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    I like to play video games. My favorite is GTA: San Andreas and Roller Coaster Tycoon. I play guitar and I am in a rock band. My band's name is Fadeaway. My favorite band is Tool. My favorite rollercoaster is the Beast and FoF.
  1. So if they count a verticle drop as an inversion then Top Thirll Dragster has a loop, right?
  2. i'm not really that sure seince the only amusement park that i have been to is KI. I would like Top Gun out of KI.
  3. The SOB is only 7 not 8 years old. It was opened in 2000 it is 2007.
  4. when i went on earlier this year there was music and words. i just couldn't understand the words cuz people were screamin
  5. you work there so tell me: why did you object read the reply above this one
  6. Thes is kind of a stupid question but what is a dive coaster???????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. there are a lot of people saying that Cedar Fair ruined KI. This is there first year. They are proboly getting used to the controls and what not. if u object then tell me so
  8. i want a roller coaster in x-base so that they can expan it. since it seems to be all about flying put a floorless roller coaster. not to many loops though
  9. 3 times. once forward twice backwards. my friend rode it one foward and once backward. he was chicken to go on it again
  10. i've been lucky. i've never gotten stuck. but then again i havn't rode that many coasters.
  11. They just had tracks there. I didn't say that it was time for repair.
  12. Has anyone ever noticed that when you are going around the turn in the very beggining of The Beast that there are spare parts. What are those for?
  13. I think that they should put a coaster in
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