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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. There are reports that park capacity has been increased to 40% with the reintro of park hopping (you can park hop again, but can't enter a new park until 2 give or take a few mins, assuming the park has capacity. You don't need a reservation for any park after the first, but do need to check the app to make sure there's capacity (most of the time, yes)). Disney hasn't said officially whether capacity has been upped.
  2. Used to be on premise signs could do anything. since the advent of electronic signs, the industry and the state highway departments have enacted a set of standards applicable to electronic signs. Eventually, I'd imagine KI will redo their sign to allow for a bigger led panel.
  3. Indiana has now been added to the list of states from which people are advised to quarantine when visiting Ohio. Just an advisory, but it does reflect the backwards trend lately.
  4. Yep; even on premise signs have to be under a certain lumen at night, must display each message for 8-10 seconds and can't have lots of animations. Congress hasn't updated the Highway Beautification Act to reflect electronic signs, leaving it to the states and locals to handle. Luckily, the big companies have banded together to put forth standards of their own that others have abided by. If anything, I'd like to see them with a bigger LED panel.
  5. I'm curious if someone could post a pic of the ride with the area in question circled?
  6. Correct, but Ohio has not done that (nor has any state I know of). Business owners want to be able to control their signs. Here in Indy, some examples that come to mind of signs that otherwise wouldn't be permissible are the Indiana Grand sign in Anderson off I 69 and the Nestle Quick bunny sign outside the Nestle plant also off 69 in Anderson. Eventually, I'd love KI to get a type of sign featured in Back to the Future 2 haha. Imagine the possibilities! The Banshee clawing at you, etc. ha.
  7. That's true for signs that are outside the ROW but AREN'T on premise. On premise signs are exempted from the Highway Beautification Act (which is what all state laws emulate). I will reiterate-ODOT has NO authority to dictate what happens to the sign. They did add the big LED panel a couple of years ago, but otherwise the sign is the same one that Paramount erected. Below is the applicable law. No state has a bonus agreement with the Feds (which provided for more $ for enforcement in exchange for more stringent regulations.) 23 CFR § 750.709 - On-property or on-premise adverti
  8. To counter, the park could have limited it to one pp, or, to be more equitable, split the number in half and sell some in person and some online. Disney puts out limited edition merch all the time and while it does limit it to one pp, they still find their way onto ebay.
  9. I meant to post this last week, but I had bought 2 tics and 2 FLP passes during the President's Day Sale....I didn't even realize that the FLP was only good through Labor Day as stated in the fine print (which I didn't read until I got home!). I'm assuming the expiration was quietly extended given the long shutdown since the Guest Services rep said nothing when he scanned the barcode when I was at the park on 9/26 with my daughter.
  10. ODOT has no authority to make them remove the sign, since it is an on-premise sign. About the only thing ODOT can do is to ask KI to turn down the brightness at night, which they likely do anyway.
  11. They should build on the popularity of this sale when they retrack major sections of the woodies in the park. Take the old wood, put it on a plaque and sell it. Much like college and pro teams did when they put new turf down or redid the basketball court.
  12. If the SOB sale was any indication, there will likely be pieces for sale on Monday morning.
  13. It would be nice to see some more elaborate tents in future Haunts, if they can do so without clogging up the pathways. at HHN at Uni, some of the marquee haunts (Stranger Things) are actually in a large tent (with pumped in HVAC). It would save on the expense of constructing a prefab building used only for several weekends a year.
  14. If you have trouble getting through to Guest Services, you might also try reaching out to someone like Don (Helbig) on Twitter. Don's been a loyal friend and true to this site over the years and has often gone above and beyond. Thoughts and prayers to your family.
  15. For those interested, Indiana Gov. Holcomb has just now authorized Indiana to move into Stage 5 (the last stage) of its virus recovery program. In particular, this phase lifts all capacity requirements at amusement parks like Indiana Beach and Holiday World, so long as they continue to follow CDC protocols. Stage 5 begins at 12:01 Saturday morning and runs through Oct. 17 (but can be extended if the numbers continue trending downward.
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