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  1. I know that this is a long time delayed, but the rhino you were describing is actually Manjula. Nikki's yards were the ones located on the opposite of the African Veldt loop.
  2. Kind of like the crippling debt of the country and the lavish living conditions/ spending habits that our lovely D.C. politicians take part in? Edit: It isn't limited to D.C. though...
  3. I had a really interesting opening day 2014 dream last night. It started off that I actually got to make it to the park on opening day and Kings Island was completely dead. Of course, I wanted my first ride of the 2014 season to be on Banshee and it only had a 5 minute wait! The line was amazing though, it was all indoors and resembled the interior of an abandoned stone cottage. The best part of all was that it doubled as a Halloween Haunt maze. Although, one part of the line that threw me off was that the initial staircase of Vortex's que had been incorporated into Banshee's. Unfortunately, I didn't even make it through the line when I woke up... a sad, sad day. Haha
  4. ^ As you know, now in the United States we cannot have differing opinions on a given matter. Instead we must cut anyone that disagrees with us down at the knees. Mr. Stern is just using his 'mean spirit' as the axe.
  5. Speaking (or should I say typing?) of 'short-very short- flat ride cycles,' is there a reason for the extreme difference in ride times on WindSeeker? I cannot vouch for the 2013 season, but last summer half the times I rode it the gondola would start its decent as soon as it reached maximum height and other times you would get to go the full cycle. What was up with that?
  6. ^^All three of those structures/buildings have power that runs to them, there should be an available power source. I feel like if they have a camera on the top of Dragster, it shouldn't be too hard to install one at any of the positions TombRaiderFTW suggested. ***I was beaten by mere seconds. haha
  7. That didn't help my confusion on the subject... I know that Maverick is an Intamin, just as Banshee is B&M, that doesn't mean that the two use different methods to damper the sound the trains make navigating the course.
  8. I've never heard of parks filling the track pieces with sand... Maybe I'm missing something, but I thought sand was only added to supports, if that. Somewhere, I can't find them now, there are pictures of them filling Maverick's supports with sand during construction.
  9. Terp, it isn't? I would have sworn I actually read that on this site, with no rebuttals.
  10. ^When the structure surrounding the helix was built that wasn't required by law, therefore it's grandfathered in. Kind of like, someone doesn't have to update their house from 1950 every time the building codes change.
  11. A random aside... Jesse, your profile picture is awesome!
  12. Personally, I have a Galaxy Note II on the Sprint Network. Only twice have I had bad cell service at the park. Once opening day, but the park was extremely crowded, and the second time after several close-by storms had the rides closed for roughly 2 hours one afternoon. I feel like the deal with the storms was that either there was enough electricity in the air to mess with service strength, or there were that many people checking weather reports/maps that they were bogging down the network.
  13. Did they announce the height of the lift hill during the event? I don't see it on the website...
  14. Maybe my memory is cloudy, but I thought the park canceled all of the lumber orders last fall. If not, did anyone buy one and have a picture of it that they can post?
  15. That's the point. None of the normal signs were there. Until she started to have labor pains, mistaking it for appendicitis, did she find out the actual cause of the pain. Whether you want to believe it or not is up to you, but it is a fact that this happened to her remains true. Seeing that there are 12 other siblings, of various ages at #13's birth (some even married with children of their own), someone would have slipped by now with the 'facts' if she had really known, yet she didn't.
  16. Believe them or not, some are true. For example my great grandmother and great grandfather had 13 children. When she had number thirteen, she was only at the hospital because she thought her appendix was getting ready to burst. To her surprise she brought my great uncle into the world.
  17. Happy Days Diner is now Jukebox Diner. On the topic of restaurants changing. Wings Diner (or whatever the official name was) is now Red's Hall of Fame Grill. In addition to that, Bubba Gump's Shrimp Shack is no more... it is now Hank's Burrito Shack. I have no comment on the burritos though, I still can't get over the fact that there is no longer seafood anywhere in the park.
  18. Glad, I wasn't the only one. Everything is better now! haha
  19. So, is anyone else having trouble getting the homepage to load?
  20. ^OSHA has, literally, barred them from getting into the water with any of the orcas until further notice.
  21. This also appears to be a photo from a National Geographic for Kids. Let's face it, the target audience just knows the very basics of science, if that unfortunately.
  22. Is the main page currently being worked on? (time 11:34) When I refresh/type in KICentral.com my browser says that it's finished loading, but only a white screen is there.
  23. Lube up the track. The less friction there is, the less speed is lost during the course.
  24. ^I'm not sure how you couldn't. haha I actually really like it. It's going to take some getting used to, but it looks nice.
  25. Yes, it was. Two or three posts after yours have been deleted, yet mine survived...
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