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  1. Oh my gosh! According to the new map, there was no entrance to Vikings Fury last year! What does that mean? Did anyone ride it last year?
  2. You know it’s offseason when a pile of dirt with an orange flag means a coaster is coming.
  3. That’s actually a phishing virus. Once you get the cookie it’s harder than heck to get rid of. I used to get the same one with a free spin for Amazon. I had to manually delete the link from history. Finally got an ad blocker/ virus blocker that works pretty good.
  4. It’s true. As I recall, Sunlight pool had three levels of diving boards. three foot, six foot and one ten foot diving board. All on the east end of the pool. The ten foot board had an extension that went even higher to a small platform that was waaay up there (I have no idea how much higher) ... lol. I don’t recall ever seeing anyone dive from that platform. I believe it was used for diving exhibitions.
  5. I have a friend who has a family room in the basement and they throw a sheet over the tree and slide it into the corner. At Christmas they pull off the sheet, dust it and turn the lights on... lol
  6. 1000 upvotes. It’s nice to see pictures, but they mystery behind what’s going on is keeping people talking. I believe that in the end we are all going to be pleasantly surprised! As someone who was there in the early years, the grandure of seeing the massive fountain headed up by the Eiffel Tower, surrounded by the European style buildings was magical! I think International Street is going to be the family meeting spot once again, and with the dancing fountains, people will be spending more time there throughout the day until closing. im excited, are you?
  7. Now if they would only bring back the water feature at The Beast! Not necessarily the pond but the water feature (tower that’s SBNO) by the queue was awesome!!!
  8. Yes! Projection mappings are so cool. I saw one st HHN at Universal. During the Zombie Appocolypse scarezone, the surrounding buildings appeared to be crumbling. It was pretty awesome.
  9. Maybe this is a possibility if the trees are removed?
  10. Haunted River was fun. Maybe it will return for nostalgia. Maybe a crossover to a Haunted Coaster?
  11. If they remove the volcano itself, the empty land behind it belongs to KD, right? This may open the land for a huge coaster or a newly themed land.
  12. They could easily adapt the system to not include animatronics. If I were the king of King’s Island () I would convert the attraction into a virtual reality ride, using the virtual reality headsets. This way, the ride could be updated periodically with new and exciting adventures year to year, and holiday to holiday, perhaps even allowing riders to choose which adventure they want to participate in.
  13. Probably “Flying Coaster”, or “Swinging Thing” or “flying Hawk” After all it was named in the early years.
  14. It was known as Fort Cooper, then Fort Kinzel for a while, and always an extension for Coney Mall. I think the Xbase theme came when Firehawk was installed, but the sign has always indicated it would become more than an extension of Coney Mall.
  15. I’d like to see an RMC Vortex. They could T-Rex it.
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