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  1. i don't know that it is, but in case you forgot we are trying to encourage the guy not dought the other peoples comments.
  2. At Kings Island the scariest ride is drop zone, but at Cedar Point sky hawk is the scariest ride there
  3. I will not tell on line cutters but i will yell at thembut the thing is at Kings Island ou have to tell if somebody cut line, but a week ago i was at Cedar Point and the people that are in charge of keeping people from crowding the station look to make sure people from the line arn't line jumping
  4. i have not rode it since thay removed the loop but when it did have the loop i would ride it muiltiple times every day i would go to Kings Island and i don't ride things i think are unsafe such as the zephere but Son of Beast has always beensafe and now it is 10000% safer this year so i say go for it
  5. all i have ever noticed going around the first turn on The Beast is the one peice of orange Vortex looking track and that some of the concrete footers in the first turn are cracked and the top half of some footers have slid around
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