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  1. haha! I get that its his job to fluff up the article, but really, how many families are making memories inside that building? Outside-totally love the rehab and think it will make for fun photo ops. All of us know, though, that the theming long ago stopped at the door ;).
  2. From the article-"A place where families can come together and create memories while eating together or enjoying a show." Or, in reality, a bland food court filled with noisy people, dim lighting and loud blaring music on occasion.
  3. For starters, looks like the fencing around the fountain is being replaced with a masonry wall, which would fit in with the claim that guests will be able to get closer to the fountain than before. Of course, how long before someone(s), decide to jump what looks to be a low fence and into the fountains?
  4. This edition of the official KI blog has the answers. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2017/june/zicke-zacke-zicke-zacke-hoi-hoi-hoi?page=4
  5. I don't think a ride overlaid with VR is in the cards (Six Flags proved that the concept is clunky, at best), but a stand-alone VR game much like the Secrets of the Empire Star Wars VR experience at Disney Springs at WDW would be a nice addition. Having seen previews of the game there, I can say it's pretty awesome. It costs about $25 pp to play (there are some coupons out there, though) and it's been quite successful there. It could easily go into an existing building (the half of Boo Blasters formerly home to Carnevil, the former Action Theatre for example).
  6. Timing, as they say, is everything. Who just announced a new coaster? Who's filing the lawsuit? If you go back through these 232 pages, you'll see Hart and the Fair Board haven't exactly had cordial relations over the years. Though he may temporarily be gone from here, Terpy's posts on this subject are also very informative.
  7. one wonders whether the plaques sold after SOB's demo (currently sitting in some warehouse) will be replicated for Firehawk? Yours for only $99.99 (plus shipping).
  8. Agreed. It's only a "sale" if they advertise that the absolute lowest price for renewals is this weekend.
  9. In an interesting development, KI is having a "Flash Sale" in honor of Roller Coaster Day/Weekend. Renewals get a free FL+ tix plus the above noted perks; however, the catch is that the Fl+ is not valid on any Saturday or on 9/2 (Day before Labor Day). I've never seen the amount of discounting I've seen this year. I never thought the MT buzz would die down so fast. People were expecting a bigger coaster maybe, so today's announcement may placate them.
  10. Back when concerts were the norm there, the park offered a combo ticket. When I saw DD there for example, the price for the show and all day admission to the park was $59.99. They charged $39.99 just for the show, so the combo ticket was a big hit.
  11. It was actually a bit further back and to the left, roughly in the footprint of FH. if you were in the extended que for FOF, you could see it quite clearly. They ran about 2-3 tours an hour at its height.
  12. Keep in mind, though, that those so-called "Good Neighbor" hotels also charge for parking. I suppose to avoid the fee, one could make a dummy reservation for sometime when they think they might be going, then change it at some other point. The announcement wasn't clear whether doing so would cause the fee to be implemented. Of course, by doing so, you have to pay a one night room deposit, so you're needlessly tying up $. The Boo Mickey parties I've heard will begin in late August. I'm going down in late September and already made my resort reservation, so I won't have to pay it this time, but the implementation of this fee would certainly affect my thinking going forward. With the continued popularity of DVC, it's no wonder Disney is busy converting some of its hotel space to DVC units and planning construction of new resorts (latest rumor is that a new DVC resort is going on the site of the old River Country in Ft. Wilderness, since Disney just filed to do some soil borings in the 'wetlands' areas of the property, which is where RC was located.).
  13. I know it's been a while, but this thread deserves to be bumped, due to Disney's announcement today that for all WDW resort reservations made after March 21, 2018, a daily overnight parking fee will be implemented. The fee is $13/day for Value, $19 for Moderate and $24 for Deluxe. Exceptions include DVC members staying in a Deluxe villa using DVC points (from whatever source) and those day guests looking to just shop, dine or otherwise look around the resort. Other exceptions include those staying at the campsites at Ft. Wilderness, guests with disabilities, guests travelling with a group (not defined) or convention and CMs staying at the resort.
  14. But are you a pescapescatarian? (for all the Silicon Valley fans on this board!)
  15. Disney has a plethora of land left to build on in Florida even with the covenants in place. The MK is expanding in pockets (new theater in FL, Tron Coaster), plus they've opened up some of the backstage areas to alleviate the congestion. The Hub enlargement did a lot to help as well. The fact remains that of the parks, the MK has the least amount of construction, so folks are going to migrate there until the new attractions come online in the other parks. Much like other parks, Disney can and will tear down and rebuild to conserve space when necessary. It's been said numerous times here, but there really isn't a slow season anymore. It's just various shades of busy. The winter holidays (plus marathon) are the worst, followed by the peak summer season, then late spring and fall. Even on a 'slow' day, waits for even the A-C rides can be 30 minutes in the standby line. Also, the FP + system is constantly being tweaked to avoid congestion, so that's also a way Disney can spread the crowds out. Ticket prices increase yearly, but unlike in CA, those going to the Florida parks are vacationers buying packages, whose prices aren't usually affected. Another telling sign as to the type of park guest Disney is getting down there these days can be seen in the transformation of major sections of their hotels to DVC-branded areas. They don't have enough 'new' stock to go around, so in order to combat the resellers, Disney is converting more and more hotel space to DVC. It's a good problem to have if you're a stockholder. The parks drive the profit, followed by the movie division. If Disney can divest itself of ESPN, you'd really see profits soar. All in all, the days of going down to Disney World and seeing sparse crowds on the formally slow days is long gone, with an uncertain return, if ever.
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