are headed towards Planet Snoopy from The east is predominately Planet Snoopy. edit: I cant find a picture online, it may have been removed around the renovation for Diamondback, it was originally near the Rivertown restroom on the island of land (that used to be the only direction into Rivertown, past the Restrooms) it was a sign that was stained a light green, and simple had the word Rivertown on it.
  11. upstop

    Renovation Predictions

    @Imperial79 At one time all of them did. Octoberfest had signs right off international street. Coney of course and then Planet Snoopy was Hanna Barberra. Rivertown currently has one near RFYLCB, as well as X-Base. I’ll see if I can locate a picture of the Octoberfest sign. edit: here is the Oktoberfest sign.
  12. upstop

    Renovation Predictions

    A spinning Wildmouse coaster would fit in nicely with the theme... I’d personally like to see all of the themed area signs return.
  13. upstop

    International street makeover

    Perhaps a show like this will be in the fountain (although on a smaller scale)
  14. upstop

    International street makeover

    True. And Bellagio style shows in the fountain will be fantastic! Also.... does this new makeover include a new entry gate? Are they going to update the International restaurant too? Are they cutting out the trees? (I hope not). Perhaps they are adding additional shops and restaurants too or are they only updating facades.... hmmmm can’t wait to see the results.
  15. upstop

    Dinos Alive and Xbase

    I still think the Dino’s trail could be repurposed for Halloween and Winterfest in some capacity.