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  1. i'm loving your new avatar! lol

  2. hey, hey, welcome to KICentral,

    btw- you and my sister were born on the same day, only she was born three years later. :P

  3. wow, it took me a little while to notice that you'd had your profile name changed, you'll most likely still be referred by me as Firehawk123, at least for a while anyway. :P

  4. love your avatar, did you take the picture?

    could you send me a larger version of it?

  5. SAVE Son of Beast!!!

    1. SonofBaconator


      Uhhhh.... It's kinda too late for that;)

    2. Original


      Its alittle too late for that pal. ;)

  6. flying eagles WAS not the worst ride ever

  7. lol, i just noticed you joined 08-08-08 congrats.

  8. welcome to KICentral ppc

  9. your presentation was very interesting last night.

  10. i like your web-site gallery.

  11. did you give up on island territory?

  12. hey, i just noticed that you joined this site exactly one year after i did! :-D

  13. congrats on getting your question answered.

    p.s. i know this is very late.

  14. angrybever, i went to set up a aim account but it wouldn't let me use the email address i always use before the @ so i'm just going to stick with yahoo.

  15. your avatar is awesome

  16. your name is awesome

  17. who is that pointed toward me or angryemobever

  18. i am just glad there is someone else out there that loves Son of Beast like do

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