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  1. Winterfest Questions

    But are you a pescapescatarian? (for all the Silicon Valley fans on this board!)
  2. EPCOT is getting a coaster

    Disney has a plethora of land left to build on in Florida even with the covenants in place. The MK is expanding in pockets (new theater in FL, Tron Coaster), plus they've opened up some of the backstage areas to alleviate the congestion. The Hub enlargement did a lot to help as well. The fact remains that of the parks, the MK has the least amount of construction, so folks are going to migrate there until the new attractions come online in the other parks. Much like other parks, Disney can and will tear down and rebuild to conserve space when necessary. It's been said numerous times here, but there really isn't a slow season anymore. It's just various shades of busy. The winter holidays (plus marathon) are the worst, followed by the peak summer season, then late spring and fall. Even on a 'slow' day, waits for even the A-C rides can be 30 minutes in the standby line. Also, the FP + system is constantly being tweaked to avoid congestion, so that's also a way Disney can spread the crowds out. Ticket prices increase yearly, but unlike in CA, those going to the Florida parks are vacationers buying packages, whose prices aren't usually affected. Another telling sign as to the type of park guest Disney is getting down there these days can be seen in the transformation of major sections of their hotels to DVC-branded areas. They don't have enough 'new' stock to go around, so in order to combat the resellers, Disney is converting more and more hotel space to DVC. It's a good problem to have if you're a stockholder. The parks drive the profit, followed by the movie division. If Disney can divest itself of ESPN, you'd really see profits soar. All in all, the days of going down to Disney World and seeing sparse crowds on the formally slow days is long gone, with an uncertain return, if ever.
  3. Current wait times

    I agree 100% given the que during my visit (my wait was 90 min). The park knew it had a hit with MT, yet chose to not offer Fast Lane..even if they capped the number of wristbands at say 1,000, at $80 a band, that's a quick 80k for basically doing nothing (assuming the only extra staff needed would be in the sales booth at the front. the bands sold in shops could be handled by those working inside them).
  4. 2018 Construction in Coney Mall

    At least during my experience using them at Skyline in CM this past season, the holdup was with food prep. I waited 40 mins for food from the time of ordering on the kiosks..when they were operating. Nobody is expecting their food 2 mins after ordering, but having your food in hand no later than 10 min after ordering shouldn't be such a high bar. And they want to push the 2018 meal plans....
  5. Current wait times

    Unless the park learned from this years preview night debacle, i'll stay away this year. At least offer the option for people to PAY MONEY for Fast Lane. So much $ left on the table regarding that decision.
  6. Haunt 2017

    is it the red roof in Mason? If so, I'd be very wary of staying there. I did a couple of years ago and found the place to be rundown, dirty, full of stains all over the carpet, the smell of smoke everywhere and a general lack of upkeep. They also apparently had a liberal pet policy so I heard big dogs barking all night. That plus the 'manager' had a lot of his sketchy looking friends over to party that night. Maybe its improved, but if you're looking for something a bit better, there are other, better choices.
  7. Except Sony, not Disney, owns the rights to Spidey..part of the parcelling out of the Marvel properties. Disney would theme this ride to its IP.
  8. For those interested, the company CF worked with for the Dinos is called Dinosaurs Unearthed. On their "Partnerships" page, they mention that they worked with CF, but I would assume that KI has no interest (not to mention room!) in keeping life size Dinos around if they're not going to use them. I believe its a safe bet that the whole exhibition was under a lease agreement of some type. As for Field of Screams, it can always be relocated temporarily for construction if the area is to be reused for something. http://www.dinosaursunearthed.com/
  9. Haunt

    Just my opinion, but from my multiple trips to Haunt over the years, here is my list, in order of how I would go through them: 1. Field of Screams-new last year-located near Dinos Alive. Line gets LONG. FAST. get there right at open, even if its not totally dark. 2. Slaughterhouse 3. Blackout 4. Madame Fatales 5. Carnevil 6. Urgent Scare 7. Backwoods Bayou 8. Killmart 9. Bored to Death 10. Wolfpack In order of goriness, I'd put Slaughterhouse and Urgent Scare towards the top. the rest, aside from blackout, are all somewhat the same in terms of goriness. If you find long lines and can only do 4-5, I'd hit the ones at the top of my list, then circle back. Fright Lane will let you do all of them once within a short amount of time, if you want to pay for it.
  10. Bengals Game PBS

    As a side note, this is also the reason you wont see a US Bank upgrade in the near future. So long as Nederlander wants the City to cover 90% of the upgrade costs, it'll never happen. The lack of a permanent tenant hurts it as well. Between Yum to the South, BBT to the immediate south, Value City to the East and Bankers Life to the West, there are other, more appealing arenas to play. I think the City realizes that its vision for the Banks won't be complete without a new or highly renovated Us Bank, but lacks the incentive or the money to realize it. Recall that as Cincy was fiddling, the development that became Newport on the Levee plopped down in Kentucky, depriving Cincy of much-needed tax revenue. Public Private Partnerships can work; perhaps Nederlander would be more receptive to paying for the upgrades if it knew it could then reap the revenue for years to come.
  11. Bengals Game PBS

    The deal Brown signed with the City puts the onus squarely on the City to pay for ongoing maintenance and upgrades to the stadium. It's no coincidence that PBS was one of, if not the last NFL stadium to receive an HD video board.
  12. Well, there is this pesky thing called Choice of Laws....
  13. Because other parks were likely knocking down the door to become associated with the Peanuts brand. I'd like to know what the renewal terms were. I'd guess a small increase year to year over what they were paying, if nothing else than to account for inflation. Not a lot of 'cheap' kid-friendly IP out there.
  14. a few more gold pass questions

    As opposed to previous years, when any new pass allowed admission for the rest of the 2017 season (including Haunt) as well. Those of us that had passes several years ago recall a decision the park made to charge an additional fee for Haunt, even for passholders. That decision was made between the end of the regular season and the start of Haunt and was quickly reversed after much passholder outcry. So, the park does listen...
  15. a few more gold pass questions

    I think starting last year you could upload a picture to your season pass application, which the park would use. Doing so eliminates a lot of the wait, since you won't have to stand in front of a camera while an associate takes time to position you properly, etc. In years past, the deadline to order a pass at the lowest price point has been extended a week after Haunt ends, but as always, that is subject to change. Goble is right; in my 14 years of being a passholder, I have never seen the passes on sale for less than advertised at that time. If you attend a buyout day (GE, P & G), I know that one of the perks (besides short waits) was the opportunity to buy a season pass at a decent discount than that offered to the public. Again, not sure if that still holds true.