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  1. 1Acre =43560Sq. feet, I vastly over estimated earlier in the post. It’s deinitely not 5 acres. In fact it looks like it’s a little more than an acre in size.
  2. upstop

    Holiday World 2019

    I’m surprised they don’t do a Halloween and winter event at HW, but I imagine it’s basedbon their location and distance from civilization.
  3. upstop

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I agree. Also, the Eiffel Tower is the centerpiece of the park, I don’t think it would be esthetically appealing to upstage the tower with a coaster.
  4. upstop

    Phone Charging

    I usually carry a charging stick. It’s come in handy a few times.
  5. upstop

    USA Today Names KI Best Haunt

    Polls are generally not a good indicator when they can be loaded with multiple votes or swayed in a particular direction.
  6. upstop

    Winterfest 2018 Discussion Thread

    I hope it’s not a separate charge event. But I would go anyway. Fireworks at midnight anyone? i hope it’s like a Times Square party throughout the park.
  7. upstop

    USA Today Names KI Best Haunt

    If they are weighing cost and content, HHN is by far the best or second to Hallowscreams in Tampa for content and scares (cost is wayyyyyy too much for HHN at $189 for one night FOL pass and extras. Attractions aren’t rehashed year after year). KI could be best for cost. If not for Gold Pass admission, I think Haunt would drop a few points. Plus the attractions... well let’s just say, I come for the new stuff and leave. No need to revisit something I’ve seen a hundred times in the past.
  8. upstop

    Kings Island: 50 Years of Memories Documentary Film

    Wow! This is fantastic! Can’t wait to see the final product!
  9. I think The Killmart building would make a great Bengals Sports Club. For food I would like to see paninis and blooming onions.
  10. upstop

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    TB is incredibly talented and I like all of his ideas. Plus he is a really friendly guy.
  11. upstop

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    I’d theme to the Bengals but I’d be afraid the coaster would start out fast at the beginning of the season and then stall out before the final break-run near the end of the season.
  12. upstop

    Kings Island 2018 Discussion Thread

    Wizard of Oz.... flying monkeys.... new area and flying coaster hint?
  13. upstop

    Coney BBQ and 2018 Food Reviews

    The park was packed last night! I Waited 1hour for a burrito bowl. The line started by the Coke building. I ate ate the Barbecue once this summer.... sorry, I was not impressed.
  14. Im guessing, if they are sticking with nostalgia, a covered bridge, a stream and lake, and maybe a French countryside village, maybe a lilting accordion soundtrack playing ( for something different.
  15. I’m actually hoping the layout will be a total secret. It would be something to look forwards to for next year!