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  1. From those photos, its apparent the parking lot is in pristine condition clearly the $ they made from the Prez Day sale could be funneled there lol!
  2. Local media here in Indy report that the rides are being moved to their other remaining parks. The stories also indicated that park was somewhat profitable, but not enough to continue putting the nec $ into maintenance or capex.
  3. Yet reports out of WDW state that it will reopen mid week.
  4. The Ohio Supreme Court ruled in June of 1978 that the Plaintiff was entitled to a trial based on what KI was under an obligation to tell him before he boarded. The case was sent back down to the Warren Co, Court of Common Pleas for a trial. Court records aren't archived back that far, so if someone wanted to close the loop, they could start by contacting the attorney for the Plaintiff, who was Robert H Davis and asking if the case settled on remand.
  5. Times change, management changes, standards change. While the PTC of old did not have a problem with one side running backwards, the PTC of 2008 (when the backwards train was turned around) changed course and recommended that both sides run forwards. If the park ever ordered new trains, they could conceivably order ones that have the capability of running backwards. Until then, chalk this up to a small oversight. As noted above, other announcement videos featured park elements that were either outdated, or non-existent.
  6. Gabe

    Decoding 2020

    It's not heavily advertised, but Disney sells attraction posters (for both existing and defunct rides) via Print on Demand at the Art of Disney stores located around WDW and DL. The artwork on these is similar to the artwork on the Disney ones. I would glady buy a set of these reprints and maybe the park could auction off the originals after the announcement to benefit Give Kids the World. If Neil Patrick Harris and John Stamos can buy letters from the old DL entrance sign for millions, clearly these posters could fetch a few thousand from a deep-pocketed enthusiast?
  7. My wife and I love RC. We got engaged on the Harmony 2 years ago, cruised on her sister the Symphony last year and are going back on Harmony in Jan. Great ships with lots to do! Plus, a quick pre-cruise trip to the Studios to see SWL!
  8. Gabe

    Decoding 2020

    I also went through that maze a couple of times as well. When I got there, it was close to pouring, but since they clear the park between closing and HHN, there are basically only a couple of indoor holding areas, which are a couple of the restaurants along the NY section of the park, which filled up fast. Once the park reopened, there was a long line for Poltergeist, but not for ST ironically. It began pouring, so by the time I made it under the overhang, about 20 minutes later (the maze was housed in a soundstage), I was soaked! It was worth it, however, because IMO, this was the best maze of the event, hands down. I found that the smaller mazes towards the back in temp Quonset huts (like Blumhouse) were just meh.
  9. Gabe

    Decoding 2020

    They had it last year as well. I went through it a couple of times. I thought it was really well done. It's in the front of the park, in the green space in front of their Universal Amphitheatre replica.
  10. HHN is def a lot of fun. I went last year on a Thursday in late Sept, and I'd put the crowd level at about a 5. I found that the mazes at the front of the park were better than those at the back, which were often housed in temp quonset huts. The big haunt last year was Stranger Things, which is back this year. It was pretty fun, as was Poltergeist, which was housed in one of the soundstages. I wanted to get through all the mazes, so I sprung for their Express Pass, but if you arrive early enough and hit the big mazes first, you shouldn't need one on most non weekend nights.
  11. Can someone refresh my memory on the gate price of gold pass bring a friend tics? I recall last year that if you bought these at the gate, they were around $42-43 total (no processing fee). Do they still offer these at the gate, or have they reverted to online-only sales for these tics? thanks!
  12. haha! I get that its his job to fluff up the article, but really, how many families are making memories inside that building? Outside-totally love the rehab and think it will make for fun photo ops. All of us know, though, that the theming long ago stopped at the door ;).
  13. From the article-"A place where families can come together and create memories while eating together or enjoying a show." Or, in reality, a bland food court filled with noisy people, dim lighting and loud blaring music on occasion.
  14. For starters, looks like the fencing around the fountain is being replaced with a masonry wall, which would fit in with the claim that guests will be able to get closer to the fountain than before. Of course, how long before someone(s), decide to jump what looks to be a low fence and into the fountains?
  15. This edition of the official KI blog has the answers. https://www.visitkingsisland.com/blog/2017/june/zicke-zacke-zicke-zacke-hoi-hoi-hoi?page=4
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