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  1. The other boxes had a clue and a box of mints too... lol
  2. Hmmm. They are testing the video equipment with the Mystic Timbers announcement video. Maybe that’s where the next clue is located?
  3. Apparently these boxes are in other parts of the park too. The clue on the WLWT report was behind Diamondback by the drink stand. Can’t wait to see where other clues are located!
  4. You know when the whole “end of the world” teaser started my first thought was Y2K, and the whole reset to the dark ages conspiracy. This made me think of the video in FOF. It would “reset” right after the invitation to fly away with the spaceship then Mr Christopher pulled the plug and reset the video. The first words from the video cast members were “what happened? I feel like a computer that was rebooted” and the whole story started over. I wonder if the “flight” of this coaster is to destroy an impending asteroid and then return to be rebooted for another attempt? Maybe this coaster dives into a crater?
  5. It’s very similar to this. It seems like it was on the Facebook page go the company that was dismantling the coaster. I couldn’t access it but someone posted it and described it. It was in the Firehawk thread. Oh well. I just thought it might be a clue...lol
  6. Yes. And it was gripping Firehawk as it was being destroyed. Followed by a maniacal laugh.
  7. No not quite. It was a visual robotic hand pulling it apart with a maniacal laugh. I think it was on a Facebook page. I can’t be sure because I don’t have Facebook.
  8. Don’t forget during the deconstruction of Firehawk, the image of the track being pulled apart by a “Vortex”-like robotic hand pulling the track and the deep maniacal laugh that accompanied the destruction. Does anyone here have a copy of that to post?
  9. It all started with a Shooting Star.... perhaps it ends with one as well?
  10. Who thinks this is more than just a rollercoaster? Maybe... just maybe... this will be an entire revamp of the area with more rides, shops, restaurant and the thing everyone seems to want.... restrooms! maybe the area will be named Orion or Polaris? I’m still holding out for a new version of Extraterrorestrual Alien Encounter... look it up on YouTube if you don’t know what that ride is. Any way you look at it, I think this will be an exciting direction for the park to take!
  11. From the Change.org site: From the Change.org site: “AUG 6, 2019 — Kings Island has yielded to our request and set an announcement date "Everything Will Be Revealed". View More Here! Here's What We Know: According to recently discovered documentation, Project X started with the Shooting Star coaster and a series of other "rides" and will continue long into the foreseeable future. What We Don't Know: What is the Purpose of Project X? Why the cloak of secrecy? Are there clues in the statement about the ride and future rides in the Xbase area.?
  12. Actually Event Horizon has another meaning that applies but the name is kind of cluncky. I could like it though. [event horizon] NOUN astronomy a theoretical boundary around a black hole beyond which no light or other radiation can escape. a point of no return.
  13. Great, thanks! I think the “testing” of prior attractions is all leading up to this monster of a coaster. The coding of numbers and states must mean something. I think the name of the coaster is hidden in the coding somehow. I’ll bet the reveal date is there too. In fact I bet ride statistics are there as well.
  14. Rombus: Reusable Orbital Module-Booster & Utility Shuttle. Which poster was this on?
  15. Orrrr..... maybe a special invite for those who sign up?
  16. “The end of the world as we know it” possibly a Meteor or Asteroid themed name?
  17. Fire-Phoenix maybe or Phoenix-Hawk
  18. Check now and see if it’s still 404. It’s only a joke poster not a real teaser poster.
  19. Here’s a poster...
  20. Any water ride in Rivertown would work for me! Right now the only option is WWC.
  21. Maybe new trains with over shoulder to waist only restraints?
  22. ^^i agree. Just getting to the park is an adventure! https://youtu.be/ZgCa6Q_b5yc
  23. Lack of maintenance and no laws to ensure safety inspections are mostly to blame. I wouldn’t ride overseas for this reason.
  24. Wouldn’t it be cool if there were more parades for the summer and of course fall and winter?
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