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  1. Looking at the webcam.... is that a piece of track st the bottom of drop? And is it installed now?
  2. Don’t forget there are two other Arrow coasters in the park. If Vortex (1987) has reached the end of its cycle.... Adventure Express (1991) and The Bat (Top Gun - 1993) are only a few years older. What if....
  3. Vertical drop coaster or floorless coaster replacement?
  4. I wonder if blueprints could be found at the Cincinnat historical museum? Might have to check that out.
  5. If love to see an RMC version of Shooting Star come to Coney Island, complete with airtime barrel rolls and a finale helix and tunnel.
  6. Here’s the new toilet ride.
  7. Good point. Very true. If the park gets too big, they run the risk of not having the appropriate staffing and resources to cover additional attractions. I guess it’s a dream-wish for me.
  8. I agree. The area behind the brake run is already cleared and could be expanded. I still would like to see some of the storage buildings relocated.
  9. Maybe some of the rides mentioned in the teasers will return? CF went hunting across Europe for used rides. Do they a have any of them left to place in their parks?
  10. The only structure that might need to remain is the water tank.
  11. I’m thinking that the area will get some really cool and unusual flat rides. Maybe even a dark ride.
  12. Maybe a giga dive coaster? One that dives into the ground and comes up somewhere else. Say it dives from where Invertigo is located under the main walkway, comes up on the casting office hammerheads back under the walkway and comes out back in the Action Zone area and continues its cycle.
  13. I noticed them out during Carnivale. Maybe for a speaker system or something for Haunt. Maybe they are gone so that projection mapping equipment can be installed for Haunt! They would project across the fountain to the other sides buildings.... one can dream right?
  14. I’ve always said that the park needs a direct access resort motel like Breakers at CP and it would be great if there was a campground near the Little Miami behind the park.
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