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  1. Sometime very soon I expect both DeWine and Holcomb to mandate mask wearing. Holcomb yesterday basically said to the people of the state that he wasn't going to ask again about wearing them.
  2. Holcomb said he has been in constant contact with IMS since March about this. The place seats 500k, so spacing 175k out shouldn't be an issue. The problem is that you have lots of folks that have sat together for years that will no longer be allowed to do so. For example, a group of 8 could be sat 4 in Turn 1 and 4 in Turn 3, which may as well be at the entrance to Orion given how massive the place is. The bigger issue is that the Indiana State Fair is hosting whats basically a 'best of' the fair for 6 weeks starting 7/31 featuring a full midway and food vendors. When asked about it, Holcomb didn't seem all that pleased about it (given that the fair was canceled, due supposedly to food vendors pulling out in droves), but said he'd have an update about it next week.
  3. they're staining it, not painting it. Typically, wood fences aren't painted, since paint peels easily in extreme weather. As to the social distancing- even if people can't (won't) stand 6 feet apart, wearing masks is much more important, since if everyone around you is wearing one, that greatly reduces the chance of contagion. As for first day park ops-think about what Disney went through with Rise of the Resistance-parking tolls filling up at 330 and 4 AM and Disney having to open the Studios at 5 AM, until they figured it out and didn't open the tolls until 6 AM and the park at 7. I was there on one of the first days of 7 AM openings to snag a spot and was thankful for it, instead of willy nilly opening the park at different times each day. They'll figure it out.
  4. I don't think its difficult to place a security guard at the que entrance allowing a certain amount in at a time. My guess is they will have the extended ques up (like for Haunt) to allow for social distancing. Once that fills up, they may temporarily rope off the area. Find out on 7/2, I suppose. To Shaggy's point, I can see 60+ min waits for Orion and maybe DB. Also, keep in mind that there will be those using FL that was prepurchased that will extend wait times. If the park reopens daily sales of them after a time, it'll be Katie Bar the Door for Orion.
  5. It's right across the street from GWL. The old tolls had a north and south entry each with room for 2 cars at a time. A few years back, those were demolished in favor of I believe an 8 or 10 lane toll with room for cars on either side (think the parking tolls at any Disney park)
  6. Read: "Don't expect wholesale changes, since we have a minimal budget". TOT in DL was only saved from the wrecking ball when Disney decided they could spend some $$$ and totally retheme it. This will not be that.
  7. I would suspect that a separator will be stationed outside the main que entrance to monitor the number of people allowed in line at one time.
  8. Given the drop in revenue due to COVID-19, I'd speculate that once the fence is up, we'll be looking at it for quite a while.
  9. RFYLCB and Congo usually open with the park, while WWC typically opens 1-2 hours after park open..whether that will be the case this year remains to be seen. Who would cross the Bridge of Death must answer me these questions three, ere the other side he see.
  10. That would be a question best answered by Guest Services in advance of your visit.
  11. 1. No reservation system-lines will be marked in the que 6 feet apart. 2. No bins. Lockers will be available for purchase nearby (the ones by FOF).
  12. Based on the day, it looks to be between 10-12k. If you assume every ride will operate at a min of half capacity, with 10k in the park, you'd still be seeing waits of about 30 min or so for the big coasters.
  13. Not to mention the select few who have done all 6 domestic parks in one day, though that involved doing only a few rides at each.
  14. It was? Quite the opposite. Walt's park has the MaxPass, which is much easier to navigate. As regards temp checks, the park isn't going to take each one individually. People will pass under a thermal scanner, which is monitored. Anyone showing above the threshold will be removed,
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