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  1. Saw the Spectacle of Color parade at night last night and it was so different after dark. The float lights are in sync with the music . It was fantastic! I hope next year that the parade ends with the floats surrounding the tower. Folks near the end only see the end of the parade and not the whole thing.
  2. Fresh Horses? Watched about a third of it the other day. It was trash.
  3. It’s a wonderful time in the park today!
  4. I wonder if there will be any special events from July 7th to Haunt? I hope so.. KI needs to keep up the momentum! So far this season has been really special for all ages.
  5. Maybe this will be the start of other parades, and festivals! Maybe a Haunt Parade and Winterfest parade! I’m loving it myself. This was the perfect addition to KI. All you have to do is watch a video and see all the happy, dancing children and their parents! It was spectacular!
  6. Pluto is a Roman god and Hades is Greek. I wonder if Greece/Rome is coming to Busch Gardens Williamsburg. The area in question is the festival field just east of the rail road with a drop into the ravine near Verbolten.
  7. Before Paramount bought the park, there were a couple of signs near the Banshee toilets (pre-Banshee of course.) One “Coming next year, Swoops”. I suppose that was some king of bird theme for Adventure Village and became Top Gun underP-mount. The other sign said “who would have thought we’d ‘Resort’ to this”. I think this might have been the beginning thoughts for a resort that eventually became Great Wolf Lodge... way in the future.
  8. There is a video version of Dominions at night. It’s spectacular. I hope to see it at night at KI soon.
  9. Yes the portions were the same. The samples were plenty. I spread them out over 5 hours and I was stuffed. I had 2 cannolis, meatball sandwich, bin bao sandwich, crepe Monsieur, and mett wurst and sauerkraut with onion sandwich. I’m hoping that the event expands throughout the park next year with even more countries.
  10. Portions were around 7 dollars, with the pass 5 dollars each. And they were fantastic samples!
  11. At the park now... it’s raining. It’s so unfortunate. I hope the parade still goes on if this ever lets up. And darnit I want my last 5 samples. The cannoli was top notch! Holy cow, that was gooood! Edit the parade is awesome!!!! I hope to see it at night! It’s a fantastic addition!!!!
  12. Do you have to buy the plan in order to participate, or can you buy individual portions? Although it might be cheaper to buy the six portion deal.
  13. Looks like one pass is good for six items during the duration of the Carnivale. At first I thought it was only good for one day/six items. Can’t imagine eating that many items in one day... mixing all those combinations could end up creating a protein spill...
  14. Saw the fountain show last night. Searched out a good spot and when the show started, all of the music was at the front of the fountain. I moved towards the gate and noticed that the sound started at Graeters and back towards the gate. I hope the sound eventually fills the whole plaza otherwise it’s just flashy lights and fireworks.
  15. The only way way the process might work is to pre plan an entire day for every customer in advance and limit the volume of customers in the park. They would need a Tera-byte computer system to analyze and sort the data. So while your waiting on your ride on ride one, you are virtually queued for ride two and scheduled for ride three. Completely planned beginning to end. As Silver2005 stated, where is the spontaneity and who would want their entire day controlled start to finish? Not me, that’s for sure.
  16. The psychological expectation is that you’ll be spending the time you would be waiting to ride, spending your money at a shop or taking the two hour wait to eat at one of their many restaurants. The point is to separate you from your money without you even realizing it.
  17. Anything is possible.
  18. Kings Dominion in Doswell, Virginia and Kings Island in Mason, Ohio – June 15-July 7; Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, Missouri – July 13-August 4; and Dorney Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania – July 20-August 11. I’m guessing that they will be sharing the parade between parks. KD with Dorney and KI with WOF. That’s only four parks in the chain, maybe next year there will be more parks online for the parade or even different parades.
  19. Seems like an awfully big building just to temporarily store the Grand Carnivale floats. Grand Carnivale is over on July 7th..... then what would it be used for?
  20. It’s not a park loaded with rides, but the coasters they have are great!
  21. SeaWorld is my favorite park in Orlando. It’s mostly a calm, laid back day with rides to boost and animal shows. I love their efforts to clean the ocean and and to nurse injured animals.
  22. Maybe Kings Island will add this to the fountain show? It’s light up bracelets that flash in sync with the music. They could even do other flashy things as well. Or glow with the show!
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