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  1. This is one of the reasons why they're losing money. bad business decisions. I went to that water park this summer and it was so ominous there you wouldn't believe it. everywhere you turn there was an old sea world building, or a fence with destroyed remnants of rides behind it. Not the idea of a place to relax. and the old floating bridge was just a floating dock that stuck out 20 feet to a white picket fence, only to see an amusement park being destroyed behind it. I don't see why they didn't just close off the whole property, sell it as a whole, and ship off the water park rides to more profitable parks like Kings Island and Cedar Point. Hopefully as the economy starts to come back, Cedar Fari will come back with it.
  2. well everyone i know is going today pretty much....i'm supposed to meet 88 people there(ahhh!) -posted from at&t's mobile3G network
  3. I hope they add a few marquee things on I-Street that shows ride times for rides witht the longest lines, i think i mentioned this in another thread a while ago
  4. I'm confused. Is this a joke?
  5. Ugh this drives me crazy!! Racer and Meanstreak have it the WORST!!! People spit their gum onto the wooden planks or walls in the break-runs!! It's disgusting!! It makes me want to put gloves on, pick the gum off the wood and shove it down their throats.
  6. live as in they're cutting into doctor phil? Or is it going to be on at like 5 or 6?
  7. I heard that on News 5 at 6! Congratulations! Don Helbig was even comenting on you! You're famous now!
  8. Congratulations man! They talked about your bid on News 5 @ 6 and they even had Don Helbig comenting about you!

  9. If you're still running errands, (which I doubt) you might want to check micheals or Jo-ann fabrics, they usualy have cheap, blank hoodies. They each have atleast one GreaterDayton location that I know of, by the Dayton Mall, thats way on the south side but they might also have stores near FairField Commons Mall
  10. ^I think that's for maintenance, but not sure. I think CF will do a great job with DBack. I love the way the splash-down is turning out and it will probably look even beter on saturday. I really hope they go with the lights in the picture I posted earlyer, string-lights like what are on Vortex and The Racer imo would look really tacky on this ride. I can't wait to see what DB adds to the park's skyline at night!
  11. I just saw a commercial on wlwt and they just said opening day tickets are $15 off if you buy on line
  12. IT??? IT???? The Beast is a HE!!!!
  13. This is why I'm so impressed with Cedar Fair. They're putting in all these great events paramount would have never thought of. Good job Kinzel
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