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  1. upstop

    Dinos Alive and Xbase

    I still think the Dino’s trail could be repurposed for Halloween and Winterfest in some capacity.
  2. upstop

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    What if...... the B&M “attraction” is a prototype? What kind of coaster could that be? Since B&M has dabbled in launching, maybe it could be a launched giga?... or launched flyer? Or something none of us have ever seen before? i wouldn’t mind seeing a completely new themed area.
  3. upstop

    The Giga Speculation Thread

    @JubJester Plas Plumbing is second on the list. Maybe the world’s largest restroom .....for record breakers... lol!
  4. upstop

    Scooby Let Me Down.

    Well, it was written by Bill Hanna, (Coney Islands and Kings Island own) Dennis Speigel, and Paul DeCourt. I’m assuming the song is under control of Hanna/Barbera.
  5. upstop

    Scooby Let Me Down.

    I agree. Since the Peanuts have basically every season covered, maybe KI could go back to the old “Enchanted Voyage” concept and you could ride through every Peanuts season spring to winter with the Linus and Lucy theme song playing.
  6. upstop

    My current project (Warning: Nerd Alert)

    I think it’s great and hope to see it on display soon.
  7. upstop

    My current project (Warning: Nerd Alert)

    Or perhaps the start of a Kings Island Diorama At Entertrainment Junction? I’d like to see that myself.
  8. upstop

    Future plans for Firehawk's station discussion

    I still think this would fit just fine in X-Base. something similar would be fantastic.
  9. upstop

    Future plans for Firehawk's station discussion

    Maybe a B&M flyer?
  10. upstop

    Rename the Rides!

    Good idea! How about enclosing Amazon Falls, renaming it The Catacombs. Then people ride the ride, step off the ride and walk through a dark walk-through haunted catacombs to escape!
  11. upstop

    Rename the Rides!

    Hmmm. Are you saying right after Paramount? I guess I would just add Hawk to every coaster. Invertigohawk, Bathawk, Bansheehawk, Adventure Expresshawk, Blue/Red Racerhawk, Flight of Fearhawk, Vortexhawk, Beasthawk, Back Lot Stunt Coasterhawk, Diamondbackhawk, Mystic Timberhawk, all the Kiddie Hawk coasters...
  12. upstop

    Flat ride package?

    This ride looks like so much fun, perhaps indoors with a space theme in X-Base? i wonder if it comes with the European workers that stand on the platform manually spinning the cars? Jeesh! Couldn’t pay me enough to do that.
  13. upstop

    Future plans for Firehawk's station discussion

    Experimental Testing Flight Training Site...and the other sign says Tactical Experimental Stratospheric Technologies. I know the sign has been around forever, but for some reason the “stratospheric” part of the sign jumps out at me.
  14. upstop

    Will Coney Mall be Overhauled?

    Bring back skeeball and fascination (California bingo) games. Both are fun.
  15. upstop

    Future plans for Firehawk's station discussion

    Ok... time for a little speculation. Since this area is “X-Base” the section is geared towards military “training and experimentation “ what could the theme be? Does anyone have a picture of the sign pointing at X-Base from Coney mall that they would like to post here? The sign says a few things that could point towards some ideas about what might be replacing Firehawk.