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  1. it's weird the way it's putting up post counts, the interpreter's number of posts is around 2,000 lower next to his actual post in a forum, less just like ringmaster's. then mine is exactly the same both ways. haha
  2. ...da is an abbreviation of Dinosaurs Alive, not google13 using slang.
  3. the only thing i see missing in his post was a comma between 'expansion' and 'if' and a period at the end of the statement. then again, i'm terrible when it comes to grammar.
  4. maybe later on they could install a drawbridge to millennium island and then reopen paddelwheel excursion. how much would a pedestrian drawbridge cost anyway?
  5. i personally like to wait until they're almost on the train, then point out that they line jumped. however, Cedar Point usually does something about it more frequently than Kings Island, or even disney.
  6. the loop was 118' tall, here is a picture to help you, qscott86, believe that it really was that tall:
  7. the fishtailing was supposed to make the train feel like it was 'drifting' through turns, the subway effect was supposed to be sub-woofers that hit pitches that gave the slight affect of hitting bumps.
  8. that won't be much money then, all ark encounter is receiving is tax breaks from the state.
  9. could someone please post a picture of this "collapsing" section, please? i haven't been to the park since may and i don't know the next time i'll be back. edit: post 3,000
  10. railrider, i was wondering, did you get to go back and see rafiki's planet watch (the place the train stops at during it's trip)? if so, did you get to watch any of the procedures being preformed by one of animal kingdom's vets?
  11. like the world's largest animatronic dinosaur park?
  12. i've ridden Diamondback multiple times since it opened and in all the trains as well, thing is i've never noticed the 'vibrations' that everyone else experiences... then again i love strong positive g's, so that may be why i pay no attention to them.
  13. last i checked canadas wonderland doesn't have a roller coaster over three hundred feet tall. i think it's safe to assume this is unlike any other ride there, just because it's a b&m sit-down coaster, doesn't mean it's going to deliver the same experience as behemoth.
  14. yes, it is record breaking. this new roller coaster is taller than any other roller coaster that has been built in canada.
  15. Cedar Fair has been the only company to own Kings Island since Firehawk was added to the park. edit: post 2992 haha
  16. nope, i have an evo 3-d and it also only brings up the full site. my phone can handle it though, so i'm not too worried about it.
  17. my favorite wooden coaster at Kings Island is Son of Beast. even if it isn't open, it's still there.
  18. right after he unwrapped the last golden ticket, of course! you might have been told by one security guard that running was okay, but after a second one tells you to stop, jogging or dead sprint, you should have listened to him. ignoring him was the equivalent of one college professor allowing you to use a cell phone and then your next one gets mad at you for having one out. would you look at your second professor, and while continuing to play on your phone say, "the last one said it was okay?"
  19. there are a couple of songs brought up in this thread: http://www.KICentral.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=24031 ...but not very many were discussed, and then it was buried.
  20. no, i'm referring to someone being dismissed from their position on a public forum, this situation could have, and should have, been handled in private and in person. what happened didn't even need to become public on this forum, not once that i can remember did raptorguy ever announce he held a position with ace here on KICentral, leaving in my eyes, and in others i know, no reason to dismiss him in front of a group of his *peers. *being used very loosely.
  21. @dalefan, would you like it if you were dismissed from your job position in public on a message board?
  22. although i didn't enjoy the downtime it provided, i loved the crypt in 2008. i love strong g's (one reason why Son of Beast, top thrill dragster, and the batman models of b&m inverts are my three favorite roller coasters), and i just couldn't get enough of it.
  23. you could have easily left the 'teen' out of that story and it would have been fine. there are just as many 'adults' that would have said the same thing and responded to seeing you the same way. as long as this world is stereotyping the slower and harder it's going to become to accomplish things.
  24. eww... i can understand it on Diamondback, the station gets very cramped, plus all seats offer a butter smooth ride. if they're going to keep assigning seats for The Beast, my dad just might have to give up riding it. the only places his back can handle the ride is in 1-1 or any non wheel seat.
  25. so, take this for what it's worth, but last night at disney my grandpa was standing outside his hotel room on property talking to a security guard. while talking the security guard said that nasa is currently looking at the transit authority: people mover's magnetic propulsion and seeing if they can convert it to power the next line of space vehicles in order to cut back on the use of rocket fuels. i know i should be taking this with a grain of salt, but i'd like to think that if he were a security guard he might have been escorting around nasa members in/around the rides system giving him a slight bit of knowledge on the subject.
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