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  1. Given that Cinnabon is 20 feet away, that likely wasn't an option.
  2. CF reached out the niners when they were building Levis, thinking the land would be needed for parking. Given the number of public transit options to get to the stadium, though, it was determined the land wasn't needed.
  3. The former Universe of Energy/Ellen's Energy Adventure building at Epcot is in the middle of a multi year refurb to the Guardians of the Galaxy indoor coaster. The Tower of Terror in DL was changed over to the Guardians a couple years ago and the orig FL one was almost given the same treatment until wider minds prevailed. There has been talk of turning the former Wonders of Life building into Wakanda and inserting a Black Panther attraction where Body Wars used to be.
  4. Pre-Covid, when Disney was swimming in cash like Scrooge McDuck, there were strong indications that Iger/Chapek were in discussions to cut Uni a big, fat check to give up that ticket. Now? Likely Uni continues to hold onto those rights for the foreseeable future. I would suspect at some point once EPCOT is done, Disney will seek to bring more Marvel into the Studios park.
  5. At some point, they'll have to, since Uni owns most of the Marvel rights in FL. That's assuming Disney ever wants to bring more Marvel into WDW.
  6. I did go to Boogie Mountain once, then swore off it! Once TI opened, that indeed was the spot for kids whose parents weren't so eager to drive 2 hours to what was then Water Works (or 16 year olds that didn't want to spend the gas $ to/from Cincy). Over time, TI added batting cages, a (fairly sub par) mini golf course and (a pretty decent) tube slide, in addition to the Blue, Red and Orange body slides. For a long time, it was all inclusive, but the last year or 2, they went to tiered pricing. Between the cost of insurance and the owner's IRS troubles (he decided he didn't like paying taxes
  7. I believe you can still redeem them at the FL booth next to the measurement station on the way to the KI Theatre. I don't know about other former locales where you used to be able to buy onsite.
  8. don't forget the limited edition 50th aniv merchandise and special anniversary dishes paying ode to past rides-skylab shake anyone?
  9. It is. Baileys Irish Cream or Fireball, depending on your preference.
  10. The park noted a couple years ago when the seats were replaced that the stains were from things like hair products, sweat, etc. Makes you wonder why the seat manufacturer didn't test the seat material against these things before sending them to the park in the first place.
  11. According to NASA, Orion will once again become visible in the night sky later in September, so hopefully as the sun sets earlier, someone can snap some pics with Orion above "Orion!"
  12. The park has been waiting for a part from S and S for a while on Steel Curtain. At this point, the season ends in 10 days, so even if the park receives and installs it, there isn't any time to test and get it certified to open.
  13. If you count Desperado, 4. El Loco and Canyon Blaster at Circus Circus, along with the Big Apple Coaster at NY NY.
  14. Speaking of, HBO Max will be streaming the documentary it did on Action Park (Class Action Park) beginning 8/27/20. Should be an interesting watch! We had a park like that here in Indy (Thunder Island), which, while not nearly as dangerous, had, shall we say, not the best safety record! Still, I went many times in my youth and the worst I got was a slightly skinned knee from the poorly constructed waterslides.
  15. While I wouldn't call the St. Louis park the MI Adventure of the SIX chain, it does need a lot of love. I went a couple years ago and made me realize how good we have it at KI, That year, the new ride installations were the Justice League ride, which was really good, and a Larson Looper, which you can find at any carnival. I enjoyed Screamin' Eagle as well.
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