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  1. This is just my 2nd post on here and its only been 6 days since my 1st trip to KI & I cannot stop thinking about The Beast. I have to go onto Youtube and watch the video just to get some satisfaction and calm down but i need to ride the real thing! I was really excited when I went to KI to ride this coaster but I had no idea it would do this to me. I wish I lived closer than 320 miles away but I am in the process of getting a trip organized for September some time. I love this coaster! Also i was curious as to if anyone knows how many feet it actually drops from that break shed until that hill in front of the 2nd lift
  2. Hello everyone! My 1st trip to KI was a blast. Overall i give the park high marks! I was very impressed. First off i just need to talk about my Beast experience. That coaster is just WOW! My daytime ride was fantastic but the night time ride.... i have no words on how to describe it. The Beast is now hands down my fav. wooden coaster. I have never said Holy Sh*t before on a roller coaster before and that is exactly what i said after coming out of the 2nd tunnel after the first lift. The only time i was little dissapointed was when we hit those breaks in the straight away but after the speed picked up again i forgot about it. I can only imagine what it would be like w/out that break especially @ night. I just cant stop thinking about this coaster. Anyways moving on. The Italian Job was fun & my 1st coaster of the day. SOB was fun -- not very bumpy like i thought/read it would be. The only thing i didnt care for was the new part of track where the loop was. When i saw it i was like oohh maybe some airtime but nope none -- i was sitting i think in the 4th car 1st row. Top Gun was good but too short. I enjoyed Adventure Express. The Racer was great -- especially since it was my 1st time riding a coaster backwards. Vortex was fun as well -- i think that was the only coaster where i said ouch and that was in the turn around after the 1st drop. I know i said almost everything was fun but it really was. The park itself was very clean -- not one employee was rude and i even have to thank one that was working on Vortex for actually asking me how my day was going and if i was enjoying the park -- that is great customer service -- Vortex was down for about 10 mins due to a restraint problem -- the ride op apologized a few times - he was just very nice and it made the day even better. Thanks for reading this & i know its a bit long but i was very excited to share my 1st experience @ KI on here!
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