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Countdown to Opening Day for the 2021 Season: May 15th 11:00 AM!

Kings Island is now open for 2021.


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  1. Giga for 2020 would certainly be fitting. That will be 20th anniversary of first giga, MF. ps Its been ages since I have posted. Hope you are all well.
  2. Sending trains out with a bunch of empty seats drives me crazy. It seems to have gotten especially bad at Banshee station. My solution would be to stop the ridiculous practice of assigning seats-simply tell people to enter the station and grab a seat especially single riders. This causes an unnecessary long queue line even on non busy days. I have addressed this issue repeatedly to no avail. So managment, hope you are now listening.
  3. Doesn't say that Mean Streak being totally domolished, simply states getting the ax. The video has the tone of a teaser similar to the Mantis closing announcement. This tells me that it is a re-do, not a demolish.
  4. What I don't like about those ads is that it seems to blame everything on the tobacco companies for young people smoking. Give me a break! People have known for decades about the dangers of smoking yet there are people who have continued to take up the habit despite the warnings. I see no personal responsibility in those ads.
  5. Would expect to see e-cig commercials eventually banned from television as regular cig adds were banned from television 45 years ago. Almost feel like I am stepping back in time when I see an e-cig commercial. Here is an example of what I saw regularly on TV when I was a kid.
  6. markr

    Project 2017?

    Whatever the project is it appears that it will be huge-have you seen how far back those markers go as you ride the train?
  7. markr

    Project 2017?

    I can see this going so many ways. On the one hand, all of the major Cedar Fair parks except KI now have a giga so it only seems natural that KI is next. On the other hand, Cedar Fair may want Millennium Force to continue to be Queen of the Buckeye state and may not want any similar ride to compete with it in this region. In that case, it seems that a GCI or RMC is entirely possible. Or, I remember an event where Greg Scheid was speaking and asked us all how we liked Thunderbird at Holiday World-hint of a B & M launch? So we are basically back at square one with no idea what Project 2017
  8. And to think that when I was a kid mothers would routinely light up with us in the car and nobody would think anything of it. How times have changed. I have a theory that people who routinely think that they can light up anywhere want to go back to a time 50-60 years ago when smoking was an accepted social custom. They refuse to accept that those times are long gone and we will never go back.
  9. markr

    Dollar Days

    Out of curiosity did KI extend dollar days to Soak City on Sunday and Monday? Sounds like they did from the description of some of your posts. Just wondering.
  10. markr

    Dollar Days

    Yesterday knowing about the crazy lines in the past at dollar days, was one of first in line when Rivertown Pizza opened at 11a. Was nice and hot and fresh. Plum tasty.
  11. markr

    Dollar Days

    The last I checked, it was Terpie.
  12. markr

    Dollar Days

    Just a warning to you all. Although the web site states no limitations as to such items as the dollar pizza, I was greeted by a surprise today that Soak City only had the dollar special for drinks. When you go into the vehicle entrance you are given an ad slip showing the dollar day specials with the limitations that the pizza special is only in the main area of the park. I suggested to two park ambasseders ( sp.) that they should extend the special to Soak City immediately in the interest of customer service. They were very nice but stated that due to supply issues it would not possible.
  13. Caught the show Saturday and was a solo trapeze act. Shannon was not there. I asked one of the ushers if she was ok and the usher did not know what had happened. Hope you are ok Shannon.
  14. Lately I do like to ride alone on The Beast but for a different reason. Lately it gets a little cramped with two people ( my own fault-love pizza.). It just seems like a more comfortable ride by myself. Never even thought about the other reasons for riding alone stated on this thread which I can understand.
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