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  1. Disney teaches its lifeguards in house using the Red Cross course.
  2. Had to be 2014 or later since Banshee opened in April of that year.
  3. Thanks Don; good to know!
  4. are The Racer shirts online only, or are they available at the Emporium in the park as well?
  5. A commissary tour led in conjunction w Chef Major would be really interesting.
  6. The explanation given was that they wanted to avoid large crowds congregating at the entry. The simple fix for this is to bring back the season pass gate just inside the main entry, so those with passes can ride early, while everyone else can spread out just inside the entry as was the case before last year.
  7. From the blog: Back by popular demand (you have asked for it) and starting Wednesday, June 2 at 5 p.m. is Chef’s Plate at Wishbone Grille on International Street. So, tell all your friends and come on out and say hello. (Yes, it’s on the Dining Plan.) The first week for Chef’s Plate will feature Smoked Pork Belly with Peppered Whiskey Molasses Glaze, Zucchini & Corn Fritters, Brussel Sprout & Onion Skewers. clearly stated?
  8. Lines were low all day. longest wait was for MT and BBOBH which were each about 30 mins by mid afternoon. DB was only running 2 trains all day. There were a couple of pop up showers about 130 and 3 that each lasted 10-15 mins. the first one shut the outdoor rides down while the second only caused about half the ones I walked by to close.
  9. I too was confused when I went there about 5:30 yesterday to get dinner and saw it closed. At first I thought it was only going to be on Saturdays like last year, but apparently it's every day, except apparently on days they don't feel like doing it, when there a couple of pop up showers in the early afternoon or when Venus is in transit.
  10. From the Dback park cam, it looks like the line is only at the bottom of the stairs, so only looks to be about a 10 min wait for it. I've checked the 3rd party sites for wait times and, aside from Tues, they don't seem to be in sync with what I'veb een seeing.
  11. not always and for deliberate reasons...
  12. Vortex was still enjoying high ridership in 2019..in the end, maintenance issues are what determines a coaster (or any ride's) fate.
  13. Popular enough, yet cant be bothered to fix the main attraction of the ride!
  14. Don't think that means park reservations are going away, though...they are still required, tho park hopping after 2 isn't an issue.
  15. i vote for covering the tower in a birthday cake motif..cough cough..lol!
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